Author's Note:

Okay, final chapter and I mean it this time! The previous ending of the other chapter was just too… cliff hanger, you know? Enjoy this final chapter!

That night when Callie had ended up back in the car's world had been the best night of her life; she just hadn't known it yet. She wouldn't rather have ended up anywhere else than in that little town on Route 66, with her brother and all of the other residents in the town. After she told Lightning about the human world they told the whole town their story. What happened with their mother and their father, how they got separated and even a little bit of their past before all that happened. But the only thing the two siblings didn't tell the town was about the human world. That will be their little secret until the end of time and they had both agreed on it one hundred percent. The thought of the humans, especially Evan, still ran through the young Porsche's mind but it was better than forgetting the memories she had had there. She will never forget about him or the other universe, she was certain about that.

Staring up at the construction site before her made her both nervous and happy at the same time. It had been about two to three years since Callie McQueen had ended up in Radiator Springs and she was just beginning to start a new life in the small town by building her own little joint. It was going to be called 'The Dance Bowl' and it was just what this town needed. A little place to just hang out on a cool Friday night to just dance and talk. She had always been interested in hangouts like this, whether in the car's world or the human world.

"Excited?" a voice asked from behind her.

She turned around to come face to face with a grinning red racecar. "You can say that." She smiled in return before turning back to the mess that was soon to be a new building.

"You know, this was a good idea. It was just what this old dust bowl needed."

Callie scoffed. "You're right about that. I talked to Flo the other day and she said that she would help me run it for the time being."

"Hm, that's good. You could always use a little help in the start of things." He looked over to see her nodding in agreement.

"Hey, hey, hey you two!" They both turned around to see Mater standing behind them with his usual grin plastered on his rusty bumper.

"Hey, Mater, what's going on?" asked Lightning.

"Oh, not much, just doin' mah usual thang: drivin' around looking fer someone to tow."

"Yeah, sounds like fun. But don't they call you or something first?" Callie asked him.

"Oh, it's even better when you find 'em before they can even think 'bout callin'. It shows how good ya are at yur business." Mater winked at her, making her smile. "Speaking of business, this is sure one heck of a mess you done gots here Cal Gal."

She glanced back at the construction site behind them. "Yeah, but when it's done it'll be all spick-and-span! Real peachy keen like."

"Oh I believe dat. In fact, I remember when the Cozy Cone was just bein' set up. It wasn't as bad as this o' course but it was a pretty decent mess of itself but now look where it is!"

"Oh I agree. Lots of cars have been coming to stay there. It's been keeping Sally busy alright." Lightning looked down the street at her worriedly.

"Now Lightning, remember what she said about you bugging her about her staying up late."

"Oh, I know Callie. I just can't help it." Lightning sighed. They sat in the still silence except for the distant chatter of the other cars down the road.

Callie listened closely and heard them talking about The Dance Bowl. She listened harder and hoped to hear a good comment about it and sure enough, Sally's voice rang out to her.

"You know, I'm sort of glad Callie's opening up The Dance Bowl. It'll bring more attraction to families, especially teenagers."

"Oh, I agree. It was a pretty good idea," Flo chimed in.

Callie grinned at hearing this. Maybe the new establishment wasn't such a bad addition to the town after all.

"Hey Callie, I was wondering whether or not you wanted to go tractor tipping with me and Lightning tonight?"

She looked up at Mater who had been the one to take her away from her thoughts. "Oh I don't know Mater I have to take care of…" she trailed off after seeing the sad puppy dog look cross his expression as well as his eyes. Oh man, that got her every time! After all, it was kinda fun going to the field to mess with Frank. "Oh, alright! Just don't ditch me again like the first time." She gave them both a warning glance.

"Whoo, hoo! The Three Musketeers are back!" Mater then traveled on down the road with his tow cable swinging wildly behind him.

Callie laughed at his absurdity. She knew this much, as long as she was living in Radiator Springs, life will never be boring.