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Spice. Like the tongue-burning spicy sensation of salsa.

Salt. Like the salty tang of sweat. Like the salty taste of tortilla chips.

Crunch. The sound of chips breaking, crunching under his able teeth. The sound of leaves being crunched underfoot in the fall and winter. The best seasons for spice and salt.

Snack. What they were doing, so late in the afternoon.

"Can you stop staring? It's creepy," Kanda tapped his triangle-shaped chip on the table and gave the man across from him a displeased look. It took a lot of concentration to get exactly the right amount of salsa on his chip — too much would have his mouth burning, and too little would make it taste as good. It was a delicate balance.

Much like his precarious relationship with Tyki Mikk, the man sitting across from him at the rather large kitchen table.

Tyki was smiling; his mouth curved to fit the expression and eyes a tawny brown that was flecked with gold from the mid-afternoon sunlight. It was strange to see the other man doing something so utterly and irrevocably normal, but the long-haired man had to admit, the homemade salsa was good.

"I like to look at you," the brunette said finally, reaching for one of the tortilla chips and popping into his mouth with an audible crunch. He reached forward, toying with a lock of the younger man's hair before shifting interests to the hairband that kept it up in his usual, immaculate ponytail.

Kanda shook his head as the older man pulled the tie from his hair, letting him complete the action with a bemused look. "What are you doing?"

Instead of answering, the Portuguese man reached forward to take hold of the chip in his hands, dipping it in salsa and offering it to him with a smile. Much as he disliked being fed, the other's insistent expression told him all he needed to know — Kanda opened his mouth hesitantly, letting the other deposit the chip on the tip of his tongue.

"Eat the chip," Tyki half-smiled, pushing the chunk of tortilla into his mouth and then holding his chin gently. "I made them just for you."

The long-haired man closed his mouth, chewing and swallowing the morsel. His eyes watered slightly at the sheer amount of spice in the salsa, but before he could refill the empty cup of water in front of him, Tyki had leaned forward and captured his lips with his own, tongue pressing insistently against the bottom. Mouth still burning from the seasoning, Kanda parted his lips slowly, and the older man's tongue slid against his own, drawing along the roof of his mouth and teeth. Hands raked through his long hair, pulling and soothing at the same time. The spicy on the tip of his tongue was fading, replaced by something much more salty-sweet. One of Tyki's hands pulled him closer by the chin, letting them part for air for an odd moment with a slurpy kissing noise before allowing his tongue to slide teasingly against the slick, stationary muscle in his own mouth.

The taste of chips and salsa was in the other man's mouth as well as his own; Kanda found himself swallowing a mixture of their saliva as they parted, and the older man gave him a lazy grin.

"Chip?" Tyki offered with a lopsided grin.

"No thanks," Kanda gave him a pointed look before taking one from the bowl. "I can do it myself."

"You're as spicy as salsa, darling," the older man drawled.

"And you're as ugly."

"Ah, touché."

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