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Fang sat bolt upright on his bed and frowned. He didn't know what had woken him but he had felt a sudden need to get up. He frowned and ran a hand through his hair, it fell neatly into place and he frowned again, wondering why he felt the need to wake up.

As he tried to fall back asleep he heard a whimpering noise. He frowned and cocked his head, listening hard. The sound was coming from Max's room and it was definitely her voice. Fang's heart thumped uncomfortably.

Okay he would just peek into her room and see what was wrong and then he would come straight back. That way she wouldn't get angry at him for spying her because she would never know.

Fang slipped out of bed and walked silently to his door. He opened it without a noise and walked up to the next door and took a deep breath as he put his hand on the door knob. He turned it and pushed the door open a crack.

Max was definitely asleep. Her brown-blonde hair was tangled over her pillows with bits of it falling over her face. She didn't look peaceful though. She was frowning and clutching the sheets tightly. She whimpered again and Fang frowned. She must have been having a bad dream.

A sudden urge came over him and he slipped silent as a shadow into her room and shut the door. He went to her bed and sat on the edge of the mattress. He gently took her hand left hand off the sheets and held it in his. After a minute Max's face relaxed.

Fang sat there a little bit longer, watching Max's expression change in her sleep. He looked at her forearm where her scars were and his heart clenched from the pain. The memory of her on that beach, surround by her own blood… He shuddered and tried to suppress the memory. She had scared the hell out of him. He thought he was going to lose her and all because she became suddenly overwhelmed and didn't know how to deal with it.

Fang sighed and dropped Max's hand. She was relaxed so now he would leave before she woke up and became very mad at him.

As he went to stand up Max's hand closed on his again. Fang looked at her and she was frowning again.

"No," she murmured. His heart flipped. Was she awake? He peered at her face. No she was still asleep. He frowned and went to leave but her hand tightened on his. "Don't… go…" He frowned again.

Was she talking to him? He guessed so. It must have been her subconscious need to have someone there when she was having a bad dream.

Fang thought for a moment and then sat on the bed beside Max. He sunk down so that only his shoulders where leaning on her headboard and then he looked at her. She sighed in her sleep and moved closer to him. She let go of his hand and put her hand on his chest. She rested her head against him and then was motionless.

Fang was starting to get sleepy. He blinked a few times to clear his head but it didn't work. He was asleep in an instant.


I blinked slowly as sunlight streamed in through the windows. There was a moment of disorientation as I wondered why I felt so warm and comfortable. Then I realised that arms were around me, holding me close. I stiffened automatically, prepared to beat someone's ass when I realised whose arms they were.

I turned my head. Fang was lying right alongside me. He was on top of my covered but his arms were around my waist. He looked like he was asleep but I shifted to get a better look at him and his eyes opened. He frowned.

"Crap," he muttered. I raised an eyebrow and his arms left my waist.

"Crap what?" I asked curiously. "If you're talking about this," I waved my hand at him, "then explain, now." Fang rolled his eyes and sat up. I rolled over and raised myself onto my elbow so I could look at him properly.

"Last night I thought you were having a bad dream so I held your hand until you settled down and then when I went to leave you wouldn't let me," he explained. "So I sat here and you cuddled up to me and then I must have fallen asleep." I nodded, suddenly feeling the need to hit him.

"Now, what's stopping me from kicking your butt?" I questioned. He shrugged.

"Go ahead," he yawned. "Just let me get some more sleep." He sunk down onto my bed and I kicked him.

"Go to your own room," I snapped.

"But it was so comfortable here." He opened his eyes and grinned at me, lighting my room up. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm tired too so go to your own room." Fang rolled his eyes at me and stood up but he annoyed me by lifting the covers and slipping under them.

"No, I will never give up a chance to make you unhappy." Yeah that was the thing, he wasn't making me unhappy. He must have stopped my nightmares. That must have been why the second half of my sleep was so nice. His arms were around me, chasing away the bad dreams. I sighed and sunk down and stayed on my side, glaring at him.

"Oh don't be like that," Fang chided. "You're the one who wanted me here. You even told me not to go. I didn't know you spoke in your sleep."

"I don't," I protested. Fang shrugged and closed his eyes, a smug smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and then moved my legs and kicked him. He jumped and sat up.

"Fang! Max! Breakfast!" I heard Mum shout. She was an angel! Yes. Now he had to go.

Fang rolled his eyes and slipped out of my bed. I followed suit and waited until he left and changed into some normal clothes. Then I went out to join the family for breakfast.


That night, I jolted awake, breathing heavily and with a cold sweat beaded on my forehead. I wiped it away and shuddered. The dream had been so horrifying. I put my face in my hands and felt the tears running down my face.

I'd been having those dreams for ages. I didn't know what to do. In all of them everyone I cared about ended up being killed in front of my eyes. There was nothing I could do. I tried to run to help them but I couldn't move. It was as though I was suspended in one of those isolation tanks but with a TV screen so I could see my family dying.

I shuddered and muffled a sob.

I knew how I could get a peaceful sleep tonight. Time to swallow my pride.

I climbed out of bed and moving as quietly as I could I left my room and went to Fang's door. I don't know why I thought this would help. But it had last night… maybe tonight too.

I opened the door and went in and closed it. He jumped and sat up. His eyes adjusted and he saw it was me and frowned.

"Max?" he said quietly. He took in my terrified and tear-strained face and patted the bed beside him. I went and sat next to him and he frowned at me anxiously. "What's wrong?"

"I had another nightmare," I whispered. "Can… can I stay in here tonight? Last night you chased the dreams away… so…" Fang lifted the covers and sidled across. I crawled under them and lay on my side, resting my head on the pillows.

"What are these dreams about?" He sounded worried. I just shook my head.

"Can I tell you in the morning?" I asked. He nodded and rolled onto his back. I edged closer to him and rest my head on his shoulder. He looked at me, shock in his dark eyes, but he moved his arm and wrapped it around me. I turned my face into his shoulder and shuddered again.

"They must be very scary," Fang whispered. There was no trace of mocking in his tone, he sounded truly concerned. I nodded into his shirt and closed my eyes as more tears fell from them.

"Just hold me close and don't let go," I whispered. As soon as the words left my mouth I was shocked. I didn't actually say that, did I? Fang seemed surprised to but he obliged, his arm tightening its hold around my waist.

"I won't let anything happen to you," he whispered in my ear. His voice was soothing, like a lullaby and I started drifting to sleep in his arms, unbothered by any bad dreams.

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