A/N: Round and round this story goes, where will this goes? Only sleepness nights will know! (this takes place at no particular time)

Chapter 1
My Blood Beats Dark

"Twinkle Twinkle little bat…"

Sneering into the face of heroism, his smile curved into a wicked reminder of who was the true king of Gotham.

"Time for you to meet the cat…"

Another punch and Mr. Perfect was finally giving into his wrath. Yes, yes…come to me, Bats, come to me.

"Teeth so sharp with gleaming pride…"

Giving up? So quickly now? Come on, Batman! The mighty Batman giving up to me! Heehee…HeeHeeHee…Haha…HaHa…HAHAHAHA

"Such a meal you will provide…"

Before he could say another word, he found himself connecting with the rooftop, lying beside his prey.

"That's enough, Joker." A familiar teasing voice announced.

Lucky he still had enough sense to jump right to his feet and face to face with his attacker.

"Eddie?" Joker said in shock. "My good ol' cellmate Eddie Nigma?"

Eddie nodded with a fool's grin as he leaned against his cane, currently resting on the chest of the Batman.

"Oh, Eddie!" Joker cried, and threw his arms around the villain. "How I missed you! How is Arkham? How's my Harley-poo? But most important…who the hell do you think you are?"

Clutching Nigma's suit collar, he lifted the smaller man off his feet so he could see him eye to eye. Eddie glared at the Joker with a snotty persona before kneeing him in the groin.

"I think I am the man who just leveled the playing grounds." The Riddler stated as he watched Joker fall to the ground, clutching every man's Achilles' heel. "It wouldn't be fair for you to just take the Batman without a fair fight."

The Joker mumbled something only audible to dog ears. Leaning down with help from his cane, Riddler cupped his hand over his ear.

"What's that? Speak up!"

Unfortunately for the Riddler, Joker gained his senses and with use of his legs, threw Riddler from the roof top to the ground below. He jumped up and brushed himself off while walking to the edge of the building.

"Gotham isn't fair, Nigma!" He hollered down below before turning to face his downed nemesis. "Now, now, Bats, where were we?"

He found that the Batman was no where to be found, but over the sound of a motorcade could be heard on the opposite side of the building. Peering down, he found that teenage sidekick had got his victim from his clutches and was now escorting him away.

"Damn it!" the Joker screamed. "Damn it, damn it, damn it! He was mine! I had him!"

While in his fit of rage and anger he hardly noticed the little paper airplane flying around his head and soon landing at his feet. Catching his attention, he opened the little thing and read the message inscribed:

What do you get when you cross a determined fool, a brain-teaser, and an ages-old conundrum?

Fury raged inside of him, exploding from every pore of his body. This was his town. This was his fight. If that little annoyance decides to get in the way, then damn it, he'd give him what he wants.

"Fine, Riddler!" the Joker screamed out to Gotham's night sky. "A fight's you want, a fight's you'll get! Come and get me, Nigma!"

'Bloodbeat'-Patrick Wolf