Another Chance at Love

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Part 12

"Seth, can you hear me?"

Seth heard the voice calling out to him, felt a warm hand against his cheek, and when he opened unfocused violet eyes, worried grey met his.

"Are you alright? Do you need a doctor?" the voice asked.

He blinked his eyes a couple of times, the blurry face in front of him clearing to show that it was Riana. Sitting up, Seth tried to figure out how he had gotten on the ground.

'I was lying in bed sick, right?' Then where's my room? And who are all these people?' Seth thought.

"Riana? What happened? Am I well?" Seth asked his wife, who started crying.

"Don't you remember? While you were sick the Knight Mares took control of you and made you do some awful things. I had to....Seth, our son Yue isn't dead." Riana turned to where Yue sat cradling Sakura in his arms, tears streaming down his face.

Seth saw the young man and a flood of memories came to him, he turned guiltily to Riana.

"I am truly sorry for all the pain I have caused. I only hope that everyone can forgive me and that I can make amends for my evil actions." he closed his eyes and bowed his head.

"You were under the control of Storm. There is nothing to forgive," Riana said, laying her head on top of his and patting his hair, missing the brief flash of emotion in his eyes.


"Sakura, you have to wake up!" Yue shouted.

Seth and Riana turned to their son, whose grief and misery filled the room. Eriol tried to sense Sakura's magic but it was quickly fading away.

"There is nothing we can do. She is dying," Eriol said, wiping a hand over his eyes.

"She can't," Yue said, hugging Sakura's body closer. "I love her. She's the only reason why I came back from that darkness. If Sakura dies....then I want to die to."

"I don't think you'll have to do that," Seth said across the room, leaning on a smiling Riana.

"What do you mean. Is there a way to bring her back?" Kero asked.

"Only if Yue truly loves her and she him," Riana said.

"Then we'll do it. Whatever it takes to bring Sakura back." Yue got up, Sakura in his arms.
Blood had soaked through his robes, staining them a scarlet red.

"If your love is of the true kind, then the Ceremony of Eternity has to be taken. With this ceremony, the two who declare undying love for each other become connected mind, body, heart, and soul. Since she is almost at the brink of death she will need a lot of your life force than you hers," Seth explained.

"I don't care. As long as she lives."

"Then it begins. Riana, I'll need a bit of your help." Seth turned to her.

"Of course, my love," Riana said, kissing his cheek.

"Yue, son of Riana and Seth, born prince of Dreamworld, has chosen his soulmate and eternal
companion. Sakura, daughter of-"

"Aiden and Natasha," Eriol whispered.

"-Aiden and Natasha, star sorceress, has chosen her soulmate and eternal companion. These two have taken the vow of true love and swore loyalty, trust, and respect to one another. Let the bond of their love commence."

A light engulfed Yue and Sakura, making the others cover their eyes because it was so bright. Yue felt a warmth spread through him, the faint hint of cherry blossom under his nose. He also knew when Sakura had taken some of his life force because she moved and he suddenly felt weak. The light faded and although it wasn't as strong as before, Yue could still smell cherry blossoms in the air.

"As King of Dreamworld, I announce that Yue and Sakura are together in heart, mind, body, and soul. May they live in happiness and peace." It was a tense moment as everyone waited to see if Sakura awakened.

Sakura blinked her eyes open and saw watery silver-violet eyes above hers. She saw a small tear fall down a pale cheek, watching as it dropped from Yue's chin to her blood stained shirt.

"Yue," Sakura whispered, her eyes filling as well.

"Sakura," Yue choked out, hugging her.

"Sakura!" Kero said, rushing up to her and burying his head into her lap.

"I thought I'd never see you again, Kero. Eriol, Spinel Sun; are they okay?" she asked, patting Kero's head.

"We're fine Sakura. It's you who should be asked that," Eriol said, giving her a smile.

"My back hurts, a lot. I don't remember much after I kissed Yue," Sakura blushed.

"Storm stabbed you in the back then disappeared. I don't think we've see the last of him though," Riana said.

"Hello there. My name is Seth," Seth introduced himself, taking Sakura's hand and kissing it.

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Sakura."

"I think Sakura needs to be checked up then get some rest. It's been a long day. Eriol, Spinel Sun you are both welcome to stay as well," Riana said.

"Thank you very much Queen Riana," Eriol bowed.

"Dream Guardians come back to your homes. The reign of terror has passed and we have gotten our King back."

In a flurry of motion and colorful lights, hundreds of people appeared in the throne room, if you looked outside you would see men, women, and children walking about greeting friends and finding loved ones.

"Riana, Seth, I am pleased to see that everything went well. I hope I am told what has happened," Tania said, hugging her sister and brother-in-law.

"All in due time. First I want the doctors to look at the young lady. She has taken a severe stab wound and even though the Ceremony of Eternity was taken, it still needs to be tended." two men and women came up to Yue and tried to take Sakura from him but Yue resisted so much that they just led them both towards the castle bedrooms.

"Ceremony of Eternity?" the hall buzzed with gossip.

"Do not worry my people, everything will be explained at tomorrow nights celebration banquet.

For we all owe it up to these five brave warriors that our Kingdom has been revived." Seth announced.

Eriol, Spinel Sun, and Kero were surrounded by the people who wanted to shake their hand or paw; Yue and Sakura were already gone from the throne room.


Yue stayed by Sakura's side as the doctors cleaned and bandaged the small wound on her back. As they left, Yue sat down next to her and was about to take her hand when he saw the red print on her cheek. He touched it gently, a guilty look coming into his eyes.

"I did this," it was a statement not a question.

"No Storm's influence did this."

"But it was still my hand that made the print. I vowed to protect you and this is what happens. I should never be allowed near you."

Sakura took the hand that was gently tracing the mark and kissed it, looking into his eyes. "I'll just find a way to come near you. I don't blame you for this, please don't torture yourself over it."

"But I almost lost you back there," he whispered.

"I know, I was drifting in this warm light, I didn't know what had happened, but then I felt your presence. You were calling out to me, telling me not to go, I saw my mom and she told me that it was my choice whether to go or not. I knew that I had to come back, you're too important for me to leave behind," Sakura said, squeezing his hand gently.

"I'm glad you came back. But Storm is still out there, he may try to take over Dreamworld again or at least get revenge for ruining his plans."

"Then we'll deal with him together."


At the banquet, Eriol, Yue, Sakura, Spinel Sun, and Keroberus sat next to the King and Queen discussing Riana's version of how they had helped save Dreamworld.

"I think she's exaggerating a bit there. I did fight the Mares, but there weren't that many," Eriol chuckled.

"Storm and I fought, yes. But I wasn't wearing any armor and we only just got warmed up to the big fight. Riana acts like I had an army helping me," Sakura huffed.

"You weren't portrayed as an evil tyrant bent on destroying Dreamworld. If it wasn't for the fact that she's my mother..." Yue started.

"Oh come on, I think she told it well," Kero said, puffing out his chest.

"Said the great lion who ate half the Mares and roared flames from his mouth, saving the poor panther from death," Spinel Sun murmured.

"I liked the ending though. The brave heroine saved Dreamworld with true love's kiss. Almost dying in the arms of her love when Storm acted out in a rage. Yue, the lost prince of Dreamworld, performs the Ceremony of Eternity, bringing his love back form the dead," Sakura sighed, fluttering her eyes at Yue.

"That's my favorite part," Tania said, overhearing Sakura.

"I might have expanded on the truth a little," Riana said, blushing.

"You always 'expand' a little, dear. But you did well." Seth kissed his wife.

It wasn't until midnight that the guests retired to their rooms, Kero and Suppi raiding the kitchen for pudding with Eriol keeping a careful watch that they didn't eat too much. Sakura and Yue standing outside in the garden watching the moon, arms wrapped around the others waist. Seth and Riana watching them from above their room window, a small smile on each face.

"I'm glad he's finally happy," Riana said, leaning her head on Seth's shoulder.

"Yes, but I only have one question? Will Yue stay here in Dreamworld now that he knows who he is or will he go back to Earth with Sakura?" Seth asked.

"It's been a hectic couple of days, I haven't even thought about it. But the decision isn't ours to make, dear. Yue must choose on his own," Riana advised.

"I know, but I will not be King forever and the people are already thinking of Yue as the next ruler."

"You have many decades ahead of you Seth, so stop thinking like that. Besides, Yue and Sakura have fought so hard for so long. I don't think we should pressure him to make his decision when there's plenty of time. Come, it's late and we have much to do in the morning, you've been slacking in your Kingly duties for long enough." Riana pushed him towards the bed with a mischievous smile on her face.

"What did you expect woman, I was under a dark spell for over a hundred years. I couldn't just slap Storm on the wrist and tell him I have better things to be doing," Seth replied with a smile of his own.

Riana laughed as he pulled her to the bed, making up for lost time.

The End

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