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Days had gone by. He knew because he'd been counting.

Johnny's eyes were glued to the shiny black plastic phone on the table across his living room. Ever thirty seconds or so he'd blink, shallow breaths barely moving his prostrate form on the floor. Next to him was Shmee, his insides splayed in dirty tuffs of almost white fluff that leaked onto the solar system pattern he'd made with Squee's medication. They were all there, all three hundred and twenty six pills, excluding the four or five he'd already consumed, he'd carried from the little boy's bedroom to his own home next door in a psychotic episode he hardly remembered. It happened sometimes if he was tired enough. He'd sleepwalk out of the house, wander around and wake up somewhere else.

Squee would call, Johnny had this . . . feeling.

Bits and pieces of his dream drifted in and out of focus. There had been stairs and of course monsters. Evil, selfish and greedy things that wanted to destroy him.

Dark outside again and the buzzing slowly filtered through his thoughts like a familiar and biting wind. Comfortable.


His nails scratched at the floor and the now warm fabric in his hand. He wanted to put it on but he was afraid it would distract him from what he was supposed to be doing. He didn't want to miss little Squeegee's call.


Reverend Meat was somewhere downstairs. Johnny was glad that the burger boy had made himself scarce, it made dealing with the headaches after sleeping easier.


Nny blinked before forcing his cramped body to move as he scrambled to pick up the phone. It was cold in his hand and crackled white noise in his ear.

" . . . Hello?"


"H-hello? Is this Jo-ohnny?" Static garbled the connection and Todd leaned back against the wall his bed was pressed into. His hands were starting to sweat a little. He waited for a moment, trying to listen through. "Johnny? Johnny is that you?"

". . .eegee?" His voice was punctuated with the crinkly sounds.

"Yeah." He picked at the loose threads of his sweater, pulling and ripping the old red fabric until his fingers lost their grip and instead nervously gripped his bedspread. "I wasn't sure if I called that you'd pick up to be honest, Johnny."

"Wha- . . ." Todd floundered. Had he said something wrong?

"I said I didn't think you were home. It's so late." He stared at the window at the sky and all of the beautiful stars out. It didn't make him feel any better what with the incident at school and his mother's recent behavior.

". . . okay?"

A sudden rush in his chest. He was always too emotional but then again he could feel a little something good since his neighbor was kind enough to ask after his wellbeing. "No, I'm not."


"I said I'm not okay."

". . ." A pause sounded, it felt like forever before Todd decided to break it himself and get to the point.

"I just needed to ask you something. I don't know what to do about what's been happening. Things keep coming up that make no sense and I can't handle it anymore. They won't stop no matter what I do, what I say and it doesn't make it any easier for either of us when dad says horrible shit to me and mom. I don't feel safe here anymore and they keep telling me these awful things." Todd was trying to talk through his sobs as his head pounded with that aching beeping noise that seemed to scream at him from everywhere. "He says it's because of what I did to them but I don't know what that is! What did I do?"

". . . what you think . . ?"

"I think I'm losing my mind."

". . .Don't . . . do it."


"Don't let them control you." It came out clearer than he could have imagined it being. Almost as if Johnny was standing right next to him, talking in his ear. He looked over at the window, seeing no shadowy figure there.

"Sometimes I want to hurt them, but they're my parents and I know it's awful for me to think bad things about them." He pulled at his hair, "They're supposed to take care of me, they're supposed to help and love me but I keep getting hurt and they don't give a shit. I never believed them when I was little. Parents don't normally want their kids to go missing, right?"

"Do . . . feel . . ." And in that moment he realized this was something he didn't have to turn to someone else for. The only person out of the two of them who could do what needed to be done was him. He couldn't dump this on Johnny.

"Will you meet me at the park tomorrow night? Please, I think I know what I need to do." This time the pause was very brief.



Nny kept the handset held to his ear, not really noticing the dial tone underneath the sounds of his dead house groaning and of Reverend Meat demanding to be removed from the toilet. His eyes stared at the small orange Pluto in the solar system he'd made earlier, glinting up at him from his floor with a brutal honesty he didn't have the mental capacity to face.

Yes, it was very much a bitter candy he'd quickly learned not to eat.


End Epilogue

This is for all those who reviewed.

And for those who wanted to know what happened to Leslie, considering that Johnny jammed the exit door so that it didn't lock I'm sure you can guess what happens next.

Q: Does she escape?

A: Yes, yes she does. -.-

Q: Does she track Nny down and end up living with him? Becoming his second in command and killing . . . (ramble)

A: Uh, no. He lives several towns away and he stole his own file. How would she find him? She doesn't even know his name and Gabriel is dead so he can't tell her. Besides, she is obviously aware of his 'hobby' as she couldn't 'risk it' and ran away when she saw him. How lucky is she that for her the exit will be open and she can run away and live on as another severely messed up person in the world. I'm pretty sure she'd make a pit stop at Dr. Herring's apartment, funded by the tears of many broken children, for a goodbye on her way out of that shitty city.

Q: Is this the real end this time? Cause it's said "complete" since you last updated and I don't want to wait for another chapter if this is the actual end (ramble) . . .

A: Actually the last chapter was the end. This one is more of a whim and sort of calls to the original ending I had planned. For those who haven't caught on yet the dial tone was happening the entire time for both of them. They weren't really talking to each other. That would be impossible.

Q: WTF?!

A: He's crazy . . . I mean he talks to walls and dolls and other inanimate objects so it's not so strange he'd talk to a phone because he thinks someone's there on the other line.

Q: But the phone rang!

A: Again, crazy . . . and besides, dolls talk back to him all the time so him imagining that his phone rang isn't so strange considering he wanted so bad for it to happen.


A: The second part (in italics) happens in the past. In LRL to be precise. Little Red Letter is the first installment to this Trilogy. I always recommend reading in chronological order. LRL, NFM, and Spiderfly. Complicated? Probably more than I intended it to be but that's how it works. I mess up things enough as it is so reading in order is a must.

Q: Should I be this confused?

A: The confusion is for the most part on purpose. It clues you into how Johnny feels because despite all of his efforts he could never make himself any less human than he already is. He's at the brink already.

A: Did Johnny really take five of those pills? Isn't that dangerous?

Q: He took 4-5 pills of the child's dosage of Thiordazine which to an adult with his kind of disorder would be below the recommended dosage.

Q: What music did you listen to when writing this?

A: Random soundtrack music, random noise-type music. I try to avoid lyrical the best I can but it happens. I could put together a zip file for each story if you review to say you'd want that. Either log in or leave an email address I can reply to so I can send you the links. Make sure I can read it. The following format often works best.

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