Chapter Seven: Going Back

The next morning, Natalia woke up to the sounds of tapping on a keyboard. She looked over to Tommy sitting at the computer.

"Tommy, what are you doing? It's so early in the morning."

"Just getting some information. I have to be out of here by seven for a business trip. But I should be back either later tonight, or tomorrow morning."

She sat up, propping herself up with her elbow. "Where are you going?"

"Florida mainlands. A business deal is going down. I need to be there."

She plopped back down into the plushy bed, covering her face from the direct sunlight that was beaming into the room. Damn early morning suns. After a while, the keyboard tapping stopped and she heard the shower come on. The sound of the shower running sent her back into a drift of sleep.

The sound of persistent rings woke her up once more. She turned over to Tommy's side of the bed, looking at the clock. Almost ten in the morning. She then climbed over to grab the phone.


"Your sister has been missing."

Quite stunned, Natalia furrowed her eyebrows.

"What do you mean, Steph?"

"The other nurses say that they haven't seen her in a while. Neither have I."

"Well, how long is a while?"

"Two, three days. She's been scheduled to work all week, and she hasn't been in since Monday."

"Did she say she was going anywhere?"

"No. I'm sure she would have told me if I was. Nat, I'm worried."

"Yeah," Natalia said, thoughts swimming around in her head. "Me too."

Steph snapped her back into reality. "You don't think Nick... No. Couldn't. He wouldn't.... Would he?"

"I don't know the fact that we're thinking the same is a good or a bad thing. We've nearly come to the same conclusion."

"Yea, but you don't think he's that obsessed over you, do you?"

"It's possible. He's already called here."

"So Tommy knows?"

"Oh yeah. He's kept me under lock for a day or two now. He even moved my stuff from my apartment."

"I think that's just him wanting to get with you." Steph could sense Natalia's half-hearted smile. "Look, Nat, don't worry."

"I have to come back. I have to go back. I can't just leave her alone again."

"You can't, Nat. It's not safe."

"Steph, I can't abandon her again."

"We don't even know he has her for sure."

"Maybe so, but I don't want to find out the hard way if he does. Look for the next available plane flight from Vice City to Liberty for me. Order it, and I'll give you back the money when I get there." Her friend obliged and Natalia hung the phone up. Right as she took her jean bag and put a few clothes in it, Stephanie called her back.

"Tickets are ordered. For today at eleven."

"An hour? Geez, I thought I'd have more time. But okay, this is good. The sooner, the better. I've already packed a bag. Listen, keep an ear out for anything. I'll be there soon."

They hung up once again. Even though there was really no one else in sight, Natalia crept to Tommy's office, slowly opening the door, shutting it behind her. She grabbed a piece of paper from his desk drawer, then went to the safe that was placed snuggly between the couch and the wall. After using the combination on the paper and opening it, she counted out fifteen hundred and shoved it in her bag. She shut the safe, making sure it was secure, then made her way to the garage outside. She threw her bag into a white Sedan of Tommy's, stepping in herself as she looked around for signs of anyone around as she slowly drove off.

Tommy sat in his Tampa home, sorting through papers. "Boy, could I use Natalia here," he said absentmindedly to himself. One paper after another, he collected and placed into a large file cabinet. The deal had been a success, and Tommy just sat in his living room, going through every folder he pulled out. Natalia... Just saying her name made him long for her. He reached for the phone and dialed Richard.

"What do you mean she's no where to be found? Where did she go?" he asked after ten minutes of Richard not being able to find her.

"Mr. Vercetti, we've looked everywhere possible."

Tommy stood from the couch, pacing. "Alright, alright. She can't be far. I told her to stay on the property. Look, I'm coming back right now."

Tommy scanned every last corner of his mansion. He checked the basement. Her belongings were still there. Sprinting up the stairs, he met Richard.

"Are you sure she wasn't taken?"

"I'm positive. We would have been alerted somehow."

"This is mind boggling." He ran his hands through his hair.

"Hey, Mr. V. Look what we got here," guard Joe called out to Tommy. He pointed to the left-hand monitor on the security display. They all viewed Natalia opening the safe and taking out money.

"She's after your money, boss?" Richard asked.

"No, no she's not. She would have taken more than two grand if she was. All that money that's in there, and she only took that much."

"What now?"

"She went somewhere." Tommy sat in his over-sized chair, head in hands. "Or back to someone."