Teletubbies Say Hello!

Summary: Set in London, England, 2009. "Tinky-Winky" (Pui Fan Lee) is 17, "Dipsy" (Simon Shelton) is 16, "Laa-Laa" (Nikki Smedley) is 15, and "Po" (Sandra Dickinson) is 14. They all are in high school and go to the same school. One day, Nikki has an idea, but it just may damage her and her friends' reputations.

Chapter One: Fast-Forward 11 years

It was February 2009 in London, England. The young people of London High School were hanging out before first hour started. The most prestigious, smart clique in the school consisted of Pui Fan Lee, a Japanese native who loved to write and sing. He had a tall, muscular build, He had straight, jet-black hair that was long in the front and short in the back and on the sides, and the hair hung into his clear blue eyes. Pui's biggest controversial attribute was that he was gay. But his clique accepted him, and so did the rest of the school. The clique also consisted of Simon Shelton, Nikki Smedley, and Sandra (Sandi) Dickinson. Simon was the jock of the group. He was African, and he was tall and muscular like Pui. Simon had piercing green eyes, and long, light brown curly hair that he always wore back in a ponytail. His favorite sport was hockey. He was the popular guy that every guy wanted to be and every girl wanted to date. Nikki was the independent, burn-out artist of the group. She was tall and curvy. She had short, pixie-cut black hair, brown eyes, and sultry lips. No doubt about it, Nikki was gorgeous, and she was bisexual, which made it a definite plus. She dressed in black almost every day. Sandi was the preppy cheerleader of the group. She had long, straight red hair, shiny violet eyes, and a small, yet stacked figure. She was more the type to dress in pink, yellow, and lime green. And she always wore skirts or dresses with heels. She was a devout Christian, but guys were still trying to get with her.

Pui, Simon, Nikki, and Sandi were hanging out in their usual corner, the one by the lunch tables in the back. Nikki was drawing a picture, Pui was writing a song, Simon was playing with a hockey puck, and Sandi was practicing her cheerleading moves. "I just have to be myself…" Pui sang in a soft voice. "That sounds good." Nikki said, not looking up from her drawing. "What are you drawing, Nikki?" Simon said, flicking paper footballs across the table. "Nothing." Nikki said. Sandi, as usual, was completely oblivious. She was too absorbed in her cheerleading moves.

"C'mon." Simon said, egging Nikki on, "Let me see." "No." Nikki said, "I'm not finished yet." Pui yanked the paper from her hands, and his reaction was quite an interesting one. "Oh my God." Pui said when he looked at the picture. It was him, Simon, Nikki, and Sandi, all in their Teletubby costumes from when they were 6, 5, 4, and 3. They were all standing around the Tubby dome, looking happy as ever to be there. But inside they were hurting, and Pui was the first one to acknowledge it. Suddenly, Pui was fed up and he left the table. "Pui?" Sandi said, and stopped stretching. "What did I do?" Nikki said, looking around as Pui ran for the boys' room.

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