Yes, this chapter is very short, but it is somewhat intended as an interlude. After this chapter, the REAL fun begins. Enjoy.

-Ms. H

He laid before her, dark in the moonlight, the planes and lines of his body making shadowed patterns where the muscles were tensed in well tempered excitement. She settled down onto him and listened to his grunt of passion as he entered her with only vague interest. His erection was enormous, and he filled her emptiness with the momentary pleasure of sex and pain.

Physically, she was in the moment. Her chest heaved with the exertion of their movements, sweat ran in rivulets between her breasts and off the tip of her nose onto the muscles of his abdomen as she ground her hips into his, pushing him in as far as he could go, repeatedly trying to reach into and fill the emptiness that formed a dense void in her heart, her mind, her soul. But they were elsewhere; her heart in the hands of a queen, her mind on a lost quest for a dream, and her soul… her soul seemed to have drifted off on a search for the other half of herself. One cannot fill a place where nothing exists. Though she tried. How hard she had tried. Unwillingly she felt herself slip back to that night a week ago when everything and nothing had changed in less than a heartbeat.

"Elphaba," Galinda panted against her neck, "Fuck me."

"Oh Oz, Shen…" Elphaba had muttered to herself. The desire which had been rampant in her eyes only seconds ago disappeared in the space between one blink of her long dark lashes and the next. She had removed her hand from between Galinda's legs and then, wrapping her long strong arms around Galinda's waist Elphaba had lifted her gently off the balcony railing and set her on her feet where she tried her best to appear normal and proper and not at all aroused. She had failed spectacularly.

By that time, ShenShen had made her way over to the corner of the balcony where she and Elphaba had been hidden from the rest of the party in the ballroom. At this point her ability to recall what had occurred between her green roommate and her ex best friend faded drastically. Amazingly, ShenShen had seemed to remain calm throughout whatever was said, but whether through some trick of magic brought on by the sheer force of her Elphaba's will or because of the blood still pounding in her ears from her slowly ebbing arousal, try as she might, Galinda could not remember any words being spoken until ShenShen gave Galinda a hard, dangerous look and then turned to walk away. Elphaba had turned to her then and stated tiredly, as if to herself though she had addressed Galinda directly; "The true power of magic, Glin, is not in the will or strength of the one controlling it, but rather in the desire and faith of those who wish for it to be true." Galinda had nodded though she had no idea what her green roommate meant.

Galinda had floated through the rest of the night without truly hearing or seeing anything other than her roommate. Elphaba, entering the ballroom with every shred of dignity her position required perfectly intact, as though nothing untoward had ever occurred. Elphaba, dancing with Fiyero one last time, their dance made no less perfect or graceful by the obvious fact that they were intent on some discussion which involved more glances in Galinda's direction than it did attention to the nuances of a traditional Glikkun samba. Elphaba, being asked to dance by a beautiful, damn it, GEORGOUS woman with medium length dirty blonde hair, and large grey eyes. Elphaba, smiling that crooked smile that made Galinda's heart flutter around like an epileptic butterfly at the beautiful blonde woman as they flowed around the dance floor as if made for each other. Elphaba, as her smile gradually faded to something more serious, and annoyance entered her large dark eyes. Elphaba, as she walked unhurriedly over to Galinda to inform her that she was going to have to leave for a while. Elphaba, as she reminded Galinda where the true power of magic laid, her tone somewhat sad. Elphaba, as she exited the ballroom, hand in hand with the beautiful woman who had so captivated her, even after their little tryst on the balcony. Elphaba, gone.

It had been a week since the ball in the Emerald City. It had been a week since Elphaba had left, with no word to anyone except the few she had whispered to Galinda about her magic before exiting the ballroom for the last time. It had been a week since the Wizard had issued a reward for any information as to his beloved daughter and heir's whereabouts. It had been a week since Galinda's heart had been torn out her chest by the green hands of the most powerful woman in the world. And it had been a week since Galinda realized that, in the entire world, there was only one person she would ever love. A princess, a queen, an empress… her roommate. And the emptiness left by her departure was slowly eating away everything that was left of Galinda Upland.