Title: Seeing The Dark Of You, Chapter One
Rating: NC-17
Type: Yaoi, A/U
Pairings: Roy/Ed
Warnings: A/U, masturbation

A/N: Well, I was recently asked to try my hand at another multi-chapter fic and this little gem popped into my head soon after. I hope you guys like it! 3


Roy's voice carried on, making its way to my ears but never really being heard as he talked about my latest report. I nodded now and again, quipped some smart-ass remarks back at him, and he was left completely unaware that he didn't have my attention at all.

No... that wasn't true. He had my attention--all of it. Like every other time he called me into his office, I was enthralled with every little thing about him. The way his lips moved as words flowed out over them, how his tongue would occasionally dart out to moisten his lips. My gaze eventually drifted to his dark eyes, and I felt my breath catch just the slightest bit. Roy's eyes always had the most captivating, confident shine to them.

My heart raced in my chest and I cursed inwardly. He always did this to me. Ever since getting Al's body and my limbs back, my mind had had nothing to focus on. Before, I had the Philosopher's Stone and restoring my Brother and I to think about. Obsessively. But without that, my thoughts were left to wander, reaching in under the surface and pulling up things that I never knew were there.

And my thoroughly confusing love for the man in front of me was one of those things.

Roy had never been anything but a bastard to me. Sure, he got me a job in the military and helped me find the Stone. But in return he gained rank and power, feeding his own selfish desires. I was just a tool to be used, pulling him closer to his goal of Fuhrer. None of his actions were done out of pure kindness.

So why, then, did I have to fall in love with him? He sure as hell didn't care about me--not in the way I wanted him to. But that didn't stop me and my young mind from thinking that somehow, someday, there might just be a chance for me to slip into his life as something more than his prodigal subordinate, or even his friend.

I was snapped from my thoughts when Roy waved a dismissive hand at me, leaning back in his chair.

"You can go, Fullmetal," Roy said, his exasperated voice finally reaching me. His tone was no doubt caused by my rather half-assed--as usual--report.

I walked out of Roy's office and pulled the door shut behind me. My calm demeanor instantly buckled as soon as I was away from him. I always got furious whenever I let myself drift off into my own love-sick thoughts in front of him. It was stupid things like that that might let Roy know how I felt about him. Roy wasn't a stupid man. He knew how to read people's emotions.

Curses and words spilled from my lips that would probably get me fired if I'd said them to Roy's face. I kicked out angrily at the wall in front of me, my boot chipping some paint off the wall. It hurt--I still wasn't used to having two flesh legs, and still kicked harder with my left--but the physical pain was nothing when compared to the agony that was ripping away at my mind.

"Fucking... Colonel... bastard," I bit out, grinding my teeth together.

My hands found themselves deep in my pockets, stopping me from punching the nearest object--my newly learned self control put into action. I still got mad at all the same things, but I'd actually hold back from trying to destroy stuff... and people. I would try to calm myself down, even without Al's soft, reasoning voice at my side to coax me into it.

And calm myself I did, stalking down the halls of Central, and soon after the sidewalk. Each step I took towards home eased just the slightest bit more tension from my frame, made my breaths come just that much slower and deeper.


I found myself walking into an empty apartment with a note pinned to the back of the door. I ripped it off, not really caring that it tore a little. I could still read it.

Gone to get food for the week. Be back by 7:00.


I crumpled the paper and tossed it into the wastebasket a few feet away, then shrugged out of my coat and shoes. A glance at the clock told me that it was only half past five and I sighed. I hated being alone in the apartment. It let my mind wander too much... always to Roy.

And without fail, my mind did exactly that a little while later when I was in the shower. The hot water running over me almost seemed cold as my body heated up rapidly from thoughts of Roy. I bit my lip, but didn't resist the wave of arousal that flashed through me. I still had about an hour until Al was home, and I didn't exactly like the idea of fighting off an erection for the rest of the night with Al around.

I leaned against one of the shower walls and the cold tiles made me gasp. Small shocks ran through my confused nerves, on edge from being assaulted by the hot water and the cold wall all at once. It made my erection throb between my legs. I tipped my head back, resting it on the tiles and letting the water run over my face. My hand ran down my chest slowly, teasing myself, and finally wrapped tightly around my cock.

"Roy..." I whispered as I let my imagination take control.

Roy was on his knees in front of me, taking me into his mouth as I grabbed his hair roughly and practically skull-fucked him.

My hand sped up on my shaft, sliding easily over the hard, wet flesh. I pressed my thumb hard against the tip and pre-come dripped out and onto my hand, only to be washed away moments later.

His tongue flicked at my head and I moaned loudly, bucking harder a few times and making Roy choke. I eased off a little, not pushing as deep. Almost in reward, Roy sucked harder at my pulsing length.

Ragged moans parted my lips and my back pulled away from the tile slightly. I raised my other hand to my collarbones and dragged my nails hard down my chest, scratching at the skin until it was red. The pain made my body shake and thrum in excitement.

"Roy!" I cried out again, his name sliding easily off my tongue.

He hummed around me, sending vibrations all the way down my shaft and making me moan louder. I could feel myself at the edge and thrust faster. I pushed deep into his mouth, holding him in place, nearly choking him as I came hard down his throat.

I gasped and arched my back as the coil in my stomach released suddenly. The hand on my chest dug deeper into my flesh, drawing blood. The pain made my orgasm more intense as I came over my hand in waves of hot, milky fluid.

After a few heaving breaths, my spine relaxed and I opened my eyes. I looked down at my chest and winced. The water falling into the bloody scratches was starting to sting as my endorphins faded. I laughed slightly; I didn't miss any of the irony that I had a pain kink, and I wasn't ashamed of it either.

I let the last of the blood and cum rinse off me before shutting the water off and stepping out of the shower. I toweled off and pulled my clothes on, then sat out in the living room, splayed on the couch lazily.

As I waited for Al to come home, I read one of the Alchemy texts that were scattered around the room, on the tables, left lying crooked on whatever shelf had been nearest when the book was put aside. My eyes kept skipping over the same line, again and again, reading it but not absorbing a damned thing as my focus kept flitting back to Roy.

I tried to ignore the thoughts that scratched at the edges of my mind, leaving me with an insatiable itch in the form of longing and desire. A desire that couldn't be fulfilled yet; I still had to wait, just a little longer. But it would be worth it.

"Only two more months..." I said quietly to myself.

Then, I would finally be eighteen and could make my move.