Okay before you all read this story there are a few things I need to tell you. First the Transformers reboot I used for this story is the new one called Transformers: Animated and it takes place in its future. Second since I do not know how the future of either tv series will go I will not make up a future for it, in fact this is evident in even the first chapter as how I never mentioned what happened in the fight against Megatron, the characters, how curtain friendships occured. Thired there will be no romance in the story or at the very least not to the exstent of The Familiar Of Zero it will instead be more friendship based. Fourth sorry Louise not in this chapter it's more for Grimlock.

In a very large room stood on the planet Cybertron a new chamber prototype, the Techno Modifier Chamber or TM Chamber as the two Autobots that were in there like to call it.

"It has taken several long years but I think we may have finally done it." Said the Autobot scientist wheeljack.

"About time with all the research we had to do." Said the old war veteran Ratchet.

"Yes after learning more about the nature of half-organic transformers from Elita One or Blackarachnia we may now be able to make others that were more or less of what she was." Replied Wheeljack.

"I'm still a bit surprised though that Grimlock would want to be a test subject." Said Ratchet.

"He even argued with the other Dinobots to go first." Said Wheeljack.

"Argued?" Said Ratchet a little angry. "Call it what you like but I'm pretty sure that it was more of a brawl after taking out all the dings and dents on Snarl."

"What about Swoop?" Asked Wheeljack curious about most sane out of all the dinobots.

"He wasn't stupid enough to fight them." Said Ratchet still unhappy about their friends the Dinobots fighting each other.

The TM Chamber then had a green glow escape from the small windows on the machine and the doors then opened. The doors then opened and two glowing green eyes were visible in the green fog leaking out of the door. The great Dinobot leader then stepped out. The two Autobots then quickly saw the changes in Grimlocks structure. The body was no longer as box shaped it was more curved, more like how the body of a real T-rex would look like, the silver/gray coloring he originally had also now had a green tint to it now and he now had ivory colored ribs around his chest. His head also went through a similar change but was still silver and his teeth were still larger then any T-rex. The upper armor plating of his legs now resembled that of a stretched out hexagon. Other then that he was pretty much the same.

Grimlock then stood in front of the two Autobots. "Grimlock done?"

"Yes Grimlock you are done." Answered Wheeeljack.

"But there are a few things you should know first." Said Ratchet.

"Like what?" Grimlock asked.

"Well Grimlock you now have a digestive system, urinary system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, endocrine system and reproductive system." Said the medic.

"What they do?" Asked Grimlock not knowing what they are.

"Well Grimlock the digestive system allows you to eat organic food, you will probably use it simply for your own enjoyment now having a sense of taste and it along with your circulatory system will allow you to heal any injuries you get after a curtain length of time and the urinary makes it so you can get rid of uh…organic waste." Answered Ratchet and then continued after Grimlock nodded for him to continue. "The lymphatic system protects you from getting sick and the last two we were unable to get rid because of the very nature of organic life so Wheeljack and I thought we should just leave it after all it could replace the need to build young protoforms."

"Okay but what Grimlock do now." Grimlock responded understanding.

Wheeljack and Ratchet then just look at Grimlock stupidly before Wheeljack spoke breaking the awkward silence. "Grimlock why did you and the rest of the Dinobots want to be Techno-organics."

"Nature good." Was all Grimlock said in response to the question before he impatiently asked his question again. "But what Grimlock do now?"

"I would suggest that you go back to Earth the humans could probably help you now understand your organic but before you go…" Began Ratchet before Grimlock ran out the room.

"Me Grimlock must go to Earth!" He said running.

"Grimlock get back here!" Yell the two Autobots still in the room but they were unheard by Grimlock.

"Oh, well he'll probably learn about those new modifications on his own." Said Ratchet.

Okay some of you are probably wondering why I made Grimlock a Techno-organic but there are reasons, I didn't just do it for the hell of it. The coloring of Grimlock Techno-organic was pretty much just to make him look more organic and I got the idea for the ribs he now has from Dinobot robot mode from the Beast Wars. Hope you all will enjoy this story and I'm willing to take any suggestions for it.