Fandom: Mortal Kombat
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Summary: Scorpion/Johnny Cage slash. The Mortal Kombat 1995 movie through slash goggles. Focus mostly, if not entirely, on Johnny Cage. Not full movie recap, just the good parts.
Warning(s): slash
Pairing(s): Scorpion/Johnny Cage
Word Count: 1,816

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Story note: Watch the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie. Once you have. Read this, because this is the movie I saw.

Damnitall if this didn't become a multi-chaptered fic. I refuse to work on anything longer than 2,000 words right now on the basis that quality significantly goes down since I don't edit as well in such a short time. So, you're going to be left hanging here, mostly because I couldn't think of a different plotline. I saw the movie and had to write this.



By: Lucifer Rosemaunt


"Scorpion and Subzero, the deadliest of enemies but slaves under my power," Shang Tsung stated smugly.

Johnny definitely didn't like this guy, but he didn't have much time to think about that as he subconsciously moved into a fighting stance at the sight of Scorpion. Standing in the hull of an old boat staring down a yellow clad ninja, Johnny couldn't help but feel like his day was just about to go from bad to worse.

A distant part of him knew that Sonya and Liu were standing beside him, but his world narrowed to just him and this new opponent. He couldn't look away, the gaze holding him captive. Milky white eyes stared intently into his, though he couldn't rightly say the expression was blank as he'd first thought white eyes should be. Some distant part of his mind wondered what his real eye colour was, if this person was indeed human.

He was pulled out of the gaze only by the creature that was emerging from Scorpion's hand. To say that was disconcerting would be an understatement. A little nauseated at the thought of having something like that in your body, he did take a moment to appreciate the fact that it was one impressive special effect, one his movies would probably never be able to reproduce. The creature screeched once it was finally completely out of Scorpion's hand, and Johnny recoiled at the unexpected sound. Definitely not a special effect.

Forcing himself to look away for a second, he glanced to his left but Sonya and Liu were really gone. His head whipped to the side. It hadn't been about focus. They weren't there, but thankfully Subzero and Shang Tsung were gone as well. It was just him and Scorpion left.

As a general rule, he was willing to fight any battle with anyone at any time. However, he had a distinctly bad feeling, and while his fight or flee response had long been tilted towards fight, it was now telling him to flee. Something was wrong. He needed to find out what happened to the others. So, he began to slowly back away in what he thought to be a subtle manner.

Before he could get very far, a voice echoed loudly through the suddenly empty room.

"Get over here."

The serpent from Scorpion's hand shot out and latched onto his left shoulder before he had a chance to react. Reaching up, Johnny tried to wrench the serpent off but to no avail. He only managed to exacerbate the wound further as the creature bit down harder.

He felt a tug and pain flared through his shoulder. Hands still grasping at the serpent, he was suddenly flying forward, the room blurring past him. He finally stopped moving when a hand grabbed his throat. His hands moved from the serpent in his shoulder to the hands that were choking him. When his head finally stopped spinning from the sudden movement, he realized he'd been backed up against a wall, Scorpion's face blocking anything else he might have been able to see, not like Johnny would have been able to focus on anything else.

Scorpion just stared, eyes unblinking with an expression Johnny could not place. His heart was pounding loudly in his ears and his hands were uselessly trying to loosen Scorpion's hold. Black dots were already floating in front of his eyes. As Johnny felt all his strength leaving him, the ninja leaned forward, his masked face rubbing Johnny's cheek, and whispered, "I'll have fun breaking you."

Suddenly the hand at his throat disappeared and he fell into a heap on the floor. The constraint finally gone from his throat, Johnny coughed painfully as he tried to take big gulps of air. His eyes watered and he still felt as though he weren't getting enough oxygen. When he finally looked up again, he was no longer in the boat's hull but rather on the deck leaning against some crates. His throat hurt, but at least he could breathe a little easier.

Breathing in, he was disappointed to find it more than a little shaky. He didn't actually remember falling asleep though he'd intended to rest before they arrived at their destination. Good that did him – his heart refused to slow down. The dream felt so real that he had to remind himself that it hadn't in fact happened like that. Raiden had interfered before they even were able to fight. Moreover, Liu and Sonya didn't just disappear. He rubbed his shoulder absentmindedly. It felt real enough. He could still hear Scorpion's voice in his head and a shudder ran through him.

It was a dream; he reiterated to himself. His shoulder hurt only because he'd been leaning against the crate to his left. Everything had a reasonable explanation.

Seeing Liu approach, Johnny pretended to stretch languidly. Liu looked at him with an amused expression. "Were you planning on sleeping through the whole tournament?"

Johnny smirked, glad to see he could do so easily. "It isn't as though I couldn't do this in my sleep."

Standing up, he began to gather his belongings seeing that the other fighters were already piling into three smaller boats. The island seemed foreboding even from their close proximity, even in the daylight.

Searching the boat, he noted that everyone was busy trying to gather their belongings to notice what he was doing. He just couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him. As he shouldered his bags, he hissed in pain. He was tempted to check his shoulder to see if there were serpent bites but knew he didn't have time right now.

He dropped into the smaller boat, settling himself in for the ride. He allowed himself one last glance back, almost expecting to see the yellow clad ninja staring at him. There was only the antiquated boat.

Clearing his mind of ninjas and the pain in his shoulder, he allowed himself to relax and watch Sonya try to call for back up. He grinned and couldn't help but wonder why he didn't have a dream about her instead. She was hot and she wore tight clothes. What else could a guy ask for?

"While you're at it, call my agent," he groused good-naturedly.

The disgusted look she gave was actually expected. "Do I look like your secretary?"

Witty, too. Not bad. Johnny grinned to himself. Unfortunately, for a moment, she reminded him of an ex. Not just any ex, but one who he'd realized all too late had been a crazy fan. He grimaced at the thought. The crazy's always found him for some reason. He definitely did not need a repeat of that experience. However, he doubted Sonya was like that at all. He had no idea what had made him think of that ex in the first place.

The boats pulled onto the shore and Johnny gathered all his belongings. He knew he was the last to get off his boat but he turned around feeling someone watching him again. He considered the fact that maybe the sun was getting to him or maybe it was something in that fog last night. There was no one there except for the people who'd been rowing, and they all had their heads down. It couldn't just be his imagination though. He was not that paranoid. On the other hand, he'd never spent so much time looking behind him in his entire life given the fact that he had a ninja stalker now.

Balancing himself on the ledge of the boat, he wavered, threatening to fall, until a hand on his back steadied him. He was about to thank whoever had helped him when that same hand shoved him hard. He didn't even have time to scream as he tipped forward, falling face forward into the water. He swore he saw a flash of yellow before he fell. Standing up in a huff, he gathered his bags, pointedly ignoring anything that might be in his peripheral vision. He walked towards the others telling himself that it was simply his imagination. He'd just lost his balance.

Pouting slightly, he wondered if evil ninjas could be spiteful enough to play such a childish prank. He was pulled out of his musings when Sonya asked, "Where are we?"

He couldn't stop the retort from slipping out, "Do I look like your travel agent?" Her reaction was enough to get his mind off of his more frustrating thoughts.


The first few flight of stairs weren't so bad. It was the last few hundreds of steps after that got Johnny. His legs were threatening to give out under him any second and his arms were exhausted from carrying his luggage. Seeing his destination so near, Johnny felt relieved until he suddenly lost his balance. He somehow managed to slip on a step, tumbling down a few steps and losing his grip on his luggage. Momentarily, he feared he'd fall all the way back down but something stopped his fatal descent. He was still precariously off balance but as he watched from the corner of his eyes as his bags slid down the stairway, he managed a few colorful curses.

Johnny forced himself forward, falling onto his knees. He was almost certain the force that had stopped his fall had to be the same one that had steadied him in the boat and the one who kept watching him. It was the ninja. At least Scorpion hadn't felt like this was another time to save him only to finish the job himself. He glanced down the stairs. That fall definitely would have killed him.

Now, not only was he tired but confused as well. He would have rather liked a direct battle, a clear cut idea of what the ninja wanted with him. If he was going to spend the rest of his time here worrying about ninjas tripping him, he would gladly be back in that ship's hull and start a fight to the death. Unfortunately, he didn't have that option any more.

Then again, this whole trip was messing with his mind. He didn't know what to think or expect. Using a last burst of energy, he jogged up the remaining steps, bumping past Sonya. "Haha no more steps."

He took in the surroundings and the feeling of dread that he'd experienced on the boat only doubled. Saving his career was entirely too important for him to turn around now, and he was definitely not walking down those stairs until he absolutely had to. Following the others, he stopped beside Liu to look at the beautiful woman who stared back.

He commented, "When a lady looks at you like that, it usually means something." His mind mentally added, when a ninja stalks you, it usually means something too, but he did not want to wonder what exactly that entailed.


End chapter
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Story Note: So, this fic mostly follows the movie, if I'm lazy, I'm just going to drop scenes completely. T.T Blame laziness of course. I just want to write the discrepancies. Hell, I might just change the whole format. Who knows?