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"Well that didn't go as well as planned," Cyborg said, pulling himself from the wreckage of the kitchen. "Those eggs were terrible!" He shook his head and threw away the remains of the monster. "She didn't even make me any bacon." Behind him, Starfire and Robin were recovering from the ordeal.

"What was that thing?" Robin asked, breathing heavily. "And how did it get into the tower?"

"Oh, ummm." Cyborg paused to think. He didn't want Robin catching wind of his blackmailing; he might put a stop to it. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head. "I was just trying to cook some breakfast in peace, when I grabbed one of Starfire's weird ingredient from the fridge! Before I knew it, my breakfast was trying to eat me!"

Robin turned to the alien and gave her a stern look. "Starfire, what have I told you about leaving your food around the tower? We can't have this happening all of the time." Starfire looked down at the floor in shame.

"I am sorry friends, I did not wish to cause you pain." She spoke softly. Upon hearing her tone, Cyborg started to feel guilty. He shouldn't have been pinning this on Starfire. But then the thought of Beast Boy and Raven in their maids outfits popped into his head and he felt a new determination well up within him. It was for the greater good! He would make it up to Starfire later.

"Uh, It's OK Starfire," Robin chimed in, his 'stern leader' facade quickly dropped when he looked at Starfire's saddened expression. He put a hand on her shoulder. "Just try to keep that stuff in your room, alright?" He gave her a smile and she started to perk up. Her face resumed it's usual cheery appearance and she gave a vigorous nod.

"I shall!" Robin gave her another nod, and then looked around the room, as if noticing something was missing.

"Where are Beast Boy and Raven?" He asked. "Didn't they hear the alarm? Why aren't they here?"

Cyborg started to grow nervous again. "Wow, that is weird." He said with false sincerity. "You know what? I'll go check on them!" Before Robin could say anything, Cyborg rushed out of the room. Robin looked after him in confusion, but soon shook his head and turned to survey the damage done in the kitchen.

"Guess we better clean this up..." He muttered.

Beast Boy and Raven stepped out of the dark portal and onto the solid floor beneath them. Beast Boy let out a gasp and a small shudder. Raven shot him a strange look and he gave her a sheepish smile in return.

"Hehe, I always forget how weird it feels to go through one of those" Raven looked at him flatly and he gulped. "Well, not that It's a bad thing! It's just cold and dark and scary-" Raven continued to give him a blank stare and he paused for a second as his words caught up to him. "Ahh, you know what? I'll just shut up now." Seemingly satisfied with that response, Raven turned from him and walked over to her dresser. Wait- her dresser? Beast Boy looked around and gulped again, realizing where he was.

'Ahhhh! I'm in Raven's room! She's gonna kill me for sure!" He stood frozen to the spot as Raven took out a spare eyes followed her fearfully around the room. Finally, she looked back over to him and rolled her eyes.

"Why are you just standing there?" She questioned.

"Well... It's just... I'm never allowed in here or anything..." She walked up to him and he let out a yelp and cowered down, his hands in front of his face. "Make it quick!" He shouted out dramatically. Raven reached down and smacked him upside the head. He cringed and waited for more, but when nothing came, he peeked open one eye.

"I brought you in here, idiot." She said. "Even I wouldn't punish you for that."

"Ohh..." Beast Boy said. He got up and straightened out his skirt. "Say, you wouldn't mind sending me to my room in one of those portals, wouldja? I don't wanna go running around the tower in this." She stared over at him for a few moments before shaking her head slightly. "What, why not?!" He asked. "Come on, you can't just leave me like this!" He motioned down to his clothes.

She was silent for a moment, but finally, she spoke up."It's not safe" She practically whispered.

"But you teleport us all the time! You just did it a couple minutes ago!" Beast Boy gave her a quizzical look.

"Recently, my powers have been a little...Unstable. Well, more than usual." She added. "When I teleported us earlier, I was there to anchor the magic, but if I sent you on your own, I don't know what might happen." Beast Boy grew worried and he took a step closer to the empath.

"Raven, are you-?" He began.

"I'm fine." She cut him off. "I just need some time to figure out what's happening. Just don't tell Robin in the meantime, I would rather he didn't know just yet." He looked at her with concern and gave her a small nod.

"Sure Rae." He said. "But you know we're all here to help if you need it..."

"Raven." She corrected him. "And I know. I just need a couple of weeks.

"Alright" He said doubtful. There was an uncomfortable silence that was finally broken by Raven.

"I need to change. Get out." She said bluntly.

Beast Boy looked at her in shock. "Do you see what I am wearing?!" He gestured to his clothes again. "I'm not setting foot outside until I have some real clothes on!"

"Well, I'm not changing with you in here." She fired back.

"Is someone a little shy?" He taunted, wiggling his eyebrows. "It is understandable though. I'm pretty sexually intimidating." He flexed his non-existent muscles and struck a few poses.

"Yes." Raven said. "Especially in the dress."

"It's a skirt!" Beast Boy defended, crossing his arms over his chest and giving a 'hmph!'

"Getting manlier by the second." She retorted flatly. He turned away from her and gave another 'hmph.'

"Whatever. I'm still not going out there!" He stated defiantly. He felt a cold chill wrap around him and he looked down, surprised to see his body enveloped by Raven's dark magic. He let out a manly, high-pitched squeal and started to squirm against her grip. "No! You can't make me! I wont do it!" He protested, fighting the magic the whole way.

She threw him into her closet and the door slammed closed behind him. Beast Boy landed with a thud and a pile of neatly folded clothes fell off a shelf and burred him. "Stay in there while I change." She said. "If you so much as touch that door knob, you're a dead man. Got it?" She asked, leaving no room for argument.

"Yeah, mom." Beast Boy mumbled, untangling himself from the clothes.

"What was that?" Raven asked angrily from the other side of the door.

"Yes! Got it!" Beast Boy hastily shouted back.

"Good." Raven said. She went back to the uniform she had taken from her dresser.

"Jeez, didn't have to throw me so hard." Beast Boy whined quietly as he shoved the pile of clothes away from himself. "Aw man, Raven is so gonna blame me for knocking all these over." He began to fold the clothes and stack them back up. He reached into the pile and pulled out a shirt. "Always poor Beast Boy's fault. Never get cut any slack around here..."

He continued to complain and reached into the pile again. "So unfair, it's not like-" He stopped dead when he looked down at what he had just grabbed. Curiously, he unwaded it and held it up to confirm what he was his suspicions. Yep. Black, lacy underwear. He felt the heat rise in his face and he froze, unable to move. 'She's kill me this time for sure!' He thought to himself. 'I should put these back quickly and just forget I ever saw them!' Still, he found himself unable to move. His blush deepened and he felt his blood rushing, uh- somewhere else. Suddenly, the door opened behind him with a loud creak.

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