Padma didn't like waiting, in fact she hated it. All she wanted was one simple dance and her date wasn't paying attention at all, some exciting Yule Ball this was turning out to be.

She sighed and rested her head in her hands, then glared viciously when her date Run didn't pay the least bit of attention to her. So she began tapping her foot, in hopes he would notice she wanted a dance, but when he did not she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Quickly grabbing his hand Padma pulled him up then dragged him to the dance floor, sputtering the whole way, "W-what are you doing? I was talking to Harry!" She silenced him with a cold stare, "No you were watching that friend of yours." Placing one of his hands on her waist and intertwining her fingers in the other her voice lowers an octave, "Pay attention to me..."

Flushing from the tip of his ears to the hollow of his throat he looks down, murmuring "Excuse me, what did you say?" With a soft sigh he spoke louder, "I'm...not really good at dancing." She smiled softly at his honesty, "Don't worry, I'll tell you what to do."

The next hour passed surprisingly pleasantly in spite of a a few mashed toes. At eleven she takes his hand once more and drags him out to the garden, once there though she doesn't let shyly he gave her hand a soft squeeze, "I'm sorry, about before when I was you know, ignoring you." She felt a slight twang, while earlier it had just annoyed her now it disappointed her. "It's all right, you must really like her..." A shrug was the only reply she got.

Silence fell and stretched awkwardly across several minutes until suddenly Padma felt herself being dragged along for the first time that night. "C'mon I want to show you something." Ron said as he broke into a run, she was barely able to keep up behind him. They left the garden and started to cross the grounds, straight for the lake. He took her to a small overhang above the lake, took off his shoes, and put his feet in the water Padma copied him, her toes only barely skimming the water. It was beautiful the trees and moon reflecting off the water like an intricate painting, for a moment she couldn't speak at all, when she finally could it was in breathless awe. "It's beautiful out here, I've never been out here at night..."

Ron looked down, red right down to his roots once again, "I thought...well I wanted to take you out here." He took in a deep breath to calm himself, "I didn't do very a date earlier, but I really enjoyed myself and was wondering...Would you maybe like to go on another date?" Holding his breath he braced for a rejection, but instead she leaned against him smile playing at her lips, "I think I would like that...very much."