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First of all, this story does not go by the "changing" process that Stephenie Meyer's vampires go through. I thought it didn't suit my story so I have adopted Bram Stoker's process – the person must exchange blood with a vampire three times before they officially turn undead. I chose this b/c I felt that I could do so much more with the story if I used Bram Stoker's process. You'll see why… ; )

Another thing is that, Edward – though he is a vampire – he doesn't have the Cullen family for comfort. The story is set in 1876 and even though he hasn't met the Cullens, he still hunts animals.

The last is that nearly everyone is OOC except for Bella and Edward. So don't be surprised if people don't act how they do in the Twilight series. Also Bella's blood doesn't "sing" to Edward.

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-Saving Angel-


My life seemed like an endless maze of ball gowns, champagne, and suitors that my parents wanted me to choose from. But on the afternoon of September 13, 1896 in Savannah, Georgia, my life changed forever.

A monster lowering in to sink his teeth into the pale skin of my throat, his crimson eyes fiery with intense thirst. A flash of golden eyes, bronze hair, and a tall body. My savior. My angel.

Nothing would ever be the same.

I was getting dressed for that evening's ball. It was infernally hot and I was wishing that I didn't have to get dressed in the dozens of layers that benefited a girl of my station. It was the celebration of my seventeenth birthday and, although I had already had my coming-out party, father insisted on a large celebration. Sometimes I wished I lived somewhere cool, like England, where it was said to rain a lot. Georgia was not the place to hold a summer party.

"Do I have to go?" I whined to mother, feeling more like a two-year-old than I cared to admit. Mother's eyes flashed daggers.

"Of course you must go," she snapped. "It's your birthday. And Mr. York certainly has his eyes on you. I think he is ready to propose. All you must do is to secure him. He's a shy boy, Isabella, you must encourage him."

I imagined Erik York's greasy, slicked-back hair and foul breath, and shivered. Last month I'd had to dance with him while I tried not to breath the air that came from his mouth and to not let him step on my feet. It had been excruciating.

"Eric York can't dance and he must eat garlic everyday because his breath reeks all the time," I muttered.

"But he owns 898 acres of South Georgia, and his father is well invested in stocks. He would give you a comfortable life and you would never want for anything." She spoke as this was all I could want in a husband.

"What about my marriage bed, mother," I hissed. "Do you honestly expect me to submit to his…his…hungers?" Mother winced at my words. I imagined my wedding night and nearly retched.

"You could learn to retreat inside yourself. It is your duty as a wife to give him heirs. Other than that, though, your life would be happy, Isabella," she ended.

"Stop calling me that!" My voice was louder than I intended and the maid paused while lacing up my corset. "Call me Bella, everyone else does," I muttered. "But I will not encourage Mr. York. He disgusts me."

After I changed into my dark blue silk gown with seed pearls on the bodice, we departed. The carriage rattled down the street as I stared out the window, refusing to meet either mother or father's eyes.

Everyone was already dancing when we entered the party. Brightly colored dressed swirled in a waltz with handsome men. It was a sea of people, so happy, so joyful.

And I felt utterly and completely alone.

Could they see into my heart and what lay hidden, deep inside it? Could they see how different I felt, how excluded? I didn't belong with these happy people. I didn't belong alongside the waltzes and reels. I was the oddity, the one piece of the puzzle that didn't fit. I was strange.

Mother and father went off to socialize, but all I wanted to do was sit in a corner and pretend not to be noticed. The last thing I wanted was attention. But this was my birthday party and I was expected to attend. I sweated in my corner, fanning myself with the homemade fans the dowagers dropped carelessly at a table.

After being forced to dance with the revolting Eric York, I stumbled out the open double doors and into the lush garden just outside.

I was dripping with sweat that wasn't just from the dancing. I had been surrounded by those superficial, laughing faces, feeling as much an outsider as the starving child on the street. What was wrong with me? Why wasn't I able to enjoy all the luxuries, all the parties? I was a glitch, a smudge on the perfection of my parents lives.

I sank to rest on a stone bench, lying my hot cheek against the cool rock. I must have fallen asleep because I was suddenly awaken by someone.

"Wake up, my girl," a low voice hissed unpleasantly in my ear.

My eyes fluttered open in shock to find a pair of crimson eyes staring into mine. Terror shocked through my system. I instantly knew I should run, escape from……thing.

His face was strong and beautiful and terrifying. He smiled predatorily at me. "The maiden has finally awaken," he murmured in a voice that made my blood curdle. "Come with me," he whispered. His blood-red eyes arrested me. I couldn't speak or blink. Slowly, despite the screaming in my mind to run, I rose to a sitting position.

I tried to run with all my strength, but it was if I was under a spell. I moved to this creature's will.

"Come with me," he said, his voice a lure I was powerless to resist.

To my own horror, I stood from the bench and stepped towards him. He backed up, leading me out of the garden to unknown terrors. Tears of fear and desperation leaked out of my eyes. I was being lured to my death by a monster with red eyes……and there was nothing I could do about it.

We were in an alley now. The street lanterns suddenly blinked out, blanketing us in darkness. "Now," the creature said with relish. "You certainly look delectable." His eyes raked over me, not sexually, but as if he was sizing up a piece of meat. Then – most horrifying of all – he grinned. My skin crawled and I knew the end was near. Terror seized me. Then, abruptly, the line of power he held over me was snapped and I was free.

I bolted to my right, trying to run somewhere – anywhere – away from this monster. He was in front of me in a second, blocking my path and I crashed into him.

"You're not going anywhere," he hissed, his eyes blazing with hunger. "You're too scrumptious to pass up."

As the creature leaned down to bite into the tender skin of my neck, something happened. The thing was thrown into the stonewall of the building beside us. A glorious scent wafted around me as another figure inhabited the alley.

A new shape stood, glaring down at the creature that had tried to eat me. I gasped and he turned to me, his golden eyes blazing with anger. His beauty took my breath away. It was like looking at an angel. The angel turned back to the thing that just recently nearly killed me moments before, leaping onto it.

What happened next I will never forget. The angel tore the creature to shreds and quickly set it on fire. I cried out with surprise as the fire blazed unexpectedly. The angel turned to me, his eyes now filled only with concern.

"Are you alright?"

And it was like velvet enveloping me. His voice spoke to deep inside of me, and I shivered with an unknown desire.

Without waiting any longer for a response, he swung me up into his arms, ball gown and all. Suddenly, the wind whipped at us as he ran with me in his arms. His face was merely inches from my own.

My heart skipped every other beat.

He could easily have been some forgotten Greek god from ages ago. I stared blatantly at his seraphic face, enraptured. His eyes shifted down once to look at me before quickly returning to their former position. I felt the cold of his body through my heavy skirts and I was no longer withering from the heat.

And I continued to stare.


I couldn't ignore them. He was about to take her life, and I was the only thing that could save her now. I don't know where I got the initiative to help her. I'd seen other people of my species kill humans before and I'd never interceded.

Her mind's silence puzzled me. I was so used to hearing people's thoughts that it caught me off gaurd. I heard with clarity the vampire's happiness at finding a meal. His mind flashed through all the ways he could savor her, all the ways he could take her life.

But now……

Now, I couldn't ignore her. Something about her spoke to me in ways nothing else had. Maybe it was the midnight blue against her pale skin, the dark locks of chestnut hair that were swept up elaborately, or the honesty and bravery that seemed to emanate from her.

Whatever it was, I couldn't abandon her.

Now, holding her in my arms, I tried to ignore those large, expressive brown eyes as they stared into mine. Feelings were rippling through my long-dormant body. I wanted to protect her; I wanted to know everything about her; I wanted to touch those full, red lips with my own. Suppressing all this, I focused on getting her back to where she came from by trailing her scent.

It wasn't a scent that inspired blood lust in me, but a whole other lust that I didn't understand.

As I carried her in my arms, I listened hard for her thoughts. Nothing. It was as if she had a barrier around her that I couldn't penetrate. I vowed that I would somehow learn what she was thinking - even if it meant actually talking to her. The vampire had brought her farther than I realized. I stopped at the gate to a garden. She continued to cling to my neck. I sat her onto her feet as gently as I could. My hands lingered at her waist, feeling the vital heat that seeped through the silk from her skin. Thoughts wafted to me from the ballroom that was close to this garden.

She'll love the cake.

Where is she?

Have you seen her?

Apparantly, they were looking for her.

She unclasped her hands reluctantly from around my neck. Her warm, unfathomable brown eyes seemed to swallow me as I stared into their depths. I reached slowly up – so I wouldn't frighten her – and brushed back a strand of her rich, brown hair that had come loose, tucking it behind her ear.

I heard her heart rate speed. But I didn't sense any fear in her. It puzzled me. My sensitive fingertips trailed over her jawbone. Her soft, velvety skin made chills surge through my system.

I wanted to touch more of her skin.

As if I had been burned, I snatched my hand back and ran. It was all too strange and dangerous – my attraction to this girl, her captivating effect on me. Maybe if I fled from her I could forget and move on with my lonely life. Then she would be safe from me.

But, as I would soon find out, she would haunt my thoughts. I would find myself remembering how she had tried to run from her captor, or the wonder in her eyes as she stared at me.

No matter what I did, she was always there – the nameless beauty in blue.


His fingertips trailed my jawbone. My legs were watery, threatening not to support me. I inhaled his glorious scent.

And he was gone.

Just like that.

Slowly, in a daze, I wandered back into the ballroom. "Isabella!" Mother shrieked. "Where have you been?" There was a large, white cake and congratulations from everyone. But I couldn't bring myself to care. The angel captivated my thoughts now.

I didn't sleep much that night and when I did, I dreamt of him.

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