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Here's a little fic I thought of when I was watching Time is on my Side for the hundredth time. I will warn you now, it's pretty gruesome, even for me. If you don't like that, maybe you should check out one of my tamer fics.


Chapter One

When Sam regains consciousness, he finds himself strapped to a hard, probably wooden table. He can't move his arms, his legs, his head, and much to his concern he can't even blink.

Before he can even try to escape, Sam feels a hand on his arm, and then he hears Doc Benton's more than a little creepy voice, telling him. "You can relax, it's all going to be okay. Ain't nothing going to happen that you've got to worry about Sammy. Your chances of coming out of this procedure alive are very, very high."

Strangely that doesn't comfort Sam as he questions, trying to sound calm, when he is really scared out of his mind. "How do you know my name?"

As he is holding a tool over an extremely hot flame, Doc Benton avoids his question as he says. "Oh I know, you think I'm some kind of monster, don't you?" He then moves closer to Sam, and yells at him. "I tell you, I have never done anything I didn't have to do." And then back to his usual calm, creepy voice. "This whole eternal life thing is very high maintenance. If something goes bad, like my eyes here, you've got to replace them."

It is at this moment, as Doc Benton runs his grotesque hand along Sam's forehead, that Sam realises what he has in mind for him. And he quickly increases his futile efforts to escape as his panic rises.

All the while, Doc Benton keeps up his stream of one sided conversation. "...like when your father cut out my heart, now that was very inconvenient."

Sam breathes a momentary sigh of relief as Doc Benton steps away from him.

"...can understand all the joy I felt when I read all about myself here in his journal. Gotta make this whole thing just feel like some kind of family reunion, don't it?" All too soon, he is back at Sam's side, the medieval, vicious looking tool in hand. "Well I guess it's about time that we get this thing started."

Sam tries to brace himself for the pain he knows is about to come as he sees Doc Benton standing over him, and then feels the metal being inserted into his right eye socket, but no amount of bracing can prepare him for to sudden excruciating pain, and instant loss of vision.

Sam can hear screaming, but he is too consumed by pain to process that he is the one screaming.

As Sam begins to focus again, he becomes aware that there is something running down from his eye socket. Blood. He thinks with disgust and horror.

Meanwhile, outside. Dean brings the impala to a screeching halt outside the abandoned cabin, just in time to hear his younger brother's screams. They are so thunderous and agonizing, he thinks that for sure, he won't reach Sam in time, that Sam will be killed.

Without delay, Dean runs towards the door, and races into the cabin.

Sam resigns himself to the suffering he knows he is about to be subjected to as he feels the same metallic tool being slipped into his left eye socket. But then just at the point where the pain started before, Doc Benton stops, and steps away from Sam, leaving the tool in his eye as gunfire suddenly rings through the room.

Sam collapses against the table in relief as he hears Dean's voice. "Get the hell away from my brother!"

He just lies there, moaning not so quietly in pain as Dean and Doc Benton fight it out, unable to help, and honestly in too much pain to move even if he could.

Once Dean has tied Doc Benton up to a support column, he rushes over to where his brother is lying. Dean doesn't know whether to be relieved that Sam is still crying as he approaches; on one hand it means he's conscious, but on the other, it means that he must really be hurting.

As Dean finally gets a full view of Sam's body, sprawled out on the table, it is all he can do not to throw up. There is some kind of metal object sticking out of one eye, and from what Dean can tell, and all the blood running down Sam's face, the other eye is gone.

Dean forces himself to push away his own panic so that he can help Sam. As he reaches Sam, the first thing Dean does is to move to where he thinks Sam might be able to see him, and reassure him. "I'm here now, Sammy. I'm gonna get you out of here, you're gonna be fine. You hear me?"

Sam nods ever so slightly, as much as he might wish he wasn't, he is still conscious.

Wasting no more time, Dean unbuckles Sam from the table, and then pulls off his own overshirt, which he rips into strips. Dean works quickly and methodically to use the strips of flannel to stem the blood flow from Sam's empty eye socket, and then to secure the metal tool, after quickly deciding that this is not a simple patch up job, he needs to get Sam to a hospital. All the while that he does this, Dean speaks soothingly to Sam, trying to keep him as calm as possible.

Once he's secured the makeshift dressings, Dean has to carry Sam out to the car, because he is too weak from blood loss to stand up, even for a moment.

They arrive at the hospital in half the time it should have taken. Dean pulls up outside the emergency department, and sounds the horn repeatedly, trying to get someone's attention.

Two paramedics come over at a run, pushing a gurney between them; they have seen people come in like this enough times to know that it will probably be needed.

One of them quickly asks Dean. "What's wrong, son? Are you hurt?"

Dean shakes his head quickly as he swings open the passenger door, revealing Sam.

They both gasp at the sight of Sam's bloodied face, more specifically the piece of metal protruding from his eye, and the clear indent in the bandages where his other eye should be. "What on earth happened?" The other questions, before following his partners lead, and beginning to examine Sam.

"I just found him like this. I don't know what happened." Dean replies, it really isn't that far from the truth.

"What's his name? Is he a friend of yours?"

"Sam. He's my brother."

After quickly checking him over, the paramedics transfer Sam from to the car to a gurney, and then rush him towards the entrance doors, Dean close at their heels.

As they enter the emergency department, at least six medical personnel converge on Sam, quickly obstructing Dean's view of Sam. When they realise that Dean is still following them, one of the nurses moves to Dean's side, and tells him. "Sir, you need to go back out to the waiting area. Someone will come and speak to you once we've stabilized your brother."

Not surprisingly, Dean doesn't do as he is told. "No way. I'm not leaving Sam."

The nurse sighs in defeat, she quite honestly can't be bothered pushing the issue. "Alright, but you need to stay out of the doctors' ways."

Dean nods in acceptance as he backs up against a wall. He watches as they connect Sam to a monitor, start multiple IV lines, and cut away the dressings before examining his eyes.

It isn't long before they decide to call in an ophthalmologist to assess the apparently extensive damage to Sam's eyes.

While they are waiting for the specialist to arrive, Dean sits on the edge of the bed. He is careful to maintain constant contact with Sam, just so that Sam knows he's still there.

The ophthalmologist, Dr Martin walks into the room. After brief introductions, he takes off the bandages, and begins to inspect the damage, in particular the tool still embedded in Sam's eye. As he does so, Dr Martin questions Dean. "I've never seen anything like this. How did it happen?"

Dean plays the part of the clueless, family member perfectly. "I don't know, we were talking on the phone, and then Sam dropped the phone ...then I could hear him being attacked." He pauses for effect, he really has done this too many times, and watched his father many more. "I rushed back here, and found him wandering at the edge of the woods."

Dr Martin nods thoughtfully before turning his full attention back to conducting the exam. Not failing to notice how Dean winces in sympathy every time Sam cringes or moans, despite the heavy duty pain medications.

Once he has finished his examination, Dr Martin pulls a seat over to the side of the gurney, and sits down before telling Dean of his findings. "Sam has suffered an extremely severe injury to his eyes, and although we are not exactly sure how it occurred..."

Or at least he doesn't know how it occurred. Dean thinks, having to hide a shudder as he remembers.

"...the treatment is the same. Because any contact with the injuries is causing him so much pain, I will take him up to surgery, and clean the wound, remove the foreign object, and stop any residual bleeding. If everything goes well, he'll be able to go home tomorrow, and just need to come see me in a week's time to remove dressings and assess his vision, and then at a later date to have a prosthetic eye made to match his remaining one."

Dean looks over at Sam worriedly as he asks. "So once he gets this prosthetic thing, he'll be able to see, right?" He says this almost as if he is daring the doctor to say otherwise.

But still Dr Martin informs him sadly. "I'm sorry to have to tell you this Dean, but your brother will never regain vision in his right eye, and depending on the amount of damage done to his left eye he could lose vision in that one as well."

Dean is glad that Sam is resting, it means that he hasn't heard this grim prognosis, even if it does mean that he'll have to tell him later.

But as Dr Martin leaves the room, the one thought above all others in Dean's mind is. What will happen to Sam when I'm gone if he can't see? How is he supposed to protect himself?!


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