"This is awesome!" I ran back to the front gate. "Wait where are you going?" Jack cried. "To show my friends!" He ran after me. "Wait no! No human's can stay in Halloweentown! Or else they-" Jack's voice faded off as I ran and jumped into a door in a tree.

I went straight to Barrel's diner. "You guys! You guys!" I burst though the doors. Shock had noodles hanging from her mouth and Barrel had creamy yellow cheese on his cheeks. "What?" Barrel and Shock asked wiping their mouthes on their sleeves. "You have to see this!" I grabbed Barrel's wrist and pulled him outside, Shock quickly followed behind.

"Where are we going?!" Barrel cried trying to keep his feet straight as I pulled harder and faster. "Just watch." Shock held her hat tight. I headed down the path and reached the trees. "I told you not to come here!" She screamed. I quickly opened the door. "What are you doing?!" She screamed louder.

I pushed Shock inside and she disappeared. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!" Barrel yelled and looked inside the tree. He stared at me in shock. I smiled and pushed him in. "Watch your fall!" I yelled and jumped in myself.