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Chapter 5

"Robin," Nami began, after several pecks and brushes of the lips. Both had lay in a single hammock, with Robin brushing Nami's hair. "Don't you find it strange for two women to be attracted to each other?"

"Not at all." Robin said in her usual calm fashion. "In fact, homosexuality dates back to the ancient Greeks. They not only made a powerful civilization, but founded pederasty, a love between a man and a boy."

"Hey!" Nami whined, raising her head. "Are you calling me a little girl?"

"Of course not," The archaeologist said, giving Nami another sensual kiss. "What they had, and what we have are two different things." As the two of them closed the gap between them, Nami realized how late it had gotten. By now, the other's must have frozen to death. The navigator pulled back, disappointed on she had to cut the fun short.

"Umm...We better make sure Luffy and the boys are alright."

"Agreed." Robin followed her new lover towards the exit of the cabin. However, when Nami opened said door, the rest of the crew members, the captain, the swordsman, the chef, the sniper and the doctor, fell out of the door, landing before them. Nami and Robin looked at each other, thinking the very same theory on their minds.

"I know what this looks like!" the captain said in a panic. "But we didn't spy on you and we didn't see the two of you kiss."

Zoro and Sanji screamed simultaneously. "Then why are you telling them!"

Nami cheeks turned a bright crimson, unsure how to respond to the situation. "Did all of you see what we were doing?"

Usopp shook his head, trying to prevent his usual hysteria. "No, no, no! We were catching mermaids by the port side, right Zoro?"

Zoro ignored the sniper and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, we saw everything."

The navigator seemed to notice a casual mood, seeing none of the crewmates actually caring. "And you're okay with everything?"

"Yeah," The captain said, lying on the floor. "Why wouldn't we be?"

Zoro yawned and put his arms on the back of his head. "Doesn't matter to me. As long as you two don't interrupt my training, I could care less."

Usopp beat his chest and made a man's declaration. "Back in my village, I was known as Usopp the tolerant, friend to all!"

Chopper grinned widely, as if nothing had changed. "I'm a reindeer. I'm a lot stranger than the two of you together."

Finally, the group turned to Sanji with his head bent down. Nami and Robin exchanged glances, seeing the cook not react to the situation. It was a very unsettling feeling as the navigator turned to the cook and addressed him.

"Sanji, I know that you're disappointed that I can't return your feelings, and even more so to discover I'm with the only other woman on this ship. But, I hope you can understand that the two of us mean the world to each other and-"

"Why would I be disappointed?" The chef said quietly. At first, Nami couldn't comprehend the question he asked the two of them. However, when he lifted his head and two fresh streaks of blood ran down from his nose, the answer was clear.

"My two favorite women have fallen in love with each other. It's like a dream come true!" The chef said, with heart shaped eyes. "What can I get the two of you? A glass of wine? Some fine roast? A soufflé for two?"

"Umm..." Nami chuckled, relieved to see her crew behind the two of them. However, there was something that needed to be handled at the moment, just between the two of them. "If you don't mind, Robin and I will go someplace private." The moment she gestured her head, Robin understood everything. With a farewell, they bid each of the male crew members a good night. The rest of the crewmates laughed and yawned, going towards their hammocks. With that, Luffy stroke up one last conversation into the night.

"Why did Nami and Robin think it was strange for us to find out they liked each other?" The captain said, putting his Strawhat in front of his heavy eyelids.

"I dunno." Usopp confessed. "I guess some people find that sort of thing strange."

"Absurd!" Sanji cried out with his eyes still love struck. "Why could anyone find two lovely women strange?"

"Hey," Chopper cried out. "If it's okay for two women to be together, do you think two men can-"

Before a the doctor could finish his question, Zoro and Sanji said simultaneously, "Don't even think about it!"

The two women giggled, returning to the navigator's cabin. They didn't face any persecution, or discrimination. Instead, they were free to love whomever they wished to. And the two of them had each other.

"Did you see Sanji's face?" The navigator gritted through her grin. "I thought he would pass out, seeing the two of us together!"

"I'm not surprised." Robin replied in her cool, collected manner. "Cook-san tends to dwell on the physical nature of things rather than the interior."

"Yeah," Nami replied, giving the archaeologist a quick kiss on the lips. The two caught themselves in a heated passion, pressing their lips together and rubbing each of their bodies together. The younger woman felt her lover's delicate fingers run down her back trailing lower and lower and lower. Her skin pricked, her hair stood on their ends even though her body temperature raised dramatically. Both of them gasped as they forced themselves off of each other. As their breaths became heavy with lust and desire, Nami batted her chocolate eyes, seeing Robin smile much more widely than normal.

"Are we going too fast, Nami-san?" The archaeologist held Nami's chin up with a light touch.

"Not nearly fast enough!" With four simple words, Nami ripped Robin's violet jacket off of her. The older woman did the same, pulling Nami's striped shirt over her head. She paused for a moment to see the navigator's large breasts, freeing them of the tight cloth. They were easily outsized two overgrown tangerines. They were even closer to melons. Seeing Robin's stunned face, the younger woman cupped her breasts with her tiny hands and pushed them up. "Like what you see?"

The archaeologist responded with a smile, crossing her arms into a perfect 'X'. Nami felt her body lifted and pinned to the wooden floor. She counted four perfect hands surrounding her: two hands near her breasts and two near Nami's...thighs. She bit her lower lip with anticipation, waiting for the eventual sensation to take over her.

"Do you realize my Hana Hana fruit powers allow me to feel every sensation they are feeling?"

Nami's breathing grew heavy. She bit her lip and crooked an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

And with that, she felt a finger run down her left thigh. She resisted the urge to shriek, only to feel another hand give a firm squeeze on her right breast. The hand began to massage the breast, feeling the thumb circle ever so gently on the hardened pink nipple. Nami sighed in pleasure as her thighs felt fingers run up and down and her breasts become massaged with two delicate arms. Nami felt her body would scream in pleasure when Robin bent down and kissed her. She wanted more. More fingers and more hands to grope her so gently, and to satisfy the building urge waiting in-between her thighs. For all she knew, she could've charted the whole world two times over and it still wouldn't match up to the pleasure she was feeling right now. However, the fun stopped when Robin dispersed all of her little helpers. When Nami raised her head up, she noticed Robin pulling off her skirt.

"Of course," The archaeologist said smoothly. "There are some things, I would rather handle personally." Nami bit her lip, knowing what would come next. When Robin's personal fingers went inside of her, Nami moaned with intense euphoria. Her mind was about to explode with pleasure and she couldn't take anymore. She bit her lip and asked for more. At a snail's pace, Robin let her index finger go back and forth, back and forth. However, Nami definitely noticed a gentle shift in pace. When the archaeologist began to ram her finger against Nami's swollen clit, she smiled at the face Nami made. Judging from Robin's reaction, Nami had a sort of cross between innocent and helpless. The face continued to remain that way as Robin added another finger, running it against her thin walls. When Robin added an astonishing third finger inside, Nami cried out to the heavens.

"Oh, Robin!" The navigator gritted her teeth, feeling every inch of her exposed body shake in pain as her juices flooded the floor beneath the two of them. Nami heard her loud panting from the pleasure she had just received. When her breath began to go back to normal, Robin smirked. The younger woman smiled, flipping her partner on the ground and lifting her shirt off her chest. Robin's breasts weren't as thick or plump as Nami's, but there was certainly enough there for her to grab on. The navigator did so, feeling the rock hard nipples of her lover. She ran her tongue over right nipple, and sucked on it as a newborn child would. She even had the nerve to give a gentle bite on it. When she pulled back, Nami noticed a tool beneath her hammock. Quickly, she stepped off of her lover and took a piece of her Climatact with her.

"Now, things will get fun." The navigator smirked, pulling off the archaeologist's pants. When she saw the pink flower open up to her, she quickly inserted the Climatact inside of Robin. Her lover moaned with pleasure as Nami went over and muted Robin with her lips. As her lover did to her, Nami started out slow, taking her pleasant time to see Robin writhe in pleasure. Love never felt so sweet before. When Nami quickened the Climatact's pace, Robin's pants grew higher and higher. When she was at her limit, the navigator pulled back, to see the archaeologist helpless before her. The navigator smirked and inserted her watering tongue to lick Robin's nectar.

Robin gasped in pleasure. Nami would've joined her if her mouth had not covered an entirety of Robin's inner flower. Inside, the navigator moaned at the taste of Robin, a mixture of honey and radishes. It was so bittersweet, Nami continued to lick for more to fill her mouth. Robin's clit throbbed with pleasure. In one quickening pace, Nami continued to lick until Robin reached her limit, and Nami had a quick squirt of the most potent juice she had ever tasted. Slowly, she retreated out of her lover and laid by her side, exhausted. Robin looked at her, unsure what to say.

"Nami-san, what if I were to leave you?" The archaeologist said, with softness in her eyes. "Surely, you would abandon me then."

The navigator shook her head. "Never. Because, I know you'll come back to me and these arms to comfort you."

"Nami-san." Robin said. "Thank you."

And with that, the two of them slept silently into the night.