Chapter 1

It was a hot and sunny day outside of the SPR building. A certain brunette was thinking, completely forgetting her work. She unconsciously slid a hand over her stomach. 'It's been a month already...' she thought sadly, yet she was happy at the same time. She turned her attention back to her work not wanting to get scolded by her boss.

"Mai, tea." she heard her narcissistic boss say. Mai sighed and went to the kitchen. She quickly prepared the tea and headed towards his office. She knocked and went inside. As usual her boss was reading files and didn't pay her any attention. She resisted a sigh in exasperation. As she stood there looking at him, sad memories flooded in to her head. Mai couldn't take it and quickly set the tray down and left. As she got to her desk she quickly wiped the tears that were running down her cheeks. She suddenly heard the tinkle of the bell over the front door, meaning somebody had arrived. Mai dabbed her eyes with her shirt, turned around, and put on the best smile she could muster.

"Good afternoon, sir. How may I help you?" she told the man that was standing before her. He had dirty blond hair that was ruffled as if on purpose. Beautiful dark crimson eyes and a well built body. All in all. He was a very handsome guy, who couldn't be more than three years older than her. She almost blushed at his sight, but managed no to. He stared at her with shock evident in his eyes. Mai was beginning to get uncomfortable.

"Um, sir? Are you alright?" she asked him. He composed himself and smiled a little uncertainly. She couldn't help but notice how his smile increased his natural beauty. 'Why couldn't the real Naru smile at me like that?' she asked herself.

"Is Mr. Shibuya Kazuya here? I would like to speak with him as soon as possible." He finally said. Mai nodded. "I'll be right back. Just make yourself comfortable." She said waving her hand across the couches, and headed towards Naru's office. She wanted to scream. Just after she had practically ran out of his office, she had to go back in. Mai knocked twice and informed him of a waiting client.

Naru's POV

As soon as she came in with my tea, I felt her gaze on me. I was waiting for her to say that my tea was ready, but she didn't. Not one word came from her mouth. I kept pretending that I was reading the file in my hand. She suddenly put the tray down on my desk and hurriedly left my office without a word. I looked at the now empty space of where she stood just some seconds ago. I let myself frown. Ever since that night she had been trying to avoid me. She no longer looked at me in the eye when we talked and she didn't smile at me with that beautiful smile I love so much. I had to admit, it was killing me inside.

One month. One month since that night. The night that sent me to heaven while still being alive. But also the night I had to pretend never happened. And that hurt me more than anything. My hatred for Masako had grown more than ever. She knew what we had done and threatened to spill my secret if I didn't pretend it never happened. To top it off, pretend that both Masako and I were together.

My secret. Something that would make her loose her trust in me. If there was any left... I had hurt her. And I would never forgive myself for that. Voices interrupted my thoughts. It was Mai and another I did not recognize. Probably a client. I drank some of my tea and waited to see what happened next. I heard someone knock on my door, knowing who it was, I slipped my mask back on. It was Mai.

"Naru, there's a client waiting out in the living room for you." she said not looking at me in the eye. But for a fraction of a second, her eyes met mine as she was leaving. I noticed that they were red and wet. 'Could she have been crying?' I asked myself. That thought pained me. I never liked seeing her cry. I stood up and took an extra minute to compose myself. I headed out of my office and knocked on the door of that to the office of Lin. My other assistant. I opened it and he turned to me.

"Lin, come to the living room. Seems like we have a client." I said and he nodded grabbing his laptop. We both headed towards the living room. I was curious to see what the person had to say.

Normal POV

Naru and Lin entered the living room. Lin took a seat on an armchair close to the biggest couch. He set his laptop on his lap and got ready to take notes. Naru sat on the biggest couch across the one the client was sitting on. Mai went in with a tray of tea. She set the tray down on the coffee table and begun preparing a cup of tea for both Naru and the client. Before anyone could say anything the front door swung open revealing Bou-san, Ayako, John, and Masako.

"Good afternoon. We just dropped by to see what you guys were up to!" said Bou-san smiling. He looked around and finally noticed that they were with a client. Naru sent him a glare. "If you don't mind Bou-san. We're with a client." He said coldly. Bou-san including John, Ayako, and Masako sat down, not wanting to be glared at by Naru. Of course Masako sat herself next to Naru while the others either stood or sat on some other small chairs.

Seeing Masako sitting beside Naru made Mai angry and sad at the same time. She decided to hide her feelings and set a cup of tea in front of Naru. Then, she handed the stranger one too and sat beside him. Though she didn't sit very close. The stranger thanked her and smiled at her almost adoringly, making Mai blush. She turned her gaze to the floor. This made Naru boil inside.

"My name is Ryuuji Misaki. Thank you for accepting to see me." The client said. Naru drank some of his tea. "Why did you come here?" Naru asked coldly. Ryuuji stared at him as if calculating his next move. "Well, you are ghost hunters, right? You do research on paranormal things?" He asked. Naru glared at him, making Mai answer for him while giving Naru a stern look. Forgetting her past dilemma.

"Yes we are. Can you tell us what your problem is Misaki-san?" she asked him. He looked at her and smiled. "Please, just call me Ryuuji." he said. Once again Mai blushed. Naru's anger increased and he continued glaring at Ryuuji. Both Lin and Bou-san noticed it. Bou-san slightly snickered and Lin just smirked.

"Well, it's hard to explain. The house I live in has been in my family for three generations. But nothing that has happened lately in the past month has happened before." he said frustration evident in his face.

"What do you mean?" asked Naru. Ryuuji tightened his grip around his cup of tea. His eyes became hard and even more frustrated. "Well, it all started a month ago. We thought nothing of it at first, but I along with most of my servants have been attacked. Doors open and close abruptly. Noises and voices can be heard in the house where no one would be. Some of my maids say they here thumps and footsteps on a bedroom on the second floor. On some nights, you could hear music coming from the ballroom on the first floor. My sister arrived two weeks ago to visit me on vacation. She was attacked and almost killed. And what's worse...two of my maids have been found dead. The authorities couldn't make heads or tails of it. They said they didn't know what killed my maids." he finished, his eyes showing worry and sadness. Mai, who had gasped somewhere in his story, felt sorry for him. Naru measured the weight of the situation.

"We'll take your case. We'll need a room prepared. It will serve as our base. We also need rooms to sleep in." Naru said standing up. Ryuuji nodded and smiled gratefully. "Thank you. I'll be waiting." he bowed. He stole a glance towards Mai, who was busy putting the cups back in the tray, before leaving. He went out the door with a glare on his back, given by Naru.

"Get ready to leave tomorrow at 9:00. Don't be late" said Naru giving Mai a significant look. He loved looking at her but cut it short knowing that Masako was there. He went to his office to get the things they were to need, ready.

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