Chapter Eight: The Show Must Go On

All four "Teletubbies" spent the night at "Laa-Laa's" house, in their Tubby costumes. "Okay," Nikki said, when they all woke up to eat a breakfast of Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast, "Are we going to school in our costumes today?" She said this with a smile. "Yes." The others said, laughing like the Teletubbies.

The four Teletubbies walked to school in their complete makeup and costumes.

They took a lot of shit during their classes, but it was completely worth it to have the friends stick together. After school, it was time for the talent show, and the Teletubbies were up after a girl who sang Lilly Allen's "Smile". "Okay," Nikki said, "We ready?" "Yes." They said in all seriousness.

Surprisingly, everyone cheered at the show, including Mrs. Williams. Suddenly, Nikki got a call on her cell phone. "Hello?" She said. "Hello, this is the BBC producers of England. We would like to put the Teletubbies back on the air." And they hung up.

"Guys," Nikki said, "We're back on." "Yes!" They all screamed, and thus a new era of Tubbies began once again.

The End.