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Lelouch of the Revolution

Ch. 1 Art Week

Prince Clovis was very enthusiastic when it came to the arts. He made it a personal mission to provide all Britannian students with the best artistic education possible, which is why he had come up with Art Week. He was on his way to a boarding school for Britannian youths within the Tokyo settlement to help promote the event to the staff. Even though it was a last minute decision to go his faithful adviser, General Bartley, had managed to arrange it. Clovis himself thought it was an excellent idea. Bartley on the other hand took a little convincing. In the end whether or not Clovis would shrink his responsibilities as Viceroy for the day came down to a coin toss. The blonde royal smirked, sometimes one had to get creative in order to get out of ones suffocating work environment from time to time; even if it meant that one had to rely on luck to accomplish it in the end. All work and no play makes one dreadfully dull as they say.

Contently humming a tune from his favorite opera Clovis sat back into his seat and relaxed as Bartley went over their schedule for the day. "I informed the school that it was the students you where interested in meeting first, so once we get there you'll be greeted and given a tour of the campus by the student council until classes are let out for the day. Afterward you'll meet and greet with the different clubs that have to do with the fine arts, and then you'll have tea with the schools art teachers. Does all of that sound alright your highness?" Bartley asked.

"Yes that schedule sounds just fine Bartley." Clovis drawled lazily.

"I'm afraid that since we only informed the school of our plans little over an hour ago that it won't be anything fancy your highness." Bartley said a little nervously.

"That's to be expected." Clovis sighed, "What is the name of this school by the way?"

"I believe it's called Ashford Academy my lord."

Clovis looked at his advisor with a raised brow, "Ashford Academy? As in the Ashford family?" he asked, Bartley's answer having piqued his interest. "Hmm, I had always wondered what became of them. So they run a school now?"

"It would seem that way sire." Bartley nodded.

Suddenly the prince sat up in his seat, careful not to rumple his immaculate clothing. "Is that the campus up the road there?"

"Ah, yes I do believe that is the entrance to the school campus your highness." Bartley said, as the limo pulled into the drive that lead to the entrance of the main building.

The first thing Clovis saw were three students dressed in their school uniforms and a middle aged gentleman, who he could only assume was either the principal or the dean lined up on the steps to greet him at the front entrance. He made a quick observation of the size of the school from behind the tinted window of his personal car. "For a school so large you figure they'd have a bigger student council." Clovis noted.

"Ah yes, about that. When I called I was informed that the student council President and Vice President had just left the campus to run some errands for a school event they have planned for next month. I was told that they would join us once they got back, and that they would be back very soon." Bartley said.

"Oh well it's the school and the student body I'm here to see. I figure we can do it without them for a time don't you agree Bartley?"

"That I do your highness."

"Now we shouldn't keep our gracious hosts for the day waiting should we?" Clovis laughed as he exited the limo. The middle-aged man, who turned out to be the Academy's dean, was the first to greet him. He was then introduced to a very nervous looking trio of students by the names of Shirley Fennett, Rivalz Cardemonde, and Nina Einstein. "It's a pleasure to meet you all, especially you two lovely ladies." Clovis said flashing them a smile and pouring on the charm that he was famous for. Naturally the girls blushed with the praise.

"Shall we begin the tour your highness?" Rivalz asked as politely as he could, not buying in to Clovis' pomp for one second.

Clovis flashed the boy one of his signature smiles, "Yes that would be lovely."

"Would you like to see the gardens first?" Shirley asked excitedly. "The horticultural club has done wonders with the old courtyards around here."

"I would love to see the gardens my dear." Clovis replied. He then gestured for her to lead the way.


"See Milly I told you taking the back way was faster." Lelouch said has he pulled up to the front of the clubhouse.

"Okay so you were right for once," Milly groaned tossing the helmet she had been wearing in the side car, "Whatever…Just remind me to thank Rivalz later for letting us borrow his motorcycle." She continued retrieving the box of decorations from the seat. "We're going to have to redo the budget again I'm afraid." she sighed. "Some of the supplies for the next festival were more expensive than I thought they were going to be."

"Oh they're going to love that." Lelouch said with more than a hint of sarcasm.

"I don't want to hear any complaints out of you!" the blonde scolded. "It's bad enough we're going to have to listen to Rivalz whine and moan about it."

"Yes madam President." he answered dutifully as they made their way to the clubhouse.


"What beautiful gardens your school has. And you say a student club did all of this?" Clovis asked.

"Yes the Horticultural club is very good at what they do." Shirley said. "So what would you like to see next your highness?"

"…" Clovis didn't answer.

"Your highness?" She asked once more when the three of them turned around and saw him looking off to the nearby clubhouse holding up his hands and looking thoughtfully through the box he had made with his fingers.

"Hmmm…the garden with the back of that building over there would make a nice landscape. Perhaps the school would allow me to comeback with my paints and canvas after today?"

"I'm sure the school would be more than happy to arrange something like that your highness." Nina piped up for the first time today.

"Wonderful! I'll have Bartley speak with someone to arrange something like that in the near future then."Clovis said still looking in the direction of the clubhouse. "What building is that anyway?"

"That's the clubhouse it's where we hold our student council meetings and most of the school functions. Would you like to see that next?" Rivalz offered.

The pompous prince nodded, "Yes I would actually, lead the way."


"You remembered to save all the receipts right?" Lelouch asked as he unlocked the front door and entered the clubhouse ballroom.

Milly rolled her eyes, "Of course I did, it'd be pretty hard to do the budget without them." she said following him into the building. "Hey, where is everybody?" she asked quickly noticing the emptiness of the clubhouse.

Lelouch brought his hand to his chin and thought for a moment, "Well, lets see…Sayoko is probably in the east wing cleaning and Nunnally usually has a class right about now. I can't tell you where the other three ran off to."

"It figures, right when we have to redo the whole budget those three are nowhere in sight!" Milly huffed, "Well come on Lulu, let's put this stuff in the student council room and organize it. I guess we can go look for them afterward."


The private tour made its way into the school clubhouse where a good majority of the schools dances, parties, and fundraisers took place.

"The main entrance of this building is the ball room. The west wing is where we do most of our student council work because it's equipped with a number of conference rooms; the school staff often has meetings there as well." Rivalz explained.

"What is the east wing used for?" Clovis asked curiously.

"The east wing is a private residence." Rivalz answered.

That wasn't something Clovis had expected to hear. "A private residence? Someone actually lives here?"

"Yes well, our vice-president lives here with his younger sister. She attends the junior division of the school. She's disabled so she can't do a lot of things for herself. It would be hard for him to take care of her if they lived in the dorms, so the principal lets them stay here as a favor." Shirley explained.

"That was kind of him to allow something like that. The poor girl, at least she has her brother to care for her." Clovis responded with sympathetic smile. His mind briefly drifted to not so happy memories of the past.

Shirley frowned at the far off look in the Prince's blue eyes. "Your highness? Are you alright?"

Clovis broke from his reminiscing. "Hmmm…? Oh! Yes, I was just recalling something from long ago."

"Oh, um…Well, feel free to look around you can get a great view of the gardens from the back windows over here, that might make a lovely painting as well." Nina awkwardly directed. Only to have the tour interrupted by a familiar male voice.

"Where on earth do you think they could have gone off to?"

They turned around and saw Lelouch and Milly coming into the ballroom from the west wing apparently looking for them.

"Oh great you're back!" Shirley said excitedly. "Prince Clovis is here to meet with the art clubs and the school art teachers to help promote his art week program we're giving him a tour right now."

All the blood instantly drained from Lelouch's face. "Shirley did…did…did you just say what I think you said?" he stuttered, "Clovis is…is here? Right…right now?"

Shirley heard Milly utter a small "Oh no." under her breath. She so was confused. Why would they be reacting this way? Lelouch couldn't be that nervous about meeting royalty could he?

"Um…Yeah he's right over there with Nina." she pointed to the back of the ballroom where Clovis stood looking out the window doing the same thing with his hands as he imagined the image of the flowers and the buildings made out of sandy colored bricks on a canvas as he had done earlier.

"You're right this would make a lovely painting as well." they heard him say in agreement to a conversation they had largely missed.

"Your highness." Shirley called. The prince and Nina turned around and started walking toward the small group. "I'd like to introduce you to a student council President and Vice President Milly Ashford and…"

"Lelouch?" Clovis said cutting Shirley off and stopping dead in his tracks. The raven-haired teen internally flinched; of course Clovis would immediately recognize him. "Lelouch? Is…is that you? You're alive?"


AN: And so fate had hinged on a simple coin toss.