Two Halves of the Same Heart

Chapter 1: Life goes on





I hit the off button on my alarm, a little too forcefully, because then it crashed to the ground, and the sudden jerk to the side of my hand going with it, caused me to tumble as well. Gravity really is my worst enemy.

I groggily pushed myself off the floor, detangling myself from my covers. I sighed in discontent, I was a having such a great dream until the alarm woke me up.

Then again, I seem to be having a great dream every night, only to be interrupted by my alarm clock.

I was dreaming about Sasuke.

Sasuke Uchiha, the man I had known for only three weeks at Konoha Elementary, and yet we still managed to fall in love; only to be agonizingly separated by my mother.

I huffed; I was going through my morning ritual of having my own personal pity-party. Ignoring the depression I felt, I got ready for my day, slipping into a sleeveless button-up and a skirt.

Heading down to breakfast was then interrupted on the stairs when my cell phone rang, I answered.

"Hello, Ino." I said.

"How'd you know?" She asked.

"You call every morning at this time; you're worse than my alarm clock." I huffed.

"Someone's in a bad mood." Ino retorted. "Were you dreaming about Sasuke again?"

"You know I always do. Nothing should be new." I replied.

"Well, anyway, did you get everything?"

"Yes, Ino; I told you this yesterday. I have everything you asked me to get."

"Great, glad to see your little depression doesn't stand in the way of your work."

I sighed, exasperated; Ino had been planning to host a big party at her house all month, but she had a lot of planning to do, and not enough money on her own to buy it, so guess which unlucky best friend ended up having to help, that's right, me.

I sat down at my counter, pulling forward the breakfast I had assembled while I talked to Ino.

"Really, Sakura, I think you're getting better about the whole separation thing. At least, compared to how you were a couple weeks ago at your eighteenth birthday party. It's been almost six months now, not only do I think you should lighten up; I think you are lightening up." Ino ranted.

"Ino, I don't know how I can become lighter if you keep bringing up what happened, it's not helping the healing."

"Time heals all wounds, Sakura." Ino said.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll see you and the others later, okay?" I said.

"Fine, bye." Ino said.


I looked out the window.

Six months. Nearly six whole months it's been since my mother pulled me off the island. Since I left Konoha Elementary, since I left Sasuke, since I left my happiness.

I finished my meal and quickly got out of the house. Ever since I had gotten back, my mother refuses to tell me what had gone on to make her act in such a way to Uchihas, she actually got a job, so I don't have to really even see her as much as I used to, and I turned eighteen.

Eighteen, the same age as Sasuke. Oh, no! At least try to stop pouting over that! Bad Sakura!

I walked to Ino's house (She had already moved out.) and saw that Tenten had already arrived, and she and Ino had already started continuing the plans they started a while back.

"Morning, Sakura." Tenten greeted me as I came in.

"Good morning, Tenten, Ino." I replied.

"Okay," Ino said, "getting back to what I was saying, I was thinking of putting up some streamers down the halls, and I also wanted to get some cool lighting for the back, oh, and—"

Ino's words were lost to me as I disappeared into my own world; the world of last nights' dream.

I was on the beach at Konoha Elementary, the weather was perfect, and the waves crashed in and out of the shore line. I looked around, seeing Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Temari, the girls I had become friends with over the years. All of them were wearing bathing suits, and throwing around a beach ball.

I looked down to see myself dressed similarly, and back up to my friends playing around. Looking to the side, I saw a bunch of the little kids I had familiarized myself with over the three weeks I had been at the school, all playing in the ocean. Looking to the other side of me, I could see the Konoha Elementary building looming high over the beach.

I was suddenly grabbed from behind, and for a second, I thought I was really experiencing a nightmare, until I turned to see the one who grabbed me was Sasuke.

"Hey, pinkie." He whispered in my ear.

"You know I don't like that." I said back.

"Will this make it better?" He asked as he leaned down to me.

"Sakura!" Ino yelled.

I snapped up from my dream realm. "What?!" I shouted.

"Did you hear any of that?" Ino asked.


"Are you alright?" Hinata asked; when did she get here? Probably while I was in my daydream.

"Oh…um…I'm fine. Where were we?" I said.

Ino and everyone else gave me a skeptic look before continuing with their plans.

"Ironic." I thought. "Ino woke me up exactly where my alarm had gotten me."

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