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McKay arrived at the grounding station and sat down. It sure was a long walk, though he hadn't been as tired as usual, maybe Sheppard really was fitter then he was.

The door opened, making him jump and spin around.

Sheppard stood in the doorway, looking incredibly pissed and holding a stunner, not a good combination.

"Hey! Don't point a stunner at me!" complained McKay. "Come to think of it, why are you pointing a stunner at me?"

"Because I didn't think my 9mm was a good idea," Sheppard told him, then went on to explaining the real reason. "That machine still hasn't finished powering up and I've had it with Ancient technology, with Ancient writing and with being chased around the city! You're coming with me to the control room, you're going to turn on the cities communications and then you're going to announce to the whole expedition what mistakes you made!"

McKay frowned, then played just about the only card he had left. "But it hasn't been a day yet. You said you'd give me a day to fix this, so I still have time."

"I don't care what I said! We're been hunted down by our own people, in Atlantis, and you still want to protect you're bet with Zelenka?! Well I'm not going to put up with this for another second! You will come back to the control room!" Sheppard was not happy.

McKay looked stubborn. "No. No, I won't."

"McKay," said Sheppard as calmly as he could. "You are going to the control room and I will stun you and drag you there if I have to!"

"I'm not going," McKay informed him, backing off slightly. "And I can out run you so you can't make me come!"

Sheppard looked very annoyed "That's it. I'm stunning you."

Sheppard fired his stunner at McKay, who dived out the way and made a run for it. Sheppard swore and locked the door he'd come in through, while sending a stun blast straight across McKay's path to prevent him from escaping.


"Colonel Carter," called Chuck. "Colonel Sheppard has a radio and has left it on, we're picking up a conversation between him and Dr McKay."

Carter frowned. "McKay doesn't have a radio with him."

"I know," Chick told her. "You can hear him speaking in the background."

"Okay patch it through, but make in one way, I don't want them to hear us talking," Carter instructed.

"Yes ma'am," Chuck replied and patched it through.

"You can't run very far in hear McKay!" yelled what was definitely McKay's voice speaking in an American accent, he sounded in a bad mood.

Carter frowned and exchanged a glance with Chuck at the strangeness of the sentence.

"Just because you've locked us in the stupid ground station and taken the doors Ancient crystals, doesn't mean I'm going to go to the control room or let myself be stunned!" replied Sheppard.

Carter found herself getting confused.

"Why would he come to the control room?" she asked Chuck, who shrugged.

"I don't know."

"I am going to stun you and drag you to the control room, and I honestly don't care how long it takes!" McKay told Sheppard.

"If you stun me, I assure you, you will have cold showers for weeks! And on top of that- uh oh," Sheppard cut off as there was a sound in the background of a door being forced open and the familiar sound of Ronon's gun powering up.

Carter was thoroughly confused at McKay and Sheppard's conversation (it was strange even as far as aliens who are controlling someone went) but she breathed a sigh of relief that Ronon had arrived.

"Oh great!" exclaimed McKay. "Why doesn't everyone just screw up my day even more!"

Dr Tatum walked into the control room, looking amused.

"Dr Tatum!" called Carter. "I think you'll be pleased to know we think we've finally caught McKay and Sheppard."

Tatum snorted in amusement for some reason or other. "Really?"

"Yes, Ronon's caught up with them, we have their conversation on speaker."

"Drop the stunner," ordered Ronon.

Tatum smirked.

"Why do I bother?" grumbled McKay, there was a faint thud of the stunner hitting the floor. "Look, Ronon, you've been told to look for us and probably stun us and put us in jail cells, but I'd like to tell Carter what's going on, so if we could go to the control room instead, we'd come quietly…"

"Drop the knife and I'll think about it," Ronon said.

Carter watched Tatum raise her eyebrows and wondered why the scientist was entertained by the conversation.

"Knife? Oh, damn, I still have Teyla's knife, don't I?" realised McKay, there was another thud as he disarmed himself. "There, now I'm unarmed. Happy?"

"No," said Ronon. "Where's Sheppard?"

"He's hiding behind the controls for the grounding station," explained McKay, sound, if possible, more annoyed.

"I'm armed!" yelled Sheppard.

"Shoot me then!" taunted McKay. "Go on! Come out and shoot me!"

Carter was alarmed, then she frowned as Tatum sniggered.

"What?" she asked.

Tatum shook his head. "Forget it, private joke."

"Very funny!" snapped Sheppard in answer to McKay's kind offer.

"Guy pretending to be Sheppard, come out from behind the control console," ordered Ronon.

"You seriously might want to think about coming out," growled McKay. "Or you might find yourself off-duty for the rest of the month!"

Carter blinked. "Huh?"

"But it's only the second day of the month!" objected Sheppard.

"That's my point," McKay replied.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming out. Here's my gun." There was a clatter of a gun been thrown across the floor.

"What the…?" questioned Ronon, practically echoing Carter's thoughts.

Tatum was smiling again.

"Carter," said Ronon, unaware she'd heard the whole conversation. "I've got both McKay and Sheppard and they're coming quietly to the control room."

"Understood Ronon. We have a security team waiting." Carter herself was waiting for a good explanation to what was going on.


"I am not announcing to the whole city what's going on," McKay hissed to Sheppard as they neared the control room. "Maybe Carter, so we don't end up in jail cells, but not to the whole city."

"You will or I'll go ahead with that threat of keeping you off duty for a month, oh and no scientific projects either," Sheppard added.

"You can't do that if I don't tell them," McKay informed him. "Because they'll think you're an alien."

"If it comes to that, I'll explain to Carter myself and Tatum will back me up. He knows what the machine does and he figured out the rest."

"What?" protested McKay. "That's not fair! You cheated."

"That was not my idea of coming quietly," grunted Ronon as they entered the control room where they were met by Marines with P90's."

Ronon led Sheppard and McKay to Carter.

"I'd like a detailed explanation of what's going on," Carter told McKay and Sheppard. "And I'd like to know who you are."

"Could you turn the city-wide communications on," requested Sheppard, smiling to himself.

"Why?" asked Carter.

"McKay, would like to tell the entire expedition what's going on," Sheppard replied.

"I…" complained McKay, then saw Sheppard's expression. "Fine."

Carter frowned. "'McKay'?"

"Yes, that's right," Sheppard confirmed.

Carter nodded slowly. "Alright." She turned it on. "Go ahead."

McKay sighed. "Fine. Attention expedition memebers…"

"Particularly Zelenka," added Sheppard.

"Don't push it," grumbled McKay then continued. "As you know by now, I am not Colonel Sheppard. Neither am I some alien that has magically invaded the city without anyone noticing. I am Doctor Rodney McKay. My mind is in Colonel Sheppard's body and visa versa. This happened after some testing on a machine went wrong…"

"He means he made a mistake," put in Sheppard.

"Yes, whatever," snapped McKay, "Anyway, we decided not to tell anyone for unimportant reasons…"

"He had a bet with Zelenka that he'd figure out how to use the machine without problems," interrupted Sheppard.

"Okay! They get it!" McKay grumbled. "As it happens we may well be stuck like this for a bit longer while the machine recharges itself. So bear with us and know that I wouldn't have taken up your time with this pointless speech if I wasn't at gun point."

Carter turned off communications, her eyebrows raised.

"I'm not sure if I can believe that just yet," she told them.

"They're telling the truth," Tatum broke in. "I recently found out what the machine in question does and they're definitely telling the truth."

Carter stared at him for a moment then decided to dismiss that fact that he hadn't told her either. "Okay then. You two go and wait in the lab this machine's in, I'll come with you and I'm sure Zelenka will already be there waiting to help you power up the machine."

McKay let out a long groan, the next few hours were going to be very long.

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