Chapter 7

Mai wrung the corner of her covers as she looked down, hoping that Naru's glares would subside. She could feel the others eyes on her as well. Somewhere in front of her bed she heard Bou-san cough.

"Well?" Naru asked, his voice coated with irritation. Mai looked up and saw that he was standing beside her while the others were standing close to the wall across from him. She bit her lip and sighed.

"Alright, alright. I didn't want to explain while you were practically flying me here to the hospital." She grimaced as she remembered how the others started nagging her for doing something foolish like that, even though she told them she did it for them, they claimed that they would have been able to take care of themselves.

"We're here now. Start talking." Naru urged her on with his look and sat down on her bed. Mai looked at him and the others and sighed again, but she straightened up in her sitting position. She took a deep breath and started.

"Well, I fell asleep and then I found myself in the basement. You could see that it was warped if you focused and that's when I saw all of you..." Mai continued on recounting what had happened to her and what she saw while she was asleep. Once she got to the part of the massacre that happened in the ballroom, she shuddered and tried her best to not described it as well as she had seen it, then went on with how Isabella had told her about the burying of the bodies and how Kyoshi had discovered that Isabella was telling her things she shouldn't have.

"That's when I ran out of here and thank god Ryuuji was down there. I told him to take me to his mansion to stop all of you. And...well, you know the rest." She finished by pushing a strand of hair on the back of her ear and looked down. The ballroom scene ran vividly through her head. Mai bit her lip hard and shook her head slightly.

"I don't understand why the basement would be warped if Isabella wasn't bad. Unless..." Bou-san let his sentence hang, trying to push off the thought of something he hated. Ayako glanced at him and then back to the floor.

"Unless that's where he killed himself..." She turned to Naru and asked him a silent question. Naru frowned slightly, going through his memory and shook his head. Lin stood up straight and looked at his companions.

"The report says that he hung himself, but gave no exact location as to where. Your theory may be correct, Matsuzaki-san." Lin looked down at Naru. "Do you want us to go back and continue searching? Or are we done for the day?" The others also looked at Naru. They were tired and hoped that he would let them rest, even if there was some homicidal spirit after them.

"We're going to need our strength if you expect us to beat this thing, Naru-bou. So, how about you let us get some rest?" Bou-san asked, the others glad that he had suggested it.

Naru shook his head slightly. "We have a deadline. You all know that, but seeing how we do need to be in good shape of mind for that...I suppose you can. Bou-san. Matsuzaki-san, make sure to put up wards in your rooms and that of the others. I have a feeling that Mai might have made Kyoshi," Naru almost spit his name out with disgust, "angry by thwarting his means to attack us."

"I want to stay with Mai-chan!" Kagome told him. Ryuuji nodded as if agreeing. Naru shook his head again and looked at Kagome straight in the eye, slightly glaring at Ryuuji from the corner of his eyes. "It's best if you go home, Misaki-san."

Kagome looked like she wanted to protest but stopped short at her brother's look. She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Fine, but you won't be able to stop me from coming over tomorrow for her." She stuck her tongue out at him and went over to Mai to hug her. "Goodnight Mai! And don't go spirit walking or whatever at my house, alright?" She winked at her and headed out of the room. Ryuuji looked as if he wanted to hug her too but thought better of it and bade a small goodnight before following his sister out, closing the door behind him.

"What about you, Naru?" Masako asked, her sleeve over her mouth. Mai looked down again and struggled to control her emotions. Naru glanced at her and looked back at Masako.

"I'm going to stay behind for a while. Lin will stay with me. I'm certain that you can all take care of yourselves without my being there. Am I wrong to assume this, Hara-san?" He smirked at her slightly and crossed his arms over his chest. Masako stared at him for sometime then nodded.

"Fine. We'll get going now. But Naru, I would like to talk to you afterward." By this point she had turned around and stopped in front of the door, hand on the doorknob. The others were silent. Mai bit her lip and clenched her fists.

"No, Hara-san. The one who needs to talk to you is me." Naru said, and if Mai had looked up to see his face, she would've seen something serious and would have noticed that what he had told Masako had a very definite meaning.

Masako hesitated for a second but opened the door and walked out. Bou-san, Ayako, and John exchanged glances. They hesitated for a second and bade Mai, Naru, and Lin goodnight before leaving.

Mai wondered why Naru decided to stay knowing that he always tried to solve the case as soon as possible. Even if he was sick or close to death, that wouldn't stop him from continuing with the case, trying to find the culprit.

"How did you know the name of the entity, Mai?" Naru asked her a minute after the others had left. Mai sighed. 'So that's why he stayed. Idiot Naru' Mai looked at him and sighed tiredly.

"She told me. Naru...why did you stay? I could have told you anything you wanted tomorrow. I am going back tomorrow, you know." She rolled her eyes. Mai laid back and closed her eyes. She felt Naru shift his position but didn't make a move to open her eyes.

"Anything? Hm, Alright. Lin, do me a favor and leave me alone with Mai." Naru said as he looked over at Lin with a smirk on his face. Mai sat up alarmed, her eyes were as wide as saucers.

"Wait, w-what? No...Lin!" She put her hand up as if to stop him but almost cried a waterfall when the door shut behind him. Mai had just realized her mistake of agreeing to tell him anything, which meant he would pretty much ask anything.

"It's pretty late! I think I should..." Mai stopped in the middle of her sentence as she saw Naru's stern look and sighed. "Fine..."

"Seeing as how you agreed to tell me anything, I want you to explain everything you've experienced at the Misaki's residence since our arrival." Naru smirked at the look of defeat on Mai's face. She sighed yet again hating how slick Naru was with these kinds of things. Seeing no other way out of what she got herself into, she went ahead and told him everything from the beginning, from their arrival to their current position.

Naru, who listened intently, said nothing at first, his face emotionless. That's what frustrated Mai the most, the incapability of being able to see what he was thinking. She had laid back again and closed her eyes. All was quiet except for the constant beep of her IV and Naru's quiet breathing. Finally, in his most quiet and serious voice, Naru sliced the silence in half.

"You need to go home, Mai." This froze the young brunette on her bed. 'Leave and let everyone else solve this case with a possibility of them getting hurt? Fat chance' Mai scoffed and opened her eyes to focus on her egotistic boss.

"You know I won't do that, Naru. I can't! Isabella and every other poor soul trapped in that mansion needs me and I won't abandon them!" She scowled at him and sat up, her posture rigid and defiant.

Naru looked at her, letting anger show in his eyes. He too sat rigidly in his chair. Mai's passion of helping others was something that was admired by him and others but from this passion came the carelessness of herself and this frustrated him more than anything. Naru knew of the dangers of this case but also felt something else was there and didn't like it one bit.

"I won't let you get hurt again, Mai. I've seen that happen to you already many times already." His voice rose a notch, his anger woven tightly into it. Mai's scowl didn't falter and she stood up from the bed. Her hands lay at her sides clenched into tight fists, nails digging into her skin and making crescent shapes on her palm.

"I'll be more careful, Naru. I've already made up my mind and I won't leave until I've helped all those people that are trapped there and there is nothing you can do about it!" She told him trying her best to keep quiet but failed miserably. 'You won't stop me this time!' She thought to herself. Naru stood up from his chair and towered over her.

"You're willing to risk the life of our child to save dead people? You've already almost lost him twice, Mai Taniyama! I will not let you end his life in one of your little heroic deeds!" His voice was louder than hers, his eyes no longer angry but furious and as soon as those words came out of his mouth, he instantly regretted them. The look on Mai's face was beyond shock and worst of all, sadness. It was so deep that he might as well have stabbed her through her stomach, even that thought made Naru wince hurtfully.

Mai's arms had instinctively wrapped themselves around her stomach. Tears ran down her cheeks and she trembled. As soon as this image of her was imprinted into his brain, Naru vowed that he would never want to see her like that again. He took a quick step over to her and hugged her tightly against him as if his life depended it on it.

"I'm sorry, Mai. But I just can't let you go back there knowing that you will get hurt again. Seeing you in this hospital twice already has been more than enough for me, but also knowing that you are carrying something that is part of me as well as you, terrifies me even more. I do not want to lose you or my baby." His last words were so convicted yet fragile that Mai only cried more. She hugged him back tightly not wanting to stop feeling his warmth. 'He cares. He really cares about both of us...'

They stayed there holding each other for what seemed to be an eternity. Naru ran his hands through Mai's hair, caressing it softly while she slowly stopped sobbing. Once she had completely stopped, Naru unwrapped his arms from around her and lead her to lay down on her bed. Mai wiped at her almost-drying tears with the back of her palm and let herself soak in the sight of Naru. She realized with a start that it wasn't a dream or a fantasy. He was actually there and not only that, he confessed about him caring for her and their child. To say that Mai was happy was an understatement. It was far more than happiness that she was feeling.

Naru grabbed a chair and set it next to her bed. His head was muddled with arguments with himself. Should he tell her now or wait until she was out of the hospital? But what if he lost the courage that he had and not tell her afterward? Naru shook his head and tried his best to erase the scowl on his face. He glanced at Mai and saw that she was looking at him. On a sudden impulse, Naru reached for her hand and held it gently but firmly in his. 'Its now or never...'

"Mai...there's something that I need to tell you." Naru paused for a minute and Mai frowned slightly. She immediately started worrying about him. Did she do something wrong? Was he okay? Those and many other questions flew around her head like the speed of light, but she managed to grasp at two and speak them out.

"Naru, are you alright? Is everything okay?" She gave his hand a soft squeeze while looking at him trying to find any sign of something really bad, but all she saw was worry in his eyes. Naru looked down at the floor briefly then looked back up at Mai, his gaze intense.

"Mai, I'm not who you think I am." Naru started out, his throat threatening to constrict but he somehow got around that. He held up his other hand and stopped Mai from saying anything. "No, listen. What I have to tell you is really important and if you interrupt...I might not be able to finish."

Mai's mouth closed almost immediately but doubt played in her eyes. Naru inhaled deeply through his nose and slowly let it out. "Like I said, I'm not who you think I am, Mai. My name is not Kazuya Shibuya. It's Oliver Davis. I came here to Japan with one very important reason in mind. But you have to know somethings first." Naru paused as he saw Mai's eyes widen and her mouth open to say something.

"Don't interrupt Mai, just let me finish first. Questions and answers come later. As I was saying, I don't live here in Japan. Well, I did but that was before my parents died. My brother and I were very young and had no other family to take care of us. As a result, we were put in an orphanage in a small town. A British couple happened to be there on business and for some reason they went to the orphanage and there, they met us. A few weeks passed and my brother and I forgot about them. Not long after, we found out that the same couple who talked to us briefly some weeks before wanted to adopt us. Once the paper work was signed, we moved to England." Naru found himself staring at the wall across from him, his head filling up with memories both painful and not.

"They changed our names to Oliver and Eugene Davis afterward. Strange things started happening at the house we lived in and with that I found out what my adoptive parents work was. Ghost hunting." Again Naru paused but urged himself to continue. "They investigated what was going on and found out that the source of the problem was me. Everything that shook in our bedrooms or the things that flew across the room with plenty of force was my doing. Apparently I had massive amounts of PK powers which varied. My father helped me to better control my sudden surges of power after seeing that they took a great toll out of me. Madoka, who's friends with my parents, was the one that taught me and Eugene everything that had to do with ghost hunting, PK occurrences, and other supernatural things. Though Eugene did not have PK powers, the supernatural intrigued him."

Naru shifted in his seat and avoided looking at Mai. "My brother and I both graduated from high school at an early age and went to the college that our father worked in. Two and a half years later we got our Master's degree in science. People were all amazed at our accomplishments but they never knew about my special talents," Naru smiled ruefully at that and continued, "Somehow the things I could do slipped out and every scientist began to challenge my 'so-called' PK powers. This attracted the media's attention and even though they caught what I did on cameras, my parents forbade them from revealing who I was in an attempt to keep my life as normal as possible, but that never really worked seeing as how Eugene and I were invited to almost every scientific meeting there was and including few meetings of supernatural happenings around the world."

Naru's jaw clenched as he got nearer to the part that hurt him most to talk about. "There was a certain meeting that I couldn't attend with Eugene about new advances in the supernatural world here in Japan. Eugene came here for me and met up with a variety of other fellow scientists while I was to join my father." The raven haired teen paused to take a very much needed deep breath. "On the night that my brother was to return...I had a horrible nightmare of me watching him get ran over by a car while crossing the street and then being thrown into a lake. But I wasn't exactly watching him...I was him. I felt the pain he went through that night. I woke up with a start and tried to comfort myself with thinking that it was just a dream. The next day I found out that Eugene's flight had arrived but that he had not gotten on it. Days passed and turned into weeks and he was still not found. I finally got tired of waiting and decided that I would come and look for him. My parents tried to tell me that maybe he was still alive somewhere but I told them of my dream and they didn't try to stop me when I started packing my bags. But that didn't stop them from sending me here with a chaperon. Someone they could trust with keeping an eye on me. Lin, at that time, was working for my father and offered himself to take care of me."

"Not long after, we arrived in Japan. I knew that I couldn't just start an open investigation to look for my brother so I decided that I would open my own psychic research business to use as a cover. I also changed my name as to not attract attention from the media that was sure to drown me in questions if I revealed who I was. I searched while working on small cases that took me to open areas and as fate would have it, one of the cases that I accepted belonged to your school. After I hired you and the closer I got to you and the rest of team, the harder it became for me to tell you the truth. I tried, Mai, I really did try..." He let his sentence hang and slowly turned to look at the brunette that was laying down on the bed.

She was quiet. Too quiet, even for her. Naru immediately started to worry about what she was thinking and about what she would say. He tried his best not to push her and to let her register what he had just revealed to her. It seemed like hours before she looked up at him and for the first time, Naru found himself unable to read Mai. Which was strange seeing as how he had dubbed her his 'open book'.

Mai looked at him and said nothing for another while. Then finally she opened her mouth as though if she hadn't used it in a while and caught Naru so off-guard with her next question. "Have found out anything that might help you find him?" That question alone was enough to stun him into a complete and blanked out silence.

Naru recovered as quickly as he could and shook his head miserably. "No...nothing. Everything that I find that might help me find his body or that lake, ended up leading me to a dead end. But that all you're going to ask me? Aren't you mad at me?" He asked and dreading the answer, he clenched his hands into tight fists for Mai had let go of his hand somewhere in between his story.

Mai's eyes, which had been devoid of any emotion, quickly gave hints of anger and something else. "Of course I'm angry that you hadn't told us any of this sooner. Hell, you could have told us the day we met you Naru...or should I call you Oliver now?" Naru winced at this and closed his eyes trying his best to hide his pain. If he was going to be hated, he'd rather not show that it had really affected him much.

"Yes I'm angry about all of this, but...I'm also glad that you confessed to me before it got too late." Mai took his hand and gave it a tight squeeze. "Naru...I believe you when you say that you tried. I know what it's like to experience a death that's not yours and it hurts...but there's also another reason as to why I'm not as upset as I should be at you."

Naru snapped his eyes open and looked at her, hoping that it was something good. "And what exactly is that reason?" He whispered, his was very small and sounded almost weak. Hearing this made Mai's stomach clench and she pushed the covers away from her torso and sat up in front of Naru.

"I love you too much to be mad at you for something that you just confessed to me that was hard enough to talk about as it is." Mai's voice was equally small and she hugged him harder than ever. Naru was surprised for a moment, but he hugged her back, too stunned to say anything.

Mai snapped her eyes open and pulled away from him just as quickly. "But what about Masako? Explain that to me. I thought you two were going out. I mean, you guys were kissing in your office that time when I went to take you your tea..." Mai's eyes had quickly glazed over with a deep sadness that hurt Naru just as much as her.

"No. We never were together, Mai. She had met Eugene somewhere and assumed it was me, but somehow she found out that he was my brother and threatened me with revealing that to you and everybody else if I didn't play along, but the kiss you saw was so sudden I didn't have time to push her away. When you saw it, the damage was done and I..." He didn't finish it knowing that he would come up with a very selfish excuse as 'I didn't want her to reveal it so I just let you be sad in exchange of my secret being kept that. A secret' He winced at his own thought.

"So you had rather kept your secret instead of explaining to me what was going on? What the hell, Davis?! You know I went exactly through that thinking that you had just used me as something to pass your time with!" Mai tried her best to keep her voice low but all the depression and anger that she held for that whole clueless month was getting to her.

"Through what?" Naru asked and flinched inwardly to the way she said his real last name. Mai threw her hands up in the air in exasperation and stood up. "HELL!" She screamed, her breaths coming in shallow.

Naru stood up and tried to calm her down. "I was already planning to end that agreement, Mai. You want to know exactly why I didn't tell you sooner why I was really here and why I changed my name?" This, surprisingly enough, caught Mai's full attention and her anger dissipated somewhat.

"What?" Her voice was no longer loud but traces of the previous outburst were still there.

"I was afraid, Mai. Afraid of what you and the others were going to think of me. Wait, no. Yes, I was worried of what they were going to tell me, but I was afraid of what you were going to think of me. I didn't know if you were going to scream at me and never want to talk to ever again. And you know, before I didn't understand why that was making me hesitate, but now I do, Mai. I love you and just the mere thought of you leaving me while hating me at the same time is something that I know I can't bear. I just can't. I thought I didn't need love anymore knowing that my brother is dead...but you're making it very difficult for me to go on without it.

Mai gaped, her cheeks a light shade of red. " love me?" She looked at him as if he had grown two heads, three arms, and five more legs. Naru smiled softly at her and grabbed her, pulling him to her. He hugged her tightly once again.

"Of course I love you...idiot." He spoke softly into her ear. Mai was about to protest but was defeated with his second most important confession of the day. 'He loves me' She thought somewhat mesmerized. She replayed the scene over and over again of him explaining what was going on and something caught her attention that she had failed to understand.

"Wait," She pulled back away from him again, but let him keep his arms on her waist, "you said that Masako confused you for your brother. How could that be? Do you two look alot like each other or what?"

"More than that, Mai." He blinked at her. "Me and Eugene are identical twins."


The next day had found Naru asleep with Mai on her bed, his arms wrapped around her protectively. Lin, who had been at the lobby that night, went to check on them after and hour or so of waiting. He found them like that. Each one peacefully asleep with the other. Lin smirked at seeing Naru protecting Mai even in his sleep. Though this hadn't surprised him much, it was still kind of something new to see.

Lin decided that he was better to stay there and watch over them rather than staying down at the lobby and looking like an idiot just sitting there staring at the wall. He woke up and rubbed his stiff neck from falling asleep on a chair and looked at both teens on the bed. They had not moved from their positions and still looked peaceful enough. Lin actually smiled and got up to use Mai's restroom, which he didn't think she would mind. He did his business then washed his face in the sink and stared at the mirror before he felt something vibrate in his pant pockets.

He flipped his phone open and talked quietly into the small microphone. "Hello? Oh good morning, Madoka....No she's fine...Yes Naru wanted to come over and we both ended up staying the night over...Yes, I think that'd be a good idea...I'll talk to Misaki-san about that, there's something I need for you to do...Actually it's very important but you have to come to the hospital to know...Okay...Bye." He snapped his phone shut and went out of the bathroom to wake his 'boss' up.

He stepped quietly into the room and walked to the side where Naru was sleeping and shook him gently. Naru's eyes fluttered open slowly and focused on him. Without a word he untangled himself from Mai as gently as possible and stood up. They both headed out of her room and stood next to her door.

"What is it, Lin?" Naru asked while running a hand through his hair. It was hard to tell that not a minute before Naru was sound asleep, somehow he usually wakes up without puffy tired eyes, disheveled hair, or pillow marks on his face. Lin resisted to shake his head.

"Madoka just called, we both think it's a good idea for her to stay at the mansion instead of the hotel. I also think it would be good for her to be the one to take care of Mai if you don't want to anybody else to know about her being pregnant, so I told her to come to brief her about that here." Lin said in a business-like way.

Naru nodded after a while. "You're right. If more people know about this it could further expose her and I don't want that. Madoka will have to take care of her at the mansion because both of us know that Mai will refuse to leave." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair again. "I really don't want her to be anywhere near that place."

"I understand, but Mai can be as stubborn as you. Let's hope the baby doesn't come out that way." Lin chuckled softly and stopped short when Naru smiled gently.

"Yeah...hopefully it won't." Naru said as he looked through the small window that was carved into the wooden door, then shifted his gaze behind Lin and quickly composed his facial expression.

"Good morning!" Madoka smiled at both Naru and Lin and stopped next to them. "So what's my next job, Lin?" She looked at the tall Chinese man and tilted her head to the side. Lin glanced Naru and gave him a slight nod. Both of them started explain what was going with Mai and told her what they wanted her to do. Madoka was quiet for a moment before she shot a glare at Naru.

"You better take responsibility for both her and your child, Oliver Davis, or so help me I'll--" Madoka was interrupted by a wave of Naru's hand.

"Don't worry about that. I will take responsibility for both of them. And not unwillingly either." Naru glared at Madoka and turned to Lin. "I want you to keep one of your shiki always with Mai and for Ayako to make some protective wards around Mai's room." He turned back to Madoka. "You're going to be staying in the same room as her. I'm not going to take any chances at all." His tone held a finality to it and both adults knew there was going to be no arguing with him and they said nothing.

"Is she awake? I want to see her!" Madoka suddenly said and looked into the small window. "Hm. She's not on the bed. Maybe she is awake then." She opened the door and went inside, Lin and Naru followed suit and looked around the room. The bathroom door was slightly ajar.

"Mai?" Madoka knocked the door and opened it when started hearing whispering from inside. "Mai, honey, are you okay?" Madoka stepped inside and saw that Mai was running the water in the faucet and was swishing it around her mouth. Mai turned around after she was done and smiled at her.

"Totally fine. Well except the fact that I just puked." She laughed and went over to hug Madoka. Then looked over at Lin and Naru and smiled at them. "Um...I'm kinda hungry." She smiled sheepishly and let go of Madoka.

"Well of course you are! That's what being pregnant is mostly about!" Madoka laughed and stopped when Mai looked at her in shock. "Don't worry honey, I won't tell anyone. I've been reprimanded of such a thing. From now I'll be your personal nanny, I guess." She smiled again and was glad that Mai was smiling at her too, although it was a little embarrassed.

"So...when did you find out that I'm pregnant?" Mai asked as she walked back to her bed and sat down on the edge. Naru placed himself next to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Madoka couldn't help but squeak a little in happiness.

"Just a little while ago, but you can't imagine how happy I am to find out that I'm going to be an aunt, which you have to let me be please, and also to see that Naru here has found people he truly loves. Well, one little person who is currently growing and beautiful brunette to be exact." She laughed when she saw Mai blush and place a hand over Naru's, which was resting on her stomach. "How cute!" The happy-go-lucky woman exclaimed while hooking her arm around Lin's.

Naru reached over and pressed a button that was next to Mai's bed and a few minutes later a nurse walked in. "Is there something I can help you with?" She looked at the couple that was sitting on the bed.

"Yes. My wife is hungry. Would you mind bringing her release papers? We're going to take her out to eat." The nurse paused then nodded and headed out of the room. The others in the room gawked at the raven haired boy who looked as if he had said something normal.

"W-wife? But I'm not your wife?" She looked at him uncertainly while blushing a deeper color than before. Naru simply shrugged and a small smile made its way to the corners of his mouth and looked down at the young brunette he was holding gently.

"Maybe not. But you soon will be...idiot. I thought you would've figured that out by yourself." He teased her and saw how she began to take the bait. Her confused look changed and turned into one of mild annoyance,

"Hey! I'm not an idiot. And well...I didn't think that far. Besides, what about Kagome? She said she was going to come for me today." She looked away from him, her blush returning. The two adults stood there watching their exchange and looked at each other. Amusement danced in Lin's eyes and Madoka giggled quietly. They both knew that that was as close as Naru was going to get in asking Mai to marry him. In fact, they were even sure that the brunette was sure of that herself because she didn't protest, instead she leaned back and layed her head on Naru's shoulder.

The nurse came in with the papers and handed them to Naru, who signed them. "Change out of that. We'll call Misaki-san and tell her that her picking you up will be unnecessary." Mai nodded and got up to change in the bathroom. Naru followed her but stopped when Mai turned to him and blushed again.

"What are you doing? I'm going to change. I can do that by myself, besides don't you need to get the car started or something?" She glanced at Madoka and Lin who were watching them and trying hard not to smile.

Naru raised and eyebrow. "I'm sure Lin can get the car started just fine without me. I'm simply going in with you to make sure you don't wander off in spirit or something of the sort." He smirked and leaned down close to her face. "Besides, it's not like I haven't seen you...bare before, Mai Taniyama." Naru hadn't whispered that and Mai knew that both Lin and Madoka had heard that. Instead of getting embarrassed she stood up straight and almost glared at him, though there was happiness at the edge of her voice.

"Doesn't mean you'll soon see me like that again, Oliver Davis!" She smirked and closed the bathroom door on Naru. He frowned at not being able to have a chance to see her like that again. 'Oh well, they'll be plenty of other times' He thought as he smiled knowing that waiting for that wasn't going to be hard for him at all. The young ghost hunter heard snickering behind him and a late response by Madoka.

"Wait. She knows?!" She gaped at Lin and Naru turned around to look at her with an eyebrow raised his facial expression almost saying 'Uh duh! She just called me by my real name!' But knowing Naru it would've been something more like 'No shit, idiot'


They had arrived back at the mansion about half an hour later. Kagome was upset that she wasn't able to pick her up but that small tantrum was soon gone when she hugged Mai and pulled her inside. "God! You were supposed to help me with the decorations for the party remember?" She told Mai. "But I saw how busy you were along with those frequent trips to the hospital, so I'm letting you off the hook. You don't have to help me, Mai." She smiled at her and lead her to the dining room.

Everyone was already sitting down but got up fast and hugged Mai, welcoming her back from the hospital. Everyone execpt Masako, who stood up but put a sleeve over her mouth, an obvious gesture that she was upset.

"Okay, okay. You can all sit back down now, you know! Besides, I'm really hungry. What's for breakfast?" Mai laughed as they all gave her a funny look but proceeded to happily sit down next to Bou-san and tried not to blush when Naru seated himself next to him and grabbed her hand under the table. They all ate and chatted happily, throwing jokes here and there. They had stopped eating but continued talking before Naru interrupted.

"May I remind you all that we have a case to wrap up before tomorrow?" Naru asked while trying to keep his voice steady. He had enough to worry about as it is and letting his team just lay back while knowing that Mai's life was in danger along with the rest of the people currently inhabiting the house, was enough to make him kind of angry, but he had enough self-control not to show it entirely.

Bou-san glanced at Mai then sighed. "He's right. Not only are we going to have to try to protect ourselves, but if this extends until tomorrow we're going to have to be careful with all the other people that are going to attend that party."

Naru had forgotten all about the party that Kagome had so badly arranged in that same week that they were investigating and glared at the person responsible. "I think you should cancel that party instead, Misaki-san. We don't have the time to host a social gathering while trying to exorcise this house, you know." For the first time, Mai noticed that he sounded tired but everybody else seemed not to take note on that.

"No! I can't! Everything is already set. Decorators are on their way already and should be arriving here any minute to start--" Kagome had started to say and is of on a cue, the doorbell rang. Seconds later, a maid stepped inside the dining room and announced that some people from a party decorating company had just arrived asking for Kagome.

"See?" Kagome asked as she headed out of the dining room. "It's too late now to go back. I know it's a little over the top to ask, but please try to solve whatever is happening in this place before tomorrow..." A little bit of regret passed through Kagome's eyes as she turned around and disappeared into the entrance hall. Mai looked over at Naru and saw that he was angry. She quickly squeezed his hand and saw that it seemed to calm him down a bit.

"We'll solve this one quick, Naru. I'm sure of it." Mai encouraged him with a smile and looked around at the others. "I know we can. We have to help everyone who's trapped here." She looked around, a frown tugging the corners of her mouth and slightly wrinkling her forehead. "We have to save them and stop Kyoshi from doing any further damage to anyone else."

They all nodded in agreement and got up to get on with looking for any sign that Kyoshi was present. Lin, Madoka, Naru, and Mai headed to the base and looked over at all the cameras and listening to the recordings from the previous night to see if they heard anything unusual. And that's exactly what they heard. Mai shuddered and grabbed onto Naru's arm when a cluster of moans and pleas for help swarmed into the room.

"That's horrible..." Mai whispered, both feeling afraid and sad for all those people that were yearning to be let out of the prison they got trapped in. Naru slipped his arms around Mai in an attempt to comfort her. "We're going to help them, right Naru?" She looked up at him, her eyes revealing sadness.

"Yes. Yes we are and hopefully soon." Naru answered successfully covering his slight doubt. The others had returned by then and were quiet at hearing the ghostly pleas and seeing the exchange between the young teens. The raven haired boy turned back to them and signaled his Chinese assistant to turn off the microphones.

"This sounds really bad, Naru-bou." Bou-san sat down, his face as serious as ever. "What are we going to do? We just go around blindly exorcising every room in this house. That's as dangerous as not doing anything at all."

Naru let go of Mai but still held her hand as he leaded them to the couch. "You're right. We're going to have to bait it somehow or wait for it to appear. But before we do any off that, I need to tell you all something. Actually three things. And all are equally important." He glanced at Mai, who in turn gave him and encouraging nod while squeezing his hand.

"Oh? And what would that be, Naru?" Ayako asked, sitting down next to Bou-san, but not caring and waiting to know what he was going to reveal.

"First of all, Mai's in real danger. Second," He paused to turn his head over to Mai and planting a gentle kiss on her lips, then turned back to them, "Masako, the idiotic deal is off. And the third..." He paused once again and looked at the shocked and expectant faces of the rest of the team members, excluding Madoka and Lin of course.

"I'm not who you think I am. My real name is Oliver Davis."

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