Title: Kudos
Word Count: 300
Summary: Matt figures even a little domesticity has to count for some kudos points.
Disclaimer: As always, I own nothing. I am a textual poacher.

It had taken an astonishingly short time for Matt Parkman's life to go from "Relatively Normal" to "so far from Normal you'd need a passport to get there"; all things considered, it was probably a minor miracle that he'd managed to hold on to even the smallest semblance of sanity, let alone any vestige of normality.

So the routine of day-to-day life that most people thought of as simple – get up, see Molly off to school, pick her up, make dinner, and so on – well, frankly, Matt figured that counted for a lot more kudos points when he managed it than when the average person did. Imposing a little normality on a blatantly non-normal life had to be some kind of bonus feat, didn't it?

"So," Matt asked, glancing up from the sink full of dishes to the kitchen table, where Molly was at work with crayons and coloring book, "What'd you learn about in school today?"

Molly set aside her blue crayon and reached for a red one. "Scurvy." She replied.

"Scurvy." Matt raised an eyebrow at her. "What, like pirates get?"

"It's not just pirates." Molly replied, rolling her eyes. "Anybody can get it.

"It comes," She added, discarding the red crayon, "From not enough variety in your diet."

And she glanced, extremely pointedly, at the discarded stack of pizza boxes next to the kitchen trash can.

Matt followed her gaze, narrowing his own eyes and opening his mouth to object . . . but after a moment he closed it again, grinning crookedly. "Okay, okay, I get the hint. Tomorrow we'll have a salad or something."

Molly beamed and returned her attention to her coloring book, and Matt gazed thoughtfully down at the dishwater.

Well. It still had to count for a few kudos points, anyway.