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The Blue Diamond

Chapter 1: Cleaning Shop

by LoveInk

Leon was amazed when he knocked on Vince's door and found him vacuuming the living room. Vince's usually messy house was immaculate; the tile floor in the hallways didn't have the large boot prints Vince usually tracked through it. "Don't let Mia catch you doing that," Leon said nodding his head toward the vacuum. "She'll make you come over and do our place too."

Vince chuckled and shook his head. "What do you need, Lee?"

He shrugged as he threw himself on Vince's black leather couch. "No one's home and I was bored. Figured I'd see what you were up to. I have to admit, I would've never guessed vacuuming."

"Yeah, well, my baby sister is coming over to visit," Vince explained as he wound up the cord.

"You have a sister?"

"Yeah. She lives in Vegas." Vince didn't divulge any more information, and Leon didn't dare ask. It was an unspoken rule between the members of the team; if you didn't want to talk about your past, don't ask the others about theirs. "She has a few weeks off, so I told her to come visit me. I'm trying to convince her to move down here. I don't like the thought of her alone in Sin City."

Leon smirked. He had lived in Las Vegas for awhile before moving to LA with Jesse. It was a fun place but hot as hell in the summer and dirtier than LA. "It ain't that bad."

"Don't give me that shit, Lee. A single girl living alone in Vegas, that's trouble. Not to mention the fact she's a chorus girl for some show there. She hangs out with all those wannabe rock stars."

"A chorus girl, huh? Is that a code name for stripper?"

Vince glared at him. "My sister is not a stripper. She dances for some show."

"Like a stripper," Leon repeated.

The look on Vince's face made it clear to Leon the other man had never thought it through very thoroughly. "Would you get out of my house?"

He chuckled and stood from the couch. "Yeah. I'll see you and the stripper at the barbeque." Vince threw a pillow at him which he caught easily and tossed back on the couch.

"Shut the fuck up, asshole," Vince yelled just as Leon was closing the door.

Leon was washing his car when he saw the dark blue almost black Corvette pull into Vince's driveway. He watched as two empty silver high-heeled sandals were tossed to the ground and two tan bare feet slipped into them. Whoever was in the car, had been driving barefoot. The girl got out of the car, her long tan legs seemingly went on forever before they were covered by her Daisy Duke style cut offs. A purple beater clung tightly to her flat stomach and curvy chest. He watched as she pulled the elastic out of her dark hair and ran her fingers through the wavy strands. One corner of her full lips turned up in a sexy smirk as she looked at him. Or at least, he thought she was looking at him. He couldn't be sure since her eyes were covered with her classic Ray-ban wayfarers. She sauntered to Vince's door and slipped inside without bothering to knock. Leon let out a low whistle, Vince's sister was trouble.

Michaela entered the house slowly in the hope of surprising her brother. While she walked around her childhood home, her thoughts drifted back to the Greek God who had been shirtless in the Toretto's driveway. He had looked so familiar washing the car that was the same color as the old Studebaker she had in Vegas. Shaking her head, she decided that she was crazy. There was no way she could've known him; he was obviously one of the new guys Vince had mentioned. In any case, he was certainly someone she needed her brother to introduce her to, wherever her brother was.

Dropping her bags by the door, she started to wander around the house looking for her brother. She found him in the kitchen taking beers out of the fridge with his back to her. Typical Vince, she thought with a smirk. She approached him from behind and covered his eyes. "Guess who?"

"It couldn't be my little sister, could it?"

Giggling, she took her hands away. "You caught me."

He turned and grinned, pulling her into a big bear hug before taking a step back to take in what she was wearing. "Are those shorts or underwear?"

"Underwear. You know me, I love jean underwear," she said sarcastically.

Vince chuckled, rolling his eyes at his younger sister. "Did you drive the Vette over here? I told you not to. Poor car doesn't deserve to have so many miles on it."

"I bought the car to drive, Vince, so I drove it. If I knew you'd be such a pain in the ass about putting miles on it, I wouldn't have bought it in the first place."

"I'll have Jess take a look at it to make sure you didn't ruin it's engine," Vince said more to himself than to her.

Michaela's eyebrows perked up. Could this "Jesse" be the gorgeous man outside the Toretto house? "Jesse?"

"He's new here. We got two new guys, remember? You'll meet them at Dom's barbeque," he said checking his watch, "which we're going to be late for if you don't hurry your ass up and get dressed."

She looked down at her simple outfit and then back up at him. "I'm dressed."

"When I said dressed, I meant in something that doesn't make you look like a ho."

Placing a hand over her heart, she feigned being hurt by his comment. "Ouch, big bro. That hurts. I'm perfectly comfortable in this, thank you very much!"

"For my own sanity, can you please change?"

"Why? Do you think Dom's gonna hit on me or something?"

Vince shook his head. Dom knew better; Jesse and Leon didn't. "He's not the one I'm worried about."

"Oh right. The new guys. Fine. I'll change," she said with a pout as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

Grabbing her bag, Michaela skipped up the steps to her old room. She was glad to find her brother hadn't changed anything about it. The same boy band posters were hung on the walls and her old stereo was there with a thin coat of dust covering it. She pulled open her drawers and grabbed Vince's old football jersey which she had stolen so long ago. It was a little too big for her so she gathered it up in the back showing off a sliver of her stomach. She put on slightly longer but still short cut off skirt and slipped on a pair of flip-flops before heading back down the stairs. "Better?" she asked her brother as she twirled around.

Vince shrugged as he ran a hand through his hair. "At least those are longer than the underwear you were wearing before."

She smiled and pecked her brother's cheek. "I love you, bro."

"Yeah, yeah, let's go."

Michaela skipped up the driveway excited to see her childhood friends. The first person she saw was Dominic manning the grill. He smiled when he saw her and stretched out his arms, ready to wrap her in a hug. "That cannot be Mickey!"

She gave him a tight smile. She had been hoping her childhood nickname would be forgotten now that she was grown but it obviously hadn't. "Hey Baldy!" she said wrapping her arms around his massive frame.

"Well, look at you all grown up and breaking hearts," he said placing a kiss on her forehead. "You are almost as hot as Letty. Almost." This earned him a smack from his girlfriend.

Letty smiled at her old friend. She, Mickey, and Mia were all the same age and had grown up going to school with each other. "Where have you been, girl? I swear I haven't seen or heard from you in forever!" she exclaimed as she pulled her into a hug.

"I've been in Vegas! I'll tell you all about it later when you-know-who isn't around," she said with a wink.

"All right, crazy girl. Mia's up in the kitchen. She told me to send you up as soon as you got here. I don't know why she can't get her lazy ass down here."

Michaela nodded and made her way up the stairs. On her way into the kitchen, she ran into something hard. "Oh shit, I'm sor…" her voice trailed off as she met a set of familiar emerald green eyes. "Leon?" she whispered.

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