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"Huh?" Talking

'Huh' Thinking

"Huh?" Ghost talking to Human

"Huh?" Higher Being Talking

'Huh?' Higher Being Thinking

Chapter 5 – Ghost Town

Scene: Hokage Tower, 9:00 Pm

Jiraiya was on the balcony, leaning on the cold railing, smoking his pipe under the moonlight, the embers from his pipe dimly lighting his face. His mind going a mile a minute, thinking about Tsunade. As he was deep in thought, he didn't notice Shizune walk behind him.

"Tsunade-Sama finally ate something and fell asleep a few minutes ago" Shizune said, massaging her forehead, exhaustion apparent in her voice.

"Good" Jiraiya said, still leaning on the railing, not moving " She has been taking Naruto's death really hard, I'm worried" Jiraiya said before taking a deep inhale of his pipe.

"Naruto was like her son" Shizune said tearfully, her gaze turning to the ground "She loved him as much as a mother would, how would you expect her to react?" Shizune said, now staring fiercely at Jiraiya's back, irritation written on her face.

Jiraya sighed, ever since that encounter Tsunade had with Naruto's ghost, Tsunade has been locked up in her room until today apparently trying to bring him back. It is a dangerous line shes walking, a crime against nature. Jiraiya was the only one who knew that she saw the ghost of Naruto due to serious implications of telling anybody the Tsunade saw the ghost of Naruto.

"Didn't you see what kind of books and scrolls that were in there?" Jiraiya said, turning around, his face shadowed from the light "Those were theories of reanimation, soul fetching, and ideas of tearing holes to the afterlife" Jiraiya continued, trying to show the seriousness of the situation.

Shizune's face began to show disbelief. "She knows those practices are forbidden" Shizune said sternly, but her eyes showing the opposite.

"I'm not saying she doesn't know that, I'm saying she simply does not care" Jiraiya said stoically, letting it sink in.

For a moment there was no sound except for the ominous sound of the wind. Shizune was at a loss for words. What if...

'What if Tsunade-Sama really trying to bring back Naruto-kun?' Shizune thought nervously, her face showing her uneasiness.

"What she is trying to accomplish will lead to dangerous grounds" Jiraiya said, focused on Shizune "We cannot let her continue with her obsession, for her safety and those around her"

Shizune said nothing for a moment before nodding, realization hitting her that if she doesn't stop Tsunade, she may do something drastic. Jiraiya closed his eyes, taking another inhale of his pipe before exhaling the acrid smoke. For awhile there was silence between the two, both reflecting of what has happened.

"What do we do?" Shizune whispered, breaking the silence

Jiraiya sighed it seemed for the hundredth time tonight. "Keep her in your sight at all times for now until we know she's healing, but most of all. Keep her away from those books" Jiraiya emphasizing the last part.

Shizune nodded once again before turning around intending to watch over Tsunade, but before she could take one step, Jiraiya asked a serious question

"Shizune" He began, "How are you taking Naruto's passing?" Jiraiya questioned with concern in his voice

Shizune stopped cold. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, her hands clenching tight. Memories of the Hyperactive Ninja playing in her head.

"Ohayo, Nee-chan!"

"Ano..I swear it wasn't me Nee-chan"

"When pig fly eh? Tonton, come here!"

"I...I feel as if someone ripped out a piece of my heart" Shizune said shakly, tears threatning to fall. "Your a idiot for even asking that question." Shizune icily replied before began walking again, but not to Tsunade's room, but to hers. To release the sorrow in her heart.

Jiraiya stared at Shizune's back until she vanished behind her door. He then turned to the railing and looked up to the stars.

"Naruto...I hope you found peace, because all of us here lost it when you left" Jiraya spoke, the moonlight now illuminating the tears in his eyes.

1 Week Later...

Scene: Hyuuga Manor Gates, 4:30Am

In the early morning, no one is expecting anyone else to be training. It is the time for ninja to get ready for work, shops getting ready to open, and shinobi coming back from missions. It's peaceful, no hustle and bustle of the townspeople and shouting from merchants to buy their wares.

"Good morning Tenchi-san" Greeted a random ninja, on his way to breakfast.

"Tch, What's so good about it?, hmm Yoshiro-san?" Tenchi grumbled from his guard post. He was intrusted to protect the Hyuuga family at all costs. Since the attack from Sand and Sound, all the families had upgraded security in case of another attack.

"Don't be a downer" Yoshiro said "It's not my fault that it's your turn for the night shift" He said with a grin.

"Shut up! I've been here since 12 doing nothing except counting the minutes until I'm done!" Tenchi yelled, raising his fist in a threatening manner.

"Hey, hey, calm down" Yoshiro said, his hands in a complacent pose. "How about I get you breakfast?, It's on me, and I'll chill here with you until six" Yoshiro said, feeling sorry for his friend.

At that moment his stomach growled. 'Breakfast does sound really good right now' Tenchi thought, his stomach growling even louder.

"Fine, But I'll pay so I don't owe you any-" Tenchi was cut off from a sound of explosion from the Hyuuga estate.

"What the hell was that?" Yoshiro asked getting ready in case of another attack. Tenchi just sighed in response.

"It's just Hinata-sama" Assuring his fellow ninja "She has been training in the early morning till noon"

"Man, I didn't know she trained this early" Yoshiro said in relief, sheathing his sword.

"She started just a month ago" Tenchi said while glancing toward the estate.

"Jeez, with that explosion, I wonder what shes doing?" Yoshiro said with curiosity in his voice, staring into the estate, hoping to see something.

Scene: Hyuuga Estate, 7:00 Am

It was a battle ground, broken dummies, craters, kunai and senbon needles littering the floor and trees. In the middle of the destruction, stood Hinata, breathing heavily from the strenuous training, her trademark hoodie was ripped and ragged.

'I'm so tired, maybe I should cut today short' Hinata thought while breathing heavily. 'No! Naruto-kun would keep going and I will do the same' Hinata steeled herself and got into her stance.

With that she threw herself back into training with renewed vigor. Tearing through training dummies with ferocity unlike the princesses.

'I won't let you down Naruto-kun!' Hinata exclaimed in her head, cutting another dummy in half

After the death of Naruto, Hinata flew into a deep depression, not eating and refusing to leave her room. No one could coerce her to leave the room, not even her own cousin could reach her. Kiba and Shino tried as well, but both failed. It seemed as if she would stuck in depression until she had a epiphany.


The room was dark, even though it was noon. The only sound was sound sniffling coming from the bed. Hinata was under sheets, crying for days now. Tear stained pillows and used tissues was her only company.

'Why Naruto-kun?' Hinata thought, weeping into her pillow 'Why did you have to go?' To a girl who was fragile and delicate as a flower, the death of Naruto, a fellow ninja and someone who was believed in her when no one did, was extremely hard to take.

'If I was only stronger, I could have helped on the mission, I could have saved him' With that thought, she bawled even harder in to the pillow. To her, she killed him because she wasn't strong enough to be there on the mission.

"Stand up for your self, This is hard to watch." She remembered Naruto's words during the Chunnin Exams. That calmed her down somewhat.

"Naruto-kun" Hinata whispered longingly, the memory of his words giving her so much strength. When she resigned herself to defeat before the match even started, he gave her the will to win and not give up. Though she lost in the end, she felt proud of herself that she fought hard and never gave up.

"What N-Naruto-kun do?" She whispered to herself, Would he just give up all hope and accept defeat?

"N-No he wouldn't" She spoke, her voice had a spark of confidence. Or would he get back up on fight on?

"Yes" She said, her voice gaining more confidence in her voice. He would train to get more stronger so he would be able to protect his precious. She sat up in bed, looking at her picture of Naruto.

"I won't let you down Naruto-kun, I will protect my precious people and will never give up" Hinata said with conviction before getting up and grabbing her hoodie. Her destination, the training ground.

End Flashback

"Argh" Hinata grunted as she fell. It was finally noon, she had been training for 8 hours and she looked tired beyond belief.

"I'm done" Hinata said between pants, accomplishment in her voice. She laid there for a few more minutes before getting up, aiming to shower before heading out to meet the team. As she passed the inquiring eyes of her clan, she began thinking of new ways to improve. Deep in thoughts she didn't notice her father until it was too late.

"Ugh" The Head of the Hyuuga clan grunted. "Be aware of you surroundings daughter" He gruffly said before walking away.

"Sorry" Hinata said softly as her father walked off. Even with all that training, her father still didn't respect her. It seemed like he would all ways view her as weak. Hinata sighed softly before going to her room to shower.

After the shower, Hinata dressed up and headed out to meet the team at Hokage's office. It was odd, as Shizune was giving out missions instead of Tsunade-sama. She didn't know how that worked, but she didn't question it as Tsunade-sama was probably taking the death the hardest.

'I wonder how Gaara-sama is taking it' Hinata thought while walking down a alley. Since the Sand found out their kage was murdered by Sound, they broke ties immediately, but thats all they did. With Gaara as kage, they refused to ally with Konoha because of the death of Naruto. That made the fight against Sound more dangerous as Sand could turn on them once again.

Even the Land of Waves was affected. Naruto was shinning example of heroism and courage and thanks to him, the bridge brought much trade. But with stories of how the villagers willing let him die to bring back a traitor severely affected trade between Fire and Waves and strained their relationship. The Land of Waves could break ties and ally with another village.

Hinata was so engrossed in her thoughts that she completely passed Hokage Tower and ended up at the hospital. Hinata sighed again before turning in the right direction.

'So many people were connected to Naruto-kun' Hinata thought, a light breeze ruffling her hair. She smiled as she thought about him

'Thats Naruto-kun, he attracts everyo-'

"don't you ignore me" Whispered a voice upon the wind

Hinata stopped cold. Her heart began to race. That voice sounded familiar. It sounded like... Naruto.

'No. This could be a trick' Hinata thought, though her heart wanted it be true. Just to make sure this wasn't a cruel trick she activated her Byakugan and turned. She faced the source of the voice and immediately froze.

'I-it c-can't be real' Hinata thought, but her feelings told her otherwise. In front of her was translucent form of Naruto, it was hard to see, but she had no doubt in her mind that was Naruto. He looked as surprised as her.

"N-Naruto-kun? Is this real" Hinata whispered, fearing the loudest noise could break this moment. It look like he was saying something but it was too soft and distorted to understand. As she was going to ask what he said, he raised his hand, looking like he was reaching for her.

'I-Is he going to..' Hinata couldn't finish the thought as she watched his hand come closer and closer. The anticipation was ended when he touched her chest. Her body was hit with a iciness she never felt before. The combination of Naruto touching her, especially in that area and the sub-zero cold that it produced caused her to faint.

'N-Naruto-Kun' Was her last thought before she was thrust into darkness.

Scene: Unknown, Time:?

An empty town, nothing but grayed out buildings and wind playing its tune on the scenery. Not a thing in that town except for one.

"Where am I" Uzumaki Naruto questioned, his eyes awake and looking for answers. His trademark jumpsuit in prime condition.

"Heeeeeellllllooooooooowwwww" Naruto yelled, hoping anyone would respond. He listened for anything, but to no avail. It been like this for days, or it seemed like it as it never got dark or sunny.

"Man, Where is everybody?" Naruto asked the nothingness before kicking the ground, kicking up dust.

'Actually, who is everybody?' Naruto thought to himself as he began walking down a empty street, his arms behind his head.

'Hmm, I remember...Pink!' Naruto exclaimed in his head 'But what does that have to do with anything?' Now trying to make a connection.

'Let's see...What else do I remember?' Naruto asked himself, his hand rubbing his chin. 'Toads?...annnnd...White?'

Naruto stopped...'Wait...I think I got it' his face serious, the cogs in his head turning.

He stood in place for 10 minutes before a picture of the Toad with pink hair and white eyes popped into his brain and for some reason the toad was wearing green spandex jumpsuit. That alone caused Naruto to burst out laughing.

"Oh man" Naruto said, wiping the tears from his eyes "That's too crazy" Naruto finished and began to walk again in a direction that he felt that he walked already.

"Man, I feel like I'm going in circles" Naruto said, yet he didn't feel tired or sleepy despite walking for hours. The places and buildings blended together, gray and white, like they had no real meaning. Nothing called out to him, it just looked like one big wall.

"I wonder what those things meant" Naruto said, staring at the gray sky with his hands behind his head. This was place was weird, it seemed like nothing moved, except the wind. The clouds look painted on the sky.

'It's weird, I mean I know who I am, but I don't know how I got here, what happened, or the people I met' He thought, 'The people have no faces and just wear gray jumpsuits'

Walking through a alley, he saw a mountain with heads, but with no faces. Though looking at them sparked a smile, but with no idea why. A few minutes later he continued on with no destination in mind, just allowing his feet to lead him.

'Hmm, I remember a person giving me something' Naruto thought, trying to remember anything, 'A piece of cloth...with something drawn on it?'

Naruto sighed "I've been trying to remember anything, but it's the same thing" Naruto complained, irritation apparent. "Grayed out person, something that looks funky, and more grayed out people!" Naruto shouted to no one, crossing his arms, he wanted to remember, it felt important to remember.

Walking in no direction began to pass a building that had a + sign on it "I wonder what that is for?" Naruto wondered out loud. As he got closer he saw a faint outline of something in front of him.

"Huh? What is that" Naruto whispered to himself. As he walked closer it began to shape into a person walking opposite of him, a grayed person, but a person none the less.

'Someone! Finally!' Naruto excited that he found somebody. "HEY! OVER HERE!" Naruto exclaimed, but the person kept walking away from him

"HEY!" Naruto shouted before running after the person, confused of why the person didn't acknowledge him. He ran until he was right behind the person "I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU! DON'T YOU IGNORE ME!" He shouted, not even a foot away. To his relief the person stopped.

"I'm sorry I had to yell" Naruto apologized "But do you know where I am?" The figure turned to him, but what he saw surprised him.

White Eyes. Girl's Eyes.

Until this point, he only saw blank faces with no features, in his memories, but for some reason he could see eyes. Her eyes. He could even see her emotions that played in her eyes.

Fear. Confusion. With a tinge of hope.

They stood there staring at each other for it seemed like forever before Naruto broke the standoff.

"H-hey? A-are you...?" Naruto asked with his emotions going haywire. He reached out to touch her, to see if this was a hallucination of not seeing anybody for who knows how long. Just as he made contact with her, his hand went straight threw her. Her eyes widened before she faded away. Just like smoke. His hand stayed there for a minute before coming back down. His mind a jumble of thoughts.

'What was that?...Who was that?' Naruto thought. His body shaking. He needed to know who that was, but most of all he needed to see her again.

Unbeknownst to him a figure flickered into existence behind him before vanishing a second later.


End Chapter


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2: Naruto is stuck in my version of Limbo. The person starts off with no memory of who they are, but as the continue to interact with things or people (Hinata in this chapter and the door to the Hokage's office in the last chapter) he begins to see into the living world. He does not know that he is dead yet, when he does acknowledge that he is dead, he will be able see how he died and the ghosts of people.

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