And this is how we play ball…

Summary: Nessie invites Jacob to come and watch the Cullens play baseball during a thunderous day at Forks. Either this will end up good, or bad.

Pairings: same as always


Bella's POV

Nessie pulled Jacob to the side and I got a little worried. Were they plotting something against Edward? Alice? Me? I got curious.

"Edward, what are the kids talking about?" I asked him.

"Since when did that dinosaur become a kid?" He playfully joked.

"Edward! Listen to them. Now."

I tapped my foot impatiently as he was trying to read their thoughts. He looked like he was in pain, like he was about to rip a cute bunny rabbit into a million pieces that you wouldn't be able to distinguish whether it was a rabbit or a mouse.

"All they are talking about is Nessie going for a jog tomorrow morning…" He stopped, trying to listen for more.

"And?" I asked, irritated.

"Something about baking a cake for the pack…"

"Anything else?"

"Oh yes. Nessie just said, 'Dad will you please get out of my…' Oh." Edward stopped and looked at me. "I think she knows I'm reading her mind."
I gave him a smack on the head and told him to go to his team before I rip him to pieces instead of Alice doing it.

"Hey mom! Are we actually gonna start to play now?" Nessie called from behind me, a smile stretched across Jacob's face.

"Yes we are." I eyed Jacob suspiciously, then Nessie, then back to Jacob. "So, what are you kids up to?"

"Nothing mom. Just planning for the weekends."

"Hey Ness! Come here! We need to talk!" Emmett yelled from across the field, as Nessie was gone in a flash.

"So what are your really planning?" I asked Jacob when Nessie was far away from us.

"Nothing Bells! You're so paranoid!" He laughed.

"Very funny Jake." I said. "I know you're planning something. I just don't know what."
"Seriously Bells. You're freaking out over nothing! You want me to sing you a song about you being so paranoid about Edward getting ripped into pieces?"

"Uhm let's see…"

"Ok! Here I go!" And then he started to sing. "I got the most of all the stress…"

I screamed at his ear so loud that I had probably separated Canada from the United States. Everyone turned to look at us, confused, terrified, that something bad had just happened to cause me to yell and break every piece of china in Esme's house.


"What happened?" Nessie asked from across the field.

"He was getting on my last nerve! It's ok! Nothing bad happened. Continue with what you are doing." I replied.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!" Jacob yelled.



"Guys!" Alice yelled. "We've got about an hour until the thunderstorms stop. So all of you better hurry and get your butts in the field."

I then grabbed Jacob's hand and dragged him to the home plate.

"YOU STAY HERE AND HELP ESME BE UMPIRE OK?" I yelled at Jacob's ear.

"I can hear now Bells. No need to scream anymore." He replied with anger.

Edward's team was up to bat first. Renesmee wanted to be pitcher and she got her wish. Jasper was first base, Emmett was second, and I was third. We lacked some positions but it didn't matter. We're vampires for heaven's sake! We can play a game of baseball with only two people in each team and we'd be able to score.

"Mom!" Nessie called, motioning for me to come over. "Can you please block all of your minds?"

"Renesmee, whatever you are planning…" I didn't get a chance to answer as she cut me off, whispering something in my ear.

After she finished explaining to me her plan, I cracked up so hard that I was on the ground rolling.

"Bella. What happened?" Edward called from across the field.

"Nothing. Oh nothing! Let's just continue with the game." I then ran to third base, still holding my laughter, as I stretched my shield over everyone, blocking their thoughts from Edward.

"Ready to loose Dad?" Nessie said to her father.

"Yeah sure." Edward laughed. And then he stopped. I think he realized that I had just used my shield. He glanced at me quickly as if he was asking if everything was alright.

And then it hit him. Literally. Fifty meatballs started flying towards his direction. It seemed like there where six baseball pitching machine but there wasn't any. It was just six vampires throwing them at the speed of light. Jacob decided to just sit and watch and film the whole thing.

"What the hell?" Edward yelled, trying to shield his face with his arms.

"Just having fun Daddy!" Nessie giggled and threw more meatballs.

"We call it Operation Throw Meatballs at Edward Until He Gets Annoyed." Emmett shouted. "Ugh! Who planned this little shenanigan?"

"Wasn't me! I just come up with the names." Emmett replied.

"Hi!!!" Nessie threw a meatball at him and waved her hands up in the air.

"Well I am officially annoyed so would you quit it now!?!" Edward yelled. "I can't believe you Renesmee! Last time it was acorns, now meatballs!?!"

Emmett gave Nessie a high five as everyone continued laughing and throwing meatballs at him.

"STOP!" Edward screamed at the top of his voice that that ground shook a little bit. "Thank you." He then said calmly, shaking the meatballs off his shirt. "It's a good thing sardines weren't involved."

"Hey Eddie!" Emmett sang from the top of the tree that was close to the home plate.

Edward looked up and froze in place, "And I spoke too soon." And after he had said that, Emmett had poured a bucket of sardines over him.


"See you bro!" And he took off, heading East, Edward trailing behind him.

"Why are you running after me and not Nessie!?! It was her plan!" We heard Emmett scream.

"You influenced her to! Now come back here!" Edward replied.

"Well that was interesting." Jacob said, making his way over with the camera in his hands.

"Did you get it all on tape?" Nessie asked.

"Yups! I'm hearing YouTube!" He laughed. "And hey! I thought you said something about your dad and baseballs. Not meatballs!"
"Oh really? I said that? My bad!"

"Well I'm guessing baseball is a no no again this time huh?" Alice asked.

"Sorry Aunt Alice." Nessie apologized, putting on her puppy dog face. "But you gotta admit. Last time was nothing compared to this."

"Yeah!" Jasper pumped his fist in the air. "Next time, think Chinese food."

"Ok ok. Fun's over." Esme interrupted. "We better clean this up. Hurry now."

"At least this gives me an excuse to rip their heads out tonight." Alice said. "They ruined perfectly good baseball clothing. How could they!" She stomped her foot, then laughed.

We all started to clean up our mess and loaded them in the cars.

"So, when do you think the next thunderstorm would be?" Jacob asked Alice.

"I'm seeing… tomorrow?" She responded.

"Perfect." Nessie put on her best evil smirk and laughed evilly like a mad scientist that had just created a contraption.

*Next day* Still Bella's POV

We were all sitting in the living room, relaxing, as Emmett and Edward came in the doors. Emmett's hands were tied behind his back with a chain.

"Sorry we took so long. We ended up in Florida. It was somewhat cloudy there but we knew we had to come back." Edward said as if it was no problem. "I just stopped at the hardware store and purchased some chains and a padlock. We'll be back in a few moments."

They made their way to the kitchen as Emmet turned and mouthed 'Help me!'

"Florida?" Jacob asked.

"Don't ask please." Rosalie sighed. "Let's just help Emmett."

We walked to the kitchen and saw Emmett chained down to the kitchen island. Edward was standing there, trying to cook something.

"Edward, can I please have the key?" I asked him calmly.

He dug around his pocket searching for it, and then handed it to me. I tossed it to Jasper who unlocked him and Jacob helped Emmett get out of the chains.

"Damn it Edward!" Emmett cursed. "Why me?"

"I don't know. It's fun." Edward smirked.

"Well you wanna see fun? I'll show you fun…"

"Guys!" Alice came in the kitchen with a smile on her face. "It's time!"

Emmett smirked and ran out to the doors with Nessie and Jacob as Edward clenched his fists.

"Not again."


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