Thank you everyone who has read this story all the way to the end, and not just the first chapter! Thank you everyone who commented on the story and inspired me to continue the story.

Now that the story is done, I want to type more of Amerina, but she's dead so that's a problem.

I have a new story out, Everyone Has a Price. There is also another story called that, but the one that DOES NOT suck and is so awesome is mine (and it says Gemini53095 after it). Check it out please.

I also have another story, The Ultimate Harry Potter Twilight Cross-Over!, it's a crack fanfic, really long (I'm not done with it yet xD), but like I said above I wanted to type more of Amerina but she's dead. Luckily in the world of Crack fanfics, anything is possible! Amerina makes several cameo's in the story and is a major character in a couple chapters. So if you want more Amerina Awesomeness, just read that story.

Any way, thanks all for reading this story!