Passing on the will of fire


Toad beats slug, slug beats snake, snake beats toad. Damn it what about fox? Surely fox can beat toad, slug, and snake together. Snake shouldn't beat fox on its own.

The battlefield was silent not a soul moved. The two clashing sides greatest ninja fight had been decided.

The deadened silence was broken when Naruto looked down at the arm through his chest. Half laughing he said, "looks like you win this one Sasuke-teme."

Letting out a small chuckle and a look of humor on his face, as if he knew a joke that no one else did, Uzumaki Naruto dies.

The uchiha quickly pulled his arm out of Naruto's corpse. Not a sound was made as everyone just kept staring.

Then the choking silence was broken. " no, no, No, NO! It wasn't supposed to be like this." As tears streamed down Sakura's face.

Flash: Naruto age 8 standing in front of their class saying he'll be Hokage.

Flash: Naruto using his sexy no jutsu on Iruka.

Flash: Naruto painting the Hokage monument.

Flash: Naruto accidentally kissing Sasuke.

Flash: Naruto asking Sakura for help in learning to climb trees using chakra.

Flash: Naruto asking Sakura on a date

Flash: Naruto trying to help Hinata after she faints

Flash: Naruto pulling a prank on Kiba.

Flash: Naruto promising to bring Sasuke back to Sakura.

Flash: Naruto coming back from his training trip

Flash: Naruto getting a laugh out of Shino and Neji

Flash: Naruto arguing with Sai

Flash: Naruto and a bored Shikamaru helping Ino in here family's shop

Flash: Naruto and Lee running from a damasked Kakashi.

Flash: Naruto and Chouji having an eating contest at Ichiraku Ramen.

Flash: Naruto giving a sword he found on a mission to TenTen.

All she could do was think about was what Naruto had done for her. FOR ALL OF THEM! It was all any of them could think about

With a look of determination and rage, Sakura punched through the opponent she had been fighting. Looking around she saw who was close enough to help. "Hinata, Lee, Chouji your with me. Shikamaru, Neji, and Gaara clear a path to Sasuke for us." Filled with their guilt, sorrow, and rage they pushed forward. Fighting their way to Naruto's body and to his killer. Turning the tide of the battle in their favor.

Seeing this Sasuke just stood there waiting for them to come. Watching as they destroyed all of his forcesg. There was more where they came from.

When they got close enough Chouji used his family's jutsu to grab Naruto's corpse, acting carefully so not to harm it and further.

Scaning Naruto's body,the med-nin sighed in releif the only real damage was the hand size hole in his chest next to the to scar from the vally of the end. Before giving out the last of her orders. "You three wait here if I should fail, you guys finish the job."

All three with her started to object but stopped when Sakura gave them each a single glance. They could see the determination in here eyes and on her face.

Seeing Sakura walking to him alone Sasuke could only smirk.

"It's time we finished this Sasuke." His name was spoken like a curse. "What are you going to do to me? Even Naruto couldn't beat me. You couldn't even leave his shadow."

Sakura was getting closer she just had to keep Sasuke talking. She only had one shot if she was going to beat him and finish the rest of her plan.

"Your wrong there Sasuke-kun." Sasuke visibly flinched at his name it sounded like an attack in itself.

"I doubt Orochimaru ever told you but Tsunade and Jiraiya both made sure Naruto and I know. Toad beats slug, slug beats snake, snake beats toad." Sakura was almost to Sasuke now. She almost laughed at him, he didn't even have his Sharingan activated. Would have laughed if she didn't feel so guilty and angry.

"Tell me something did Naruto have black crossed eyes or was he glowing yellow?"

"What are you trying to kill me with stupid questions?"

Sakura was right in front of Sasuke now. Within arms length close enough for a punch."I didn't think so, I will tell you something Naruto was holding back, a lot just so he did end your miserable life to keep a promise made but an idiotic girl."

Sasuke's schook froze him. Naruto only died because he was trying not to kill him. That Naruto was really stronger. It couldn't be true he could not be weaker then the blonde.

That was enough for Sakura, smirking she hit Sasuke with a chakra infused punch hard enough to send his chest exploding out his back. She didn't even glance at her handy work. As soon as the punch hit she turned back to the others guarding Naruto's body. When she got to Naruto's corpse she bent down and scanned his body "good theirs still time."

If Sakura bothered to look around she would have seen a hopeful looking Hinata, a perplexed Gaara and everyone else with expressions that showed that they thought she lost it. Sakura took Hinata's hand and asked: "Hinata I need to know do you still love Naruto?"

Without hesitation or doubt, the heiress answered "Hai"

"Good. I need you to promise me you will tell him before his next birthday."

Nervously Hinata replied. "I-I um ah I promise I'll tell Naruto-kun how I I ah feel before his birthday."

Though it came out as barely a whisper all there heard it.

Sakura gave Hinata a big sincere smile.

Lee was the first to find his words, for once without his usual enthusiasm. "Sakura-chan I'm glad that you avenged Naruto but"

Interrupting Lee before he could finish and flashing through hand seals faster than any of them could see, she spoke with great sadness in her voice.

"Avenge Naruto, No I didn't avenge Naruto to do that I would have to go back in time kill mine and Sasuke's family at birth and seal a demon in both of us then tell the whole damn village so that we could go through what Naruto did."

All there shared a look of understanding. Having learned about the Kyuubi years ago. Several even glanced at Gaara knowing he was the only one who could truly understand what Naruto had gone through.

"I can't avenge him but I can take his place."

Hearing this Lee and Neji both moved to stop Sakura, knowing that it would be what friend would want but were stopped by a wall of sand. "Thanks, Gaara."

"No problem Haruno-sama"

Gaara then turned to the others and said, "If you can't just stand by then I suggest that you make sure that the area is clear of enemies." Nobody moved nor had doubts about what was happening. instead stayed but keep a more watch full eye out in case of enemies.

Sakura kept pouring her life force into Naruto as she spoke. "Good, now you can't let him get out of hand. He needs someone to keep him in line. You should have no problem with that. If he gives you any real problems just hit him."

Seeing that Sakura was waiting for a response Hinata tried to reply but froze. Not sure what to say.

"Hinata just trust me on that. You still need to work on that some. Naruto should help a lot with that. Now, remember he may be a lot smarter than he lets on but he is still a baka." Despite the seriousness, everyone but Sakura and Hinata chuckled at this.

Hinata was taking in everything Sakura said as she watched her friend die to bring back the man she loves.

"Now remember to not listen to what the idiots in the village say including those in your clan."

"Hai I will Sakura-san."

"Good girl. Now if you can try to help Chouji and Shikamaru keep Ino inline. Though I suspect the baka here will keep you too busy to do that. I also need you to tell my mom and Tsunade-shisou I'm sorry but this is the best course for everyone. Oh, Ya make sure to tell Kakashi-sensei to at least try to make it to my funeral on time."

Many there were surprised by both the conviction and strength in Hinata's response "I will Sakura-san."

All there could see the color slipping away from Sakura as she worked to retrun Naruto, pouring her life force into him. They could see her breathing becoming more labored as she keeps up passing on her will of fire and saving Naruto.

"Thanks, I hate to dump all this on you but I know I could count on you."

Everyone watched as one shinobi slowly died so another could live. None said a word all to be said had been. As Sakura poured her life into Naruto his wounds slowly began to close. Finally as if seemed like the both were to die Sakura stopped. She then leaned down, kissed Naruto's cheek and whispered: "your welcome you baka."

With that Haruno Sakura apprentice to Tsunade the Godaime Hokage died, so a hero could live.

One week later Hinata came to the top of the Hokage monument, seeing who she had been looking for she nervously approached Naruto. Stopping half way to him she calmed her nerves. She couldn't act like this anymore she promised herself and more importantly Sakura.

"Um ah, so this is where you have been."

Without turning around Naruto replied. "Ya, I kind of needed to be alone."

Since Hinata had helped him so much in the last week Naruto decided to drop his mask. "I also wasn't too sure if the others would want to see me."

Hearing this Hinata wasn't sure how to respond, she knew it wasn't true. Then she decided to do something very unlike herself. "I'm sorry" then Hinata hit Naruto upside the head. Rubbing his head Naruto glanced at Hinata, giving her a small glare before dropping his head and saying "sorry I guess I was acting like a baka."

"It's al-alright N-Naruto-kun. The Hokage was looking for you. I think she wants some help with the negotiations,"

"All right, mind if we just sit here for a little while?"

"O-Ok" she replayed with a small blush, ok small for Hinata that is, she sat down next to Naruto.