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Holmes recovered quite rapidly to my great relief. Soon, he was able to move back into the Baker Street rooms, though with strict orders to rest. I enforced those orders with an iron hand and though Holmes complained numerous times, he didn't argue. I was quite grateful for this due mainly to the fact that he can be horribly stubborn when he has his mind set on something. Although, I'm sure he would say the same thing about me.

I did allow for Holmes to move between his bed and the sofa, knowing that if he were cooped up in his bedroom, he would be an even worse patient than normal. I was glad, however, just to have him with me. His mere presence in the sitting-room restored my peace of mind and relieved my anxiety.

One evening, to my great delight, Holmes asked for his violin. I took it to him and settled down in my chair to read while he played. Judging by the cheeriness of the music, he was in a relatively good mood. I realized that his violin playing had one of the things I had missed during my time spent at the hospital. Though it had on occasion grated on my nerves - especially if played at odd hours of the night - I appreciated it very much. If Murdock had had his way, that old Stradivarius would now be silent and still.

I was not aware that the music had stopped until Holmes spoke.

"Watson, is something wrong?" I looked over to meet the earnest, inquiring gaze of his gray eyes.

"No, not exactly," I answered. He tilted his head slightly, giving one of his knowing, piercing looks that told me both that he was not fooled by my answer and that he was encouraging me to go on. "I just keep thinking about what happened. About what could have happened. I almost lost you, Holmes. Again."

Holmes looked away, setting his violin down upon his blanketed knees. "But you didn't," he pointed out gently.

"I know, but . . . " I sighed. "I can't help but remember how close it was." I thought you were going to die. I thought you were going to leave me. Again. Just like at the Falls. I did not speak my thoughts aloud, but as I glanced up to see Holmes's eyes once more upon me, I wondered if he could read them like an open book upon my features.

He looked away again. "I am sorry, Watson, but I had no choice. I could not stand by while your life was in danger. Not if I could do something about it." Warmth spread into my heart at his words and the unspoken affection behind them. Holmes may never admit it, but behind that cold mask of logic and calculation is a loving, caring human being with a heart as capable of affection and friendship as any other.

I smiled slightly. "If our situations had been reversed, I would have done the same thing."

"I know," replied Holmes simply, smiling in return. "I never thanked you for staying by my side both in the hospital and here. It meant a great deal to me."

"Don't mention it, old chap. Anytime." Holmes chuckled softly and picked up his violin once more. As the rooms of 221-B Baker Street filled with music, I smiled and continued reading, my sober thoughts of before dispelled like the night at the dawn of a new day.

The End

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