A/N Inspired by a huge group roleplay I got dragged into with ten minutes of me discovering Hetalia…

Finished: 11/01/09

It was the middle of winter, meaning harsh snowfalls and cold winds. You know, the winter that cut through you like a knife, no matter what you wear, or how many wind-proof hats you wear.

Still, despite this, Sweden never seemed to mind. It was as though it was the middle of spring, and flowers were popping up.

But to Finland, he knew much better – for the wind did cut him like it was a knife, and he was wearing multiple scarves, layers, mittens and hats.

Shivering, he kept walking beside Sweden, not daring to stray far from his side (though he was nearly bumping into him with each, at such a close proximity).

"Are 'ou cold?" The taller male's voice was smooth and confident.

"A-ah, yes…" At that, Sweden wrapped an arm around Finland's shoulder, pulling him close to his own body. Finland could feel the heat of Sweden instantly, warming him up.

"Better?" Finland answered by snuggling his cheek into the other's coat-covered chest.

They continued to walk, if a little more awkwardly from the newfound position.



"Why are you so warm?" The Swedish man was silent for a few moments.

"Because if I wasn't, no one would warm m'wife up…"