Title: Seeing The Dark Of You, Chapter Ten
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 overall)
Type: Yaoi, A/U
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Elricest
Warnings: Teensy bit of violence, Elricest
Summary: With Ed's 18th birthday quickly approaching, his infatuation with Roy starts taking over more and more of his life. What will Ed do when that blessed day finally arrives?

A/N: Alright, guys. No pranks this time. I promise. XD This really is the end of the story. And... I already know which of you will be happy about the ending and which may not be so thrilled. I know I can't please anyone, but... this is really how it had to end. Thanks so much for all your support, everyone! This thing really was a pain to write sometimes! _ What started as something that was just meant to go on for...God, five chapters at most has ended up doubling in size! And it's definitely one of the fics I'm proudest of, too. I was able to find a bit of a style for myself in this, as well as improve a lot, too. But, enough of my moaning on. Let's get to what we call came here for, eh? ^_~


... but the look in Roy's eyes was just the same before. There was no hiding that sharp, arrogant glint. In the span of only a few breaths, I reached down, zipping my pants back up. Then I brought my hand up to Roy's face with a forceful slap, the sound echoing throughout the quiet room.

"Fuck you, bastard!" I spat as I stood up, feeling pride swell within my chest as I saw the stunned look on his face. It damned well served him right, after what he'd done. Or rather, not done. "I'm not falling for shit like that. I'm not one of those stupid women you toy with!"

Before Roy could get a word out, I was out his door, making my way back home.


I burst through the apartment door, gasping and panting. I'd run home from Roy's, and he didn't exactly live close. Shutting the door behind myself, I walked down the hallway, having to support my unsteady, tired frame with the wall as I went. I heard shuffling and a confused noise from the living room and turned the corner to see Alphonse just getting up off the couch.

"B-Brother... ?" he said cautiously. I didn't blame him one bit for using that tone with me. I was supposed to be at Roy's all night--maybe even overnight, for that matter--and here I was, back in under a couple of hours. And probably pretty disheveled looking, at that, from having run back. "Roy didn't hurt you, did he?" Alphonse asked quietly, his brows furrowing slightly.

My eyes widened for a moment at his question--yes, Roy had fucking hurt me...--but I quickly shook my head. Al took a step towards me, his mouth opened slightly as if he were searching for something to say. I cut him off, though, closing the small gap between us and quickly wrapping my arms around him before I lost my nerve.

I looked straight ahead, eyes focusing on some far-off point in the living room as I tried to tell myself that this was right. That it wasn't... wrong. And as soon as Alphonse finally lifted his arms, putting them around me once he was over his shock, every ounce of doubt melted away.

After a few silent moments, just holding each other, Al untangled himself from my grasp, his hands moving to cup my face gently. He licked his lips, hesitant, before leaning in and pressing them to mine. So soft, so loving, so... perfect.

I closed my eyes, feeling my pulse beat wildly through my veins. I'd never felt anything like that before with Roy. I'd wanted to feel it--God, had I ever wanted to--but it never happened because he didn't share the feelings. But everything about this right now was mutual, completely reciprocated by the other half, and it made a smile creep onto my lips. My hands went to tangle in Alphonse's hair, my head tilting into the kiss.

A shudder ran through me as Al's tongue poked out, gently tracing over my lips before I parted them, ready to feel him, taste him. We both let out a quiet, contented sigh his tongue slid into my mouth, slowly twining with mine. I felt dizzy at the contact. So sweet and soft, but passionate just the same.

"Alphonse..." I whispered against his lips, the light caress of my breath bringing forth a soft, pleasured noise from him. His eyes fluttered open, the striking bronze orbs full of nothing but love as he looked at me.

One last, quick kiss before he took my hand, giving a slight tug as he started off towards the bedroom. I swallowed thickly, but didn't resist at all, almost stumbling over my feet in my nervousness as I followed behind him. Just like some child, afraid of doing wrong as they learn about some great lesson in life.

I smiled slightly at that thought. Because I couldn't have a better teacher in all of this than Alphonse.


A/N: OMG, no sexings! Why? Because I didn't want to kill the mood. And I know I said this was the end, but there will be one or two bonus chapters coming out soon, guys. ^_~ One from Alphonse's POV and maybe one that's just some "What If" type smut for giggles. Thanks so much for reading, everyone!