Start Up

Cuddy walked out of Houses office, she twirled around gave him a quick smile "In your dreams House, you can't always get what you want." she turned and walked away.

House yelled out "Oh, but you can try." laughing Cuddy kept on walking.

House stood in the hallway watching Cuddy move briskly down the hall. Her lushes hips moved from side to side, he bent his head trying to get a last glimpse as she turned the corner.

He gave a devilish smile, knowing he would get what he wanted, if not today. He knew he needed to prime her, tease her, until she was really ready for him. Cuddy wasn't any woman, she was House's main target, he'd known this from the day she'd walked into his life.

Could House give her what she wanted? He knew all to well Cuddy had it all, her body told him one thing, her words said another.

Chapter 1

Set into Motion

"Damn she's gone" Wilson walk by "Who the hell are you talking about?" as if he didn't know, he'd known for a long time House had pent up desire for Cuddy. "So what are you going to do? Don't tell me you don't know what the hell I am talking about. Cause you know damn well it involves a certain woman. You better not fuck with Cuddy, she'll fuck you right back!"

House laughed as if he'd got caught. "No, not my plan, I'm going to get her all warmed up, and in for the kill. Primed and ready is my only mission, I don't even want a case. You can handle my work load right?" glaring at Wilson " So need to get Cuddy" Looking at his friend " I need to concentrate and hard. Come on, just this once." he smirked, gave him a childish look as he walked into his office. Wilson followed House, mumbling something about "you better know what you are doing House, you could loss your job."

"Wilson you've known me how long? When it comes to Cuddy I got the woman wrapped around my finger, first I'll cat and mouse her and jump in for th.."

"House, you are so wrong, I got a bad, bad feeling." he walked out of his friends office not wanting to hear anymore.

House sat down started putting his plan into motion, turning on his computer he punched in her code word "Frisky Call Girl' he laughed, "Got to love her password."

House couldn't help but feel aroused.

Leaning back in his seat, he started looking over her work load, he plotted his first move. He sent her a message to meet him at a restaurant off the beaten path, had to be a small obscure place off away from their co-workers. Awe it couldn't be House, she'd never come, he'd call himself Professor Amour, the French doctor she'd had the hots for.

He laughed as he finished up and click send, once he was finished he waited for her response. She'd come he knew her weakness, but would she come primed and ready? He so wished for a lustful night of sex. Toying with Cuddy's body, her lushes breast, bodacious butt.

How could he get her back to his place for a romp in the hay, no he couldn't think this way. He had to prime Cuddy, let her sit and wait. Like you would a fine bottle of wine, you'd let breath.

Please be kind, it's my first Huddy fic, please be kind.