Fandom: Mortal Kombat
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Summary: Scorpion/Johnny Cage slash. MK:1 slash rewrite, the reason why I shouldn't be allowed to watch most movies.
Warning(s): slash, non-con (of course), bondage (sort of), bestiality (Uh, in the realm of sort of… D:), & awesome ninjas (or at least one awesome ninja; and yes, that is a warning)
: Scorpion/Johnny Cage
Word Count: 3,627

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By: Lucifer Rosemaunt

Chapter 07


The moment he'd seen the monster fall over the edge of the cliff, Johnny had felt the thrill of victory. Even when he saw Goro desperately holding onto the ledge, he'd internally cheered because despite his four arms, there was no way Goro was climbing back up. Johnny had actually won. Not that he'd doubted himself or anything, but something that ugly had to be good at fighting. It was a rule of life – to which Johnny was the exception of course; he looked good and fought even better.

Unfortunately, had it not been for Scorpion's voice in his head – "man's greatest weakness" – his plan to distract and lure the four armed creature away might not have worked as well as it had. And, by successfully protecting his friends, he had fallen directly into Scorpion's plans. He tried to convince himself that a win was a win no matter what motivated it.

Why did it feel as though he'd completely lost?

Maybe it was because after running back to the fighting ground after hearing Sonya's shriek, he found himself standing in front of a dimensional portal leading to some unknown world – thankfully not ladder hell if Raiden was being truthful – feeling dread tinged with an unhealthy dose of paranoia nearly overwhelm him. Of course Sonya would have been kidnapped by Shang Tsung, and of course they'd have to travel by portal. He could honestly state that he hated dimensional portals, but there wasn't a doubt in his mind that he was going to go through it. They had a friend, not to mention an entire world to save.

His paranoia would have been more manageable if Raiden's parting words hadn't been, "In Outworld, if you look hard enough, you will find another guide." As it was, Johnny now expected another encounter with Scorpion, and his current track record with said encounters was discouraging at best.

Sharing a look with Liu, who nodded, they walked forward in tandem. Entering the portal was similar to his transport to the Netherealm. It was like being pulled through a keyhole, stomach first.

Despite the sulfurous smell, the ash that threatened to make his eyes water, and the bleak, war torn scenery, he was mostly just relieved that they hadn't somehow accidentally been transported to the Netherealm. Except that it reminded him completely of ladder hell. Sure, there were no ladders or platforms, but with all the broken statues and rubble, he truly did expect Scorpion to suddenly appear.

"This is not good." He voiced aloud, simply because he couldn't bear the silence. It was a bonus that Liu didn't seem to be listening too intently to him. "But I'm fine. I can deal with this."

He was pretty sure it was daytime even though it was completely dark out. The fire interspersed through the landscape cast an eerie red glow to everything. Upon closer inspection, Johnny noted that the statues didn't look very much like statues so much as carcasses with gaping chests and grotesque expressions of pain. The errant thought, 'Scorpion would feel right at home here' crossed his mind before he could stop it.

"So… this is Outworld, huh? Ah, I can see why they want a change of scenery." They walked the path laid before them; it was lined with the human-monster carcasses hanging upon crosses, so it had to mean they were going in the right direction.

"We should head for that tower." Liu pointed to the distance. "Shang Tsung would've taken Sonya there."

There was really only one tower left standing in all this rubble, but regardless, no one built something that dark and looming without making it an important location. Johnny shrugged his consent. All he cared about was that having a destination meant they didn't need a guide.

Since it was quite a distance away, it would give them time to figure out how to sneak into the tower. There had to be guards of some sort and the chances of Shang Tsung welcoming them in were quite slim. Johnny could only hope that Sonya would be able to hold out a little longer. There was so much to consider though. They would have to sneak in and Liu would have to fight that sorcerer, if Shang Tsung even accepted his challenge. Only then would they all be able to go home and forget all about Mortal Kombat, other realms, and ninjas. Especially ninjas.

"Liu, I hate this place. I do. I'm telling you, I hate it." Johnny babbled, trying to keep his thoughts from straying too far into his newfound hatred towards ninjas. "I'm in a hostile environment. I am completely unprepared. I'm surrounded by people who probably want to kick my ass. It's like being back in high school." And Johnny could feel that there were things around – and they were 'things' because he was almost certain whatever watched them was not human.

A noise from behind them had both turning around quickly.

"What's that?" Johnny could see nothing as he scanned the area. He began to move, but Liu stopped him with a motion of his hand.

"Wait." Liu's gaze flickered to the side.

Johnny followed his gaze but saw nothing. "What?"

Walking towards one of the crumbling walls, Liu quietly stated, "There's something else." Nonchalantly, he turned his back to the wall, facing him.

"What are you doing?" Johnny whispered, looking around. He couldn't help but wonder if his friend had lost his mind.

Liu didn't respond, simply took several more steps backwards.

"What are you doing?" He asked again, whispering harshly.

Liu quickly turned and grabbed at something. Struggling with an invisible opponent, Johnny would have worried for his friend's sanity again if a reptile-like creature hadn't shimmered into sight. It was still partially transparent but he could see it better now as it kicked and screeched in Liu's grasp. Barely gaining the upper hand, Liu threw it towards one of those fallen skeletons.

Tentacles whipped out of the chest cavity and made short work of immobilizing the reptile, yanking it into the carcass as it screeched in protest. Once consumed, the body began to gain substance, clothes suddenly forming along with skin and muscles. It took only seconds for the transformation to be complete, and when it was done a green clad ninja – a spitting image of Scorpion except for the coloring and the eyes – stood before them.

Johnny couldn't help but wonder if all ninjas were created as such. It would explain all the crazy things they were able to do and the ability Scorpion had to pull off his head. He fought back the urge to gag. If that were true, it meant on some level an actual scorpion had violated him.

Luckily, his thoughts were derailed when the ninja attacked Liu, tackling him with enough force that they crashed through the wall of the nearest building. Johnny moved to follow them, yelling "Liu! Liu!" Rushing forward, his stomach lurched and the rubble around him blurred as he felt his body being sucked backwards in the telltale sign of a teleportation. He only had a moment to state, "shit" before he was somewhere else.

The world had barely re-materialized as he peripherally noted the pillars and rubble that were once houses. Either they hadn't gone very far or the entire planet was just like the initial area they'd arrived in. Johnny didn't have time to ponder that though. When the ground once again settled beneath his feet, he swung an elbow back. Scorpion dodged the shot, but couldn't avoid the kick that quickly followed.

Seeing him bent over, Johnny gloated, "Yeah, didn't see that one coming, did you? I'll guide you over to my foot. You won't…"

"Come here." Scorpion stretched his arm out.

But Johnny wasn't going to be caught by the same trick again. He crouched below the flying serpent, knowing that Scorpion would aim for his shoulder. Unfortunately, Scorpion had anticipated his move and the uppercut that connected had Johnny flying backward several feet before landing directly on a fallen statue – he desperately hoped they weren't really once humans or whatever Outworlders were. It felt as though he'd landed on stone. Before he could even roll off the carcass, the creatures' tentacles from within the body quickly wormed their way across his chest and arms. He managed to free one of his arms, but another tentacle just as quickly caught it. Jerking, he only gained a few inches before being pulled back; he had to wonder if he was going to be sucked into that gaping chest cavity, the edges of which he could feel digging into his back and sides.

The creatures held on just as desperately as Johnny felt, the bonds tightening enough to constrict his breathing. He couldn't even thrash about any longer, but after a few moments when nothing happened, he was relieved to find that they couldn't consume him like they had that reptile from before. With that imminent danger gone, he was almost relieved that he had a moment to think. That is, until he remembered why he was stuck in this predicament in the first place. The ninja stood in front of him arms crossed, simply staring.

Johnny struggled to free himself again. The tentacles held firm, abrading his skin. The high pitched squeals of disappointment from whatever creature was holding him made him wince. Warily watching the ninja, he mentally catalogued his capabilities. His arms were immobilized across his stomach and his arms were pinned against his torso with enough force that he couldn't slip out of it. Each leg was held by a vine across his thighs that pinioned them to the carcass's own limbs. That left him his head and his ankles.

There was no way this was going to end well. At all.

Laughing nervously, Johnny tried to shrug and even managed to fail at that small motion. "You're not going to leave me here, are you?" As though being left behind was his main concern. Here he was completely at Scorpion's mercy. He would be so lucky if he was left alone. And Scorpion knew it.

"You did well to prove yourself."

Johnny glared at him. "I told you. It wasn't for you."

"You defeated Goro." Scorpion moved forward then, arms uncrossing. "I'm pleased."

Johnny emphatically cursed as he struggled with more vigor, not budging an inch but doing a good job in straining his neck. Pleasing Scorpion ranked quite high on the list of things he never wanted to do.

Then, the ninja was so close Johnny frantically wondered if he was going to attempt to push him into the carcass. Then, he'd become some sort of Johnny ninja, be a mindless slave, and have to cover his handsome face with that mask. He distantly noted that he was becoming hysterical, but Scorpion was close enough to touch – if he stretched what little distance his foot could go – and this position was too reminiscent of another time he'd been bound in the presence of the same ninja.

Scorpion quirked an eyebrow and Johnny's mind cleared to a single desire: he wanted to punch the smug bastard. That train of thought quickly disappeared when one hand pressed the front of Johnny's pants. It was sad when he almost cheered that he didn't have an erection. Of course he shouldn't have one. It shouldn't even be an option.

The hand snaked into his pants and despite his struggles, Scorpion began to stroke him. He tried to remind himself pleasure was not just pleasure. Bondage was not sexy, especially when tentacles were involved. The ninja looming over him now had a fiery skull for a head, and for all Johnny knew, he was an actual scorpion bug that had been consumed by one of these carcasses. He was being violated and his body shouldn't react to such stimuli.

He couldn't even summon enough saliva to spit in Scorpion's face. Gritting his teeth, he turned his face away. There was no defense against such an assault. His hands clenched to fists, he strained against the bonds, shoulders aching with the tension that was building. He was already responding no matter how many unsexy thoughts he tried to imagine.

"Hey!" His voice squeaked, but Johnny ignored it in favour of trying a different tactic. Maybe a distraction was in order. His voice sounded forced, but at least it wasn't an octave higher than what it was supposed to be. "Let's talk about this. I mean really. Don't you think you should cut me free since I'm your attendant and all, right? I might get some weird disease from these things." He vaguely motioned to his binds with his head. And really, what was with this ninja and bondage?

"I made a good choice with you" was his only response.

Johnny pressed the soles of his feet against the stone-hard carcass and tried to push forward to free himself. He realized only moments later how poorly thought out that action was when he felt more pressure against his, definitely unwanted, erection. A glance up at Scorpion's face confirmed that the ninja was smirking – or at least he looked extremely pleased. Johnny actually couldn't be too sure he wasn't just guessing at that; one could only read so much from a man with more than half his face covered.

Scorpion's hand did become more insistent though, tightening just perfectly. He shivered when the other man paid specific attention to the tip of his erection, thumb spreading pre-cum none too gently. And once again, no matter how much he felt violated, his body easily reacted to Scorpion's touch. He squirmed, the stimulation part pain part pleasure.

Who was he kidding? It was all pleasure by this point. The ninja was too good at this. It was as if Scorpion knew exactly what he liked – it might as well be Johnny's own hand stroking himself – but if masturbation felt just a fraction as good as this did, he would have never left his bedroom long enough as a teenager to become an actor.

Scorpion's other hand slid under his shirt and Johnny felt one of the tentacles brush up against his lower back. Much to his dismay, he shuddered against the sensation, a shock of pleasure shooting down his back straight to his groin. His nerves felt frayed and he wasn't sure his body wasn't just interpreting every sensation as pleasure simply to conspire against him. Either way, his body burned, muscles tense as they strained towards more and he blamed that particular focus for his only belatedly realizing something slipping into the back of his pants.

"Whoa," he jerked and Scorpion rubbed him harder. Something trailed along his ass and he let out a string of curses. That was no hand. Scorpion slowed his pace and Johnny involuntarily jerked again when something flicked against his entrance, his ass clenching at the intended intrusion. It dawned on him in growing horror that whatever was in his pants was no errant tentacle. His heart pounded erratically and blood rushed to his head so fast that the world spun out of control for a moment before righting itself again. But nothing was right because he could distinctly feel Scorpion's hands, one on his crotch and the other on his hip, idly stroking it, which left that third appendage working its way into him that snake thing from his hand.

"I thought you said you weren't going to punish me," he choked out.

The snake was breaching him and he vaguely wondered why the hell that thing was lubricated. He tried to move away and only managed the smallest of distances. The pressure faded as the serpent withdrew and Johnny relaxed for a moment, suddenly able to breathe again.

"This isn't punishment." Scorpion pointedly tightened his hold on Johnny's erection, almost painfully tight.

Johnny let out a pained cry that he refused to admit sounded at least partially like a strangled moan. If the blood could be spared, he would have blushed. His erection had not flagged for a single moment. He briefly thought 'this ninja's making me a pervert.' Although he did concede he'd been sexually deviant already, but this had to be well into the realm of bestiality or something.

Scorpion continued, "This is a reward."

The creature pressed into him insistently then and despite wanting to prevent the intrusion, struggling only would've caused him more pain than he felt was necessary. He let out another groan when the thickest part of the serpent finally entered him, and he tensed when the thing immediately pressed against his prostate. The sense of fullness made him squirm, but he could think of nothing but the hand that had once again begun to stroke his erection and the brilliant white light that sparked behind his eyes as the creature rubbed him rather determinedly from the inside. His mouth hung open as harsh pants escaped. He flung his head backwards.

The orgasm that was ripped from him was unexpected and left him twitching from the violence of the spasms that wracked his body. It took a moment for him to realize that there wasn't the familiar feel of stickiness or the relief of a release. Instead, he felt just as keyed up as he had been when this all started; his mind was still hazy in his desperation to reach that peak again to satisfaction. It was only the too intense pleasure of Scorpion still stroking his rather unflagging erection that made him focus. He looked at the ninja in utter disbelief; sure, he'd experimented with tantric sex – how could he not have? Who could deny wanting to have sex marathons with multiple orgasms? – but he'd never been able to hold himself back from coming before. Yet, somehow Scorpion had managed to over stimulate him into a dry orgasm and the need to keep going pounded through his veins with each beat of his heart. His hips jerked, trying to feel more of both the ninja's hand and the serpent.

He was in major trouble.

With the mouth guard pressed firmly against his neck, Scorpion hoarsely whispered, "The end has already been decided."

The fact that the ninja was so affected by this was hotter than he'd thought possible, and it was his voice alone that pushed Johnny closer to his next orgasm. Heat pooling in his groin, the serpent pulled out completely. Johnny made a noise of discontent both from the discomfort and its absence. He could almost swear that he felt a puff of air from the mouth guard and he shuddered. The serpent plunged within him again roughly and Johnny came, mouth open in a silent scream, head tossed back as pleasure crested over him.

He froze for long moments, body unable to relax. His eyes were squeezed shut in an attempt to focus although he now intimately understood the phrase dizzy with pleasure. Licking his lips, he struggled to breathe as Scorpion lightly stroked him through it all. The serpent pulled out and the warm hand on his hip disappeared. His underwear stuck to him unpleasantly and he focused on that as he tried to work out a scathing remark or some sarcastic nonchalance to prove that hadn't been the best reward he'd ever received.

However, before he could think of anything, he felt the pull of teleportation. Opening his eyes quickly, he looked around in disbelief. Scorpion had abandoned him. It took a long moment during which Johnny's heartbeat slowed and his breathing evened out. His limbs felt leaden and the urge to rub a palm over his cock had faded almost as much as the pleasure had once he'd felt Scorpion leaving him. He took a moment to test the bonds and not only found himself still firmly held but he was now also sore – the unfortunately familiar soreness.

Taking a deep breath, he cursed Scorpion out at the top of his lungs. It was lucky he ran out of breath when he did or else he would have missed the sound of footsteps approaching from his left. He turned, expecting the worst – because really, what else could he be "rewarded" with this time?

"Princess Kitana?"

Wordlessly, she approached and cut through the tentacles. Johnny stumbled away from the carcass, blood he hadn't known that had been deprived from his limbs flowing back. He refused to look at her while he massaged his wrists, stalling as best he could.

She scrutinized him. "Are you… well?"

He knew she wanted to ask more, but thankfully she didn't. "Yeah." He brushed his clothes off distractedly. "Just got a bit tangled there. Why?" Now, he met her eyes, trying to keep an air of naïve cluelessness, nearly daring her to verbalize her suspicions.

"You look…" She started before looking around the area.

He wasn't exactly sure what he looked like at the moment, but he guessed it was at least a fraction of what he felt. Completely debauched.

Not bothering to answer the unasked question, Johnny bowed his head in a mock grandiose gesture. "Should we go find Liu?"

She nodded, pausing to look at him carefully once more before leading the way. He wasn't sure if she actually did know or how much he might have revealed when he'd been cursing the heavens and ninjas, but he knew until he could do a better job of hiding his limp, it was best to walk behind her.

They had a friend in need, a world to save, and a sorcerer to defeat. Yet somehow, his anxiety regarding that aspect of this mission had lessened considerably; after all, things had already been decided. It was what happened afterwards that worried him now.


End fic

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