This is the last chapter of this story.

It is short – that's an understatement – but I hope you like it.

The End -


It was a long time before either of us spoke. The trees rushed past as we raced through the woods. It wasn't safe in Savannah anymore. We had been accused of murder and now we were forced to flee.

"Where are we going?" I finally asked.

Edward glanced at me before turning back to watch where we were running. "Maine. It's far enough away that no one will have even heard of us. Plus, it will be easier for us to be outside in the daytime. Savannah is far too sunny."

The day passed slowly. We were fast, but running for hundreds of miles still took a long time. I enjoyed watching the foliage turn from dry and sparse to lush and green. We passed through the Appalachian Mountains, deciding to go inland a little and abandon the Atlantic Ocean that I had known my whole life. We only stopped to feed. I was still a newborn and I need to feed often. Edward enjoyed watching me hunt. He never said so out loud, but it was evident from his face. The wildlife changed too. Deer were more prominent in some places, others, bear or elk.

We never grew tired and I wondered how far we could go without feeling the effects. Could we race around the world without once feeling as if we needed to stop?

"We've crossed the state-line," Edward said finally. "Now we're in the northern most state in the continental US."

"We're in Maine?" I looked around. It didn't seem so different from Virginia or New Hampshire. The leaves were still as green and the moss was still as lush.

He nodded.

Through one stroke of luck, I caught a glimpse of something in the forest. I narrowed my eyes and focused on it. I couldn't be sure but I thought it looked like some kind of house. "What's that?" I pointed to the wooden structure.

"A cottage," he said incredulously. He wrapped his hand around my waist and suddenly we were in front of the cottage. I realized that he had ran with me in his arms so that we stood in front of it. I was shocked at his speed. He was faster than anything I had ever seen before, or rather, anything I hadn't seen.

"It looks abandoned," I murmured as we went up the steps. I watched as he hesitantly turned the doorknob.

Inside was a mass of cobwebs and dust. It looked as if it had been ransacked. Beds were turned over and tables were broken. It only had one room but it was large. There was a fireplace on the far wall with a sparse bookshelf to the right. My eyes zeroed in on a copy of Shakespeare's works.

"Do you think anyone lives here?" I asked, walking to the bookshelf. Edward moved to inspect the fireplace.

"The fireplace hasn't been lit for years so I would say no." He turned towards me, his eyes suddenly alight with happiness. "Do you realize that this could be our new home? We could live here, Bella."

"Are you sure that no one already lives here?"

"I'm positive. The fireplace is so clogged with soot that if anyone would have tried to light a fire that the smoke would blacken the walls of the house instead of the chimney."

"But how does that mean that no one lives here?"

"They would have had to light a fire this winter, wouldn't they?"

I nodded. Maybe it was possible that this cottage could be ours. I looked around my surroundings. It wasn't much but it would due. We didn't need much anyway. As long as I was near Edward, I knew I would have all I would need.


I turned to him to find his face only inches from mine. His glorious topaz eyes stared into my ruby ones. Two vampires in one household. Was there anything more glorious? His eyes were soft as they stared into mine. He cupped my face and kissed me gently on the lips, tenderly.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Twenty Years Later - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I came back from town, happily going home to my Bella and our little cottage. I was now the town doctor in the tiny village of Spoons, Maine. They needed a good doctor and I was just the man for the job. It had been so long since we came here and I knew that we were going to have to leave soon again. We couldn't stay too long in one place. It was dangerous and we could be found out. But so far, the humans of Spoons had yet to realize that I never aged.

When I entered the cottage I was greeted by two cold arms wrapping around me.

"I've missed you," she murmured into my neck.

"It's only been a few hours." I hugged her back and pulled her face up to mine.


I laughed lightly and kissed her on the nose before moving to her lips. I loved this woman more than anything. She was the only reason I even wanted to live. I made a good living as a small town doctor, but I would gladly give up that and my life for her.

That night, after we made love, I held her in my arms, simply content to feel her skin against mine. So much had happened since I'd met her that first night when a vampire tried to kill her. I had saved her for no other reason than that she intrigued me. But now I knew that it was the best choice I had ever made. We completed each other. There was no way we could live without one another. She had changed me for the better; she had left a place on my heart that was permanent.

I loved her and I would hold her like this until the Earth crumbled into space. I would love her until the worlds collided in a single explosion. We were together until the end of forever.

I kissed her neck and smiled into her skin. She murmured my name in her sleep.


Ah, I'm sorry about this ending. It was short and I'm sorry. But the story is over. Thank you all for reading and sticking with me. :)

-Oriana de la Rose