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The sky was blood red and fire rained down scorching the lands. Rivers of magma flowed down broken, desolate streets. On top of a giant t shaped tower, sat a monstrous and twisted looking demon. His laugh filled the sky, and smaller demons circled around the destroyed city. 4 bodies stood out in particular. They were wearing bright and colorful costumes that contrasted the dark sky. Among the bodies, was a child slumped down, her body shaking with her crying. Another woman stepped out of the gloom, her purple hair flowed in a stale breeze. Then suddenly, she looked straight at the young child and said in an accusing tone, "you could have prevented this, it's all your fault"

"I tried! I tried my hardest"

"You could have kept them alive, you don't deserve to live!" she screamed

She advanced and then raised a fist covered in black energy, then she brought it down with so much force the air crackled. The child screamed the moment before impact and

Raven awoke with a start in a cold sweat and tear stained face to the obnoxious sound of the alarm clock blaring. She slowly sat up and composed herself. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…"

Once she was calm, she got up, rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and walked quietly down the hall, careful not to awaken her fellow teammates. She loved the time of the day that was before all her very loud and slightly annoying friends came and bugged her to no end. And after her nightmare, she didn't know how much she would be able to stand. Especially from Beast Boy who continuously told her dumb jokes while she was trying to do something relaxing, like reading or meditating. Which she desperately needed to do at the moment.

She took a large leather tome off of her dresser then went into the kitchen and started brewing her tea. When it was ready, she poured the water into a cup and put the teabag in the fiercely steaming water.

She sat down on the couch and cracked open the book and started to read from where she had last left off.

"She pulled out her sword and rolled under the dragon to its soft, unprotected belly. She forcefully brought her sword up and-"

The doors opened and in came Robin and Starfire followed by Beast Boy and Cyborg. The latter was arguing furiously about whether or not the eggs and waffles should be tofu.



"No" Replied everyone except Starfire who looked worried.

"Friends, why must you do the fighting?" She asked with concern.

"Beast Boy, we both know where this will end up going." Cyborg said, not even hearing Starfire.

"Where?" Questioned Beast Boy

"A contest!"

"Great idea! I can prove how much better I am then you! But what kind of contest?"

Cyborg glared at Beast Boy who was smiling smugly like he just won the lottery. "Ignoring that, I think we should have a meat eating contest!" shouted Cyborg

"Dude! That's never gonna happen!" yelled Beast Boy

"Fine! How about a water drinking contest?" Said Cyborg with a hint of sadness filling his voice.

A silly grin came across Beast Boy's face. "It's on!" he yelled "I can out chug a rhino!"

"We'll see about that!" Retorted Cyborg.

And just like that, their stupid contest was on. Raven grimaced at the amount of noise they were making looking for a large enough glass to suit their needs; Pots and pans were suffering from irreversible damage as they fell from the top shelves. As the pans continued to fall, she got up and left to take a shower, hoping that their noise would not penetrate the walls.

"Please tell me, what is this chugging of the water?" questioned Starfire.

"Just watch and learn!" Replied Beast Boy smugly.

30 minutes later…

Beast Boy went over to the couch, sat dejectedly down and started to sulk over his loss and sickeningly full bladder. Then, suddenly, he noticed something that took the frown right off his face.

"Dude!" he yelled excitedly as he picked out a CD from deep within the couch cushions.

"Is it Slade?!" Robin stood up, ready for action. Beast Boy, wanting to pull off the ultimate prank with the CD, had to think fast. (Despite popular belief, it's possible! But rarely …)

"Robin, you are way too obsessed with Slade" Beast Boy said, knowingly deflecting the conversation far away from his find.

"No! I'm just cautious is all!" Robin said, a little too forcefully. "And furthermore…" and just like that he was off, trying to defend his sanity, while completely forgetting about Beast Boy's shout.

"thisis my CD of the top ten loudest songs ever! I haven't seen this in years!" Beast Boy delightedly thought to himself as he ignored Robin. "This is gonna be good!"

He quietly started to sneak away to the far side of the room toward the stereo. While Robin, who had seen that Beast Boy wasn't listening, was currently trying to prove his sanity to Cyborg.

When Beast Boy reached the stereo, he slid open the CD cradle and put the disk in. Then, turning the volume to max, he snickered as he pressed play.


A deafening guitar solo accompanied by earsplitting screaming came from the speakers and shook the entire tower down to its foundation.

Raven, who was enjoying her shower, was suddenly very angry as thunderous noises assaulted her eardrums. With her minds eye, she found the source of the noise, and her eyes started to glow black…

"BEAST BOY! SHUT THAT OFF!" Cyborg screamed at the top of his lungs.

Beast Boy, who was standing there laughing, found that the player next to him was suddenly surrounded with dark energy. With a violent explosion that sent him flying, the stereo stopped its violent rampage.

"BEAST BOY, YOU COULD HAVE SERIOUSLY HURT OUR EARS, AND YOUR OWN" Robin lectured, obviously having no sense of how loud his voice was.

"YOU'RE FINALLY GONNA BUY ME THE MOPED?!" Beast Boy screamed, clearly elated.

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID" said Robin.

"WHAT?" screamed Beast Boy.

Robin moved closer and yelled directly into Beast Boy's ear "I SAID NO!"

"NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT, ALL THAT WATER MADE ME HAVE TO PEE" Beast Boy replied, and then left toward the bathroom.

"TO WHERE IS FRIEND BEAST BOY GOING?" asked Starfire curiously.

"SOMETHING ABOUT A TUBA" replied Cyborg.

Beast Boy, who was now starting to feel the effects of 150 decibels blasting into his ears, was gently rubbing them and mumbling loudly to himself. "OWWWW, MY POOR EARS….." he was so absorbed in self pity and so busy feeling sorry for himself, that he made too early of a turn. (Everyone has made a mistake in their own house. This one time, I wanted to go into my sisters' room and I ended up in-oops! I'm interrupting the story!) When he arrived at the door labeled 'restroom', he tore open the door and stepped inside.

He looked up, and then saw Raven standing there in the shower. It was like his best dream come true! His jaw went slightly slack as he looked at her body. He stared at her soft skin, and slowly moved his eyes down the gentle slope of her breasts. His eyes lingered and then continued there downward trek. They wandered down her body, to her waist, with perfect hips, and he couldn't take his eyes off as he started to go even lower. A small "wow" of awe at her beauty escaped his lips.

Of course, at that time, a small 'wow' to his came out a little louder due to ear damage.

Raven was enjoying her shower now that the very annoying music had been disposed of. She started to go into a slight meditation and was feeling very comfortable and-


Raven looked over and saw Beast Boy standing there and staring at her, mouth slightly agape, and eyes staring right at her lower half.

In one second, her blissful happiness was replaced by blind rage. Her eyes grew the darkest shade of black and they threatened to consume the very light around them. Hundreds of objects could be heard breaking and overturning throughout the whole tower, as glass shattered and furniture was thrown.

"BEASSTT BOOOY!" she yelled so loud that even Beast Boy with his impaired ears could hear her.

He looked up in a daze seeming to awestruck to register what was about to happen to him.

Raven now had black swirls about her as she grabbed Beast Boy with magic and flung him forcefully through the small bathroom window.

A few miles past the tower, a stunned Beast Boy hit the water with an incredible amount of force. "Uggghhh" he said as he surfaced. Then the realization of what just happened struck him. "RAVENS GONNA KILL ME!" he screamed in a frightened high pitch tone. "I am so dead! What am I going to do?" he questioned himself. "Ill just give her some time to cool down," he said "Ya! That's what ill do! She won't be that mad." but his delusions didn't even convince himself. And suddenly he noticed that his uniform was a bit tight in the lower parts. He guiltily looked down and muttered to himself "Ravens not the only one who needs a cool down"