Number 19 Cheated on this one too...

19. Naruto, NaruGaa AU

Oh, you touch my ta la la. Mm, my ding, ding, dong.

Sea green eyes scanned the mass of writhing bodies on the dance floor. The heat in the room was rather stifling, and Gaara just wanted to find the one that had dragged him here in the first place.

He spotted a shock of blonde and found Naruto back-to-chest with their friend Kiba.

Deep in the night, I am looking for some fun

Gaara rolled his eyes at the lyrics and stood from the bar, leaving his untouched drink. He pushed his way through the crowd, wriggling between the masses to reach his friend. Eventually, he managed to get to the tw,o, having had his fill of the groping his ass had experienced. He tapped Naruto's shoulder and the blonde turned to look at him. Seeing who it was, he moved away from Kiba who quickly grabbed another partner and began dancing again.

"What is it, Gaara?" he shouted over the music.

Deep in the night, I am looking for some love.

"I want to leave Naruto!" He yelled back.

Naruto rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around Gaara's waist. "You never even danced." He said.

Deep in the night, I am looking for some *beep*

"Because I never wanted to!" Naruto didn't seem to hear him, or if he did he completely ignored his response and pulled the red-head farther out onto the dance floor. The strobe lights flashed overhead, lighting up Naruto's grinning face and shining on his sweat soaked chest beneath the fishnet. Gaara swallowed thickly.

He was suddenly spun around, Naruto's chest pressed against his back. Gaara was able to feel the taller boy's body heat through the thin fabric of his dark red dress shirt. Against him, Naruto began to dance and, seeing no possible escape, Gaara started moving tot he rhythm as well.

A chin rested on his shoulder while Naruto's other hand slid to his hip. The blonde began singing to the lyrics of the song, whispering them in Gaara's ear. "You tease me, oh please me. I want you to be my love toy." The red-head was turned around, chest-to-chest with Naruto as the blonde's hands curled around his hips. "Come near me, don't fear me. I just can't get enough of you boy."

Conceding defeat, Gaara wrapped his arms around Naruto's neck. Maybe dancing wasn't that bad after all.

You Touch My Tra La La - Gunther