The Heart's Doors

Kakashi and Naruto in Fifty Sentences

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Math – Naruto isn't good at math, but Kakashi loves to teach the blonde about how people multiply over and over again.

Science – Their love wasn't science; it was just what it was.

Letters – When Naruto was away on his training trip, Kakashi was the only one who received any letters from him.

Pictures – Naruto was in a camera phase and took tons of pictures of Kakashi.

Dogs – The dogs on the couch and in the bed were something Naruto had to get used to.

Plates – The first wedding gift Naruto and Kakashi received was a bunch of plates with pictures of flowers all over them.

Hercules – Naruto found out about the hero, Hercules, and won't stop calling Kakashi his Hercules.

Blue – Kakashi's favorite color is blue because of Naruto's eyes.

T-shirts – Kakashi finds Naruto's t-shirts annoying when he's home with his little fox.

Pants – Pants are another thing that bothered Kakashi.

Thong – Before they got together officially, Konohamaru dared Naruto to run around Konoha in nothing but a bright red thong; Kakashi was among the people getting nosebleeds that day.

Couch – Naruto bought Kakashi a new couch after he broke the other one performing special acts for Kakashi's birthday.

Football – Kakashi loves playing football with Naruto because that means Naruto is all over him for the ball.

Baseball – Naruto isn't good at baseball, but he hits homeruns whenever Kakashi is the catcher.

Dance – Kakashi was once rescued by an ANBU member with blonde hair that danced as he fought.

Games – There are certain games that Naruto loves to play but only with Kakashi.

Movies – Naruto, for Kakashi's birthday, takes the silver haired shinobi to see the second Icha Icha movie.

Books – Kakashi once found out about Naruto's love for books.

Sleep – When Kakashi sleeps without his mask, Naruto loves to call him an angel.

Love – Their love took the form of an unexpected baby with silver hair and blue eyes.

Rank – Kakashi pulled rank on Naruto only once, and it was to get Naruto on a date with him.

Glasses – Naruto used to be ashamed of the fact that he needed glasses until Kakashi told him that he looked sexy in them.

Questions – When their son asks them certain questions, Naruto feels like he wants to kill Kakashi.

Blush – Naruto found it cute when Kakashi blushed.

Ocean – Naruto's eyes remind Kakashi of an ocean because of how many emotions swam behind them.

Flowers – Kakashi's favorite flowers were white roses because they were so pure and he's held so many of them in his lifetime.

Time – Naruto knows Kakashi's sense of time is messed up, but he doesn't care anymore and always tell Kakashi to show up three hours earlier.

Stars – Their first kiss was only seen by the stares.

Sun – Naruto is Kakashi's sun, always bright and warm.

Moon – Kakashi is Naruto's moon, always there and comforting.

Bed – Naruto didn't expect their bed to break during one of their 'special' nights.

Day off – His day off was spent taking care of their son and being rewarded by a kiss.

Shoes – Naruto only ever had Kakashi put his shoes on him once, and that was because Naruto was leaving the hospital with a broken wrist and arm.

Pink – Naruto looks at Kakashi's favorite store and laughs every time.

Bows – Their first Christmas apart was strange, and Naruto came home, wearing a bow for Kakashi.

Presents – Naruto and Kakashi's favorite presents were the ones that they didn't buy but created.

Running – Naruto used to love running around the village and then taking a shower with his husband.

Fighting – That night, the whole neighborhood could hear them fighting, but Naruto and Kakashi stayed together because the fight had been about how to cut their son's hair.

Cats – Naruto and Kakashi were both dog people, so they didn't know what to say to their son who just brought home a box of little cats.

Fish – The Hatake family were known to eat fish a lot, but only the children would catch the fish personally.

Eyes – Kakashi hated looking into Naruto's eyes after bringing back Sasuke's dead body.

Lips – Naruto's lips are soft and taste like ramen; Kakashi's lips are warm and taste like fabric.

Hair – The first time Naruto woke up with Kakashi in his bed, he ran his fingers through the silvery hair.

Ears – Naruto's ears are sensitive to Kakashi's touch especially when Kakashi chooses to nibble on them.

Fingers – The things Kakashi did with his finger made Naruto crazy.

Poems – For Kakashi's birthday, Naruto attempted to write him a poem, and Kakashi found the failed poems the next morning.

Stories – Their son enjoys telling Tsunade stories about Naruto and Kakashi's games, and they were called in to be yelled at by the Hokage.

Cabinets – Naruto handmade the cabinets in the house, and when Kakashi broke one, he fixed it to make Naruto happy again.

Lamps – The lamps in the house annoy Naruto because whenever the blonde come home to a dark house, he couldn't find a single lamp.

Doors – Naruto keeps many doors of his heart closed off, but Kakashi slowly pulls them open and accept everything coming out of them.

Another shonen-ai fic. This is one of my favorite gay pairings actually.