Today was my 7th birthday. I couldn't wait to open my gifts. I sat up in bed and got dressed. My mom called in from outside my door. "Are you awake yet, June?"

"Yeah I'm up." My mom opened the door and stepped in. "Happy birthday." I smiled. My mom stood behind me in the mirror. She grabbed something off the dresser and pulled my hair up. "Mom!" I quickly snatched it away from her. "I don't like my hair up."

My mother sighed. "My little girl is growing up to fast on me..." She walked out and said again. "Remember your first day of school is tomorrow." I growled, I hated school.

Last year was a drag and now with a new grade it was going to be worst. My friend moved away last year. I didn't have friends at school because I only wore purple dresses, and black boots. The kids and even the teachers thought I was strange.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen. "I made pancakes for you." Pancakes were my favorite thing for breakfast. I sat down at the counter with my mom. I began to eat as soon as they were set in front of me.

"So mom, when will dad be home?" My mom stopped eating. "Listen, honey, I've been needing to tell you."

I looked up. My mom sighed. "Your dad. Well he won't be back for awhile...we're uh, having time apart. I don't know when he'll be back." I dropped my fork and my mouth hung open. "Dad's gone?"

"Yes but he left you something up in your room." I couldn't believe this. How could they do this to me? "Listen I'm so sorry dear. I-"

"Stop! Just...stop..." I set my plate down and and slowly walked to the stairs.

When I got to my room I quickly turned and locked the door. I began scrambling around looking for the box my dad had left me. The closet, no. In the dresser, no. I looked everywhere for it.

After about twenty minutes I gave up. I flung myself on my bed. Clunk! My foot bagged on something. I jumped up and leaned under my bed. Smiling to myself I pulled a big black box from under my bed.

In between a purple ribbon a tiny tag read: To June, Love Dad

I pulled the ribbon off and lifted the lid. I gasped, inside was an oversized purple witch hat. It was the best thing I have ever gotten. In side the hat was a letter I took it and opened it carefully.

It read:

Dear June,

By the time you have read this your mother told you that I will be gone for sometime. I'm very sorry I left without telling you, I miss you much.

This hat I saw at a store and I thought since Halloween was coming up you might like it.

Very Sorry,


I took the hat, sat on my bed and hugged it tight. Now I was ready for school tomorrow.