A/N: Inspired by the song "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. I just reshaped it, and made it into this.
-Rachel Noelle


She'd spent so much time waiting for a second chance, a break. Something, anything to turn things around, make it okay. There was always a reason, today more than most others, to feel like she wasn't good enough. Not a good enough friend… lover… vice-captain… It was hard to cope at the end of every day. Today, though…

Today was the day she saw her former best friend… lover… world… put to rest. Executed. Put to death for treason.

She needed some kind of distraction, a release, as the memories seeped from her veins. Something, anything, to take her mind away from here. She wanted to be empty, weightless, to feel nothing. Just maybe she would be able to have some sliver of peace tonight, if she could…

He found her, exactly where he guessed she'd be, sitting in the middle of a dirt road. He approached her silently and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his lap.

He had the arms of an angel. He could help her fly away, get away from the dark and the cold. Away from the endlessness. She feared it all. But, he pulled her, if only momentarily, from her silent reverie, offering her the distraction, release she sought. In his arms, she could finally find comfort. Even if only momentarily.

She was so tired of the straight line, she could barely turn without the vultures, thieves coming at her back. They twisted the storm of words that followed her everywhere. She didn't stop them, couldn't. She allowed the lies to build, allowed them to believe she made up for what she lacked.

It didn't make a difference, every escape was the same. One more made no difference at all. It was easier to believe in the world she created. The world that followed her, told untruths about her. The sweet madness, that glorious sadness that could bring her to her knees.

Still he held tight. She cried her silent tears, leaning into his arms. The arms of an angel. Her angel. Her Toshiro.

With him, she could fly away from the darkness, the cold, the endlessness. All of her fears. He pulled her out of her reverie, offering his calm, silent comfort. Her distraction.

She really was in the arms of an angel, and she found comfort there. She couldn't offer all of herself to him yet, but if he was willing to be patient, to wait for her, she would give him every piece of her. Every day she would offer him some little piece of herself. Until she gave herself over to him completely.

She sat cradled in the arms of her angel and she soaked in the comfort he offered, hoping she could give him as much in return.