Another Chance at Love

By Dark Moon

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Author's Note: This is a Yue/Sakura fic, if you don't like that pairing or the Li/Meilin pairing then I suggest you don't read this. Or read it and flame me so I can use the flames to heat up my freezing cold room. This Prologue is mostly Sakura writing in her digital diary so don't expect much action.

My name is Kinomoto Sakura and I am Mistress of the Sakura Cards. My guardians, Cerberus and Yue protect and help me when I need them. The Clow cards, who are now Sakura cards, also aid me if there is any trouble that threaten the peace of earth. My best friends; Tomoyo, Li, and Meilin also know about the cards and are there to lend a hand anytime I call on them.

I know, it's the perfect life. I'm a powerful sorceress at 18, I have great friends, and now that the Clow cards are converted and won't die there's no evil that could stand in my way and try to hurt me or my friends. I couldn't be any happier, but I haven't been happy for a while now.

You see, there was this guy that I had the biggest crush on, for weeks all I could think about was him. He was smart, funny, had a great smile and he was a real gentleman. We were friends in elementary school and as I got to know him better my wanting to be friends turned into something more. Most thought that Li and I would get together, but we remained good friends and he married Meilin, it was a beautiful wedding I got to be one of the brides maids. Hn, I'm straying from the subject.

Eriol Hirigawa, a young foreign exchange student from England. When he stepped into the room on his first day of class I couldn't help but stare at him. His dark blue hair, dazzling dark blue eyes, and his smile. It was like I was put under some spell and when he said my name even though we hadn't been introduced, I admit I was a little puzzled but my stomach fluttered and I had to fight a blush when he said my name. Eriol was sorta like Li so I thought that we would end up best friends, but his manners and personality was nothing like Li. He smiled and laughed, enjoyed playing video games at the arcade and even walked me home sometimes.

During this time of course another person was trying to destroy Japan or so we thought. This person, who was Eriol although I didn't know it at the time, was trying to make me convert the Clow cards into Sakura cards. I did my best and with the help of the others we had almost all of the cards finished. At the Tokyo Tower we saw Eriol in a sorcerer's robes, next to him a woman with large butterfly wings and a black panther who also had butterfly wings. He explained that unless I did something soon everyone in the world would sleep forever. Yue and Cerberus were busy fighting Spinel Sun (the panther) and Ruby Moon (the woman) to help me.

It wasn't until after all the cards were changed that I found out he was half of the reincarnation of Clow Reed. My father is the other half. I was a little hurt that he would deceive me and the others like that but he said it was for the cards, that if I hadn't changed them when I did all of them would have died. I would never have forgiven myself if they had.

He left after that. I heard that he's staying with Kaho, their engaged and Kaho wants me to be her maid of honor. But before he left I told him that I loved him, I laid my heart on the line and what did he say? That it was sweet that I loved him but that it could and would never be. He thought of me as a daughter, no more no less.

I was heartbroken, yes. It took much consoling from Tomoyo just for me to tell her what had happened. Looking back I find myself smiling at how young and naive I had been, it was the feelings Li felt towards Yukito in the beginning that I had felt for Eriol.

Now I find myself with another problem. I think I'm falling for my Guardian, Yue. But is it real love or just a mistress' love for her guardian? I don't know, but this feels different than what I felt for Eriol. With Yue I feel this pull from my heart every time I see him. Just seeing his silver violet eyes makes the day a little bit brighter for me and I forget all about Eriol and my heartache. I'm going to see where this leads, just because it failed with Eriol doesn't mean I'm not meant for love.

Whoops I gotta go teachers looking at me funny.


Sakura saved her writings and closed the window just as the teacher walked past. Giving a sigh of relief, Sakura looked next to her to see Tomoyo holding up a camera and giving her a thumbs up. With a sigh of resignation, Sakura sat straighter in her seat and paid attention in class. Unaware that her life was about to be changed forever.

To Be Continued...

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