Chapter Eighteen

Her eyes jolted open to see those glow in the dark stars on the dark ceiling similar to the ones she had in her old room.

Kat groggily pulled the covers back and let her feet touch down on the plushy carpeted floor, "Hello" she calls out while walking to the door cautiously her hunter senses at full alert, "Fitz!" again there was no answer, "Sam! Dean!" she turned the hallway only to pause at a photo hanging on the wall.

Staring back at her was the image of her mother and father at the hospital the day she was born taken a few hours before Melinda Price died due to complications while giving birth or at least that's what she found out form the death certificate.

A familiar scent of old spice lead Katherine towards a door that sent her flashing back to her childhood causing her heart to flip when she pushed open the door to see a ghost.

"Daddy?" she asks stunned to see her father standing right in front of her sporting the same old battered military jacket and Rush shirt he always wore on hunts, "Is that really you?"

He just smiles and nods with a tear falling down his face, "It's me kiddo." She rushes into his arms clinging to him tightly never wanting to let go.

"Let me get a good look at you." He says pulling away looking her over while moving a piece of hair out of the way, "You look almost as beautiful as your mother. But if I know my little girl you still got that Price attitude." They share a chuckle and embrace again praying that their reunion wouldn't be cut short.

"Where am I? How did I get here?"

Arthur just smiled and replied, "There's plenty of time for questions later." He walks towards the small collapsible table he kept in the back of his pickup that he used for planning out a hunting trip, "Do you know where you are?"

Kat looks around soaking it all in, "This was the place we rented for a year when I was ten. One of the only times we've ever stayed in one place long enough to have a normal life." A memory hits her causing a smile to spread across her face, "Remember Christmas? You tried to cook a turkey and ended up almost setting the house on fire."

"We went out afterwards and ate turkey sandwiches from the deli." He finished off the memory before a sad look crossed over his face, "I hoped that you would never have to hunt like I did and your grandmother did before me but after your mother died hunting was the only thing keeping me from going crazy half the time." He pauses knowing that this might be the last time in a while that he would see his child ever again, "Did I do right by you?"

She walks over placing a hand over his giving it a tight squeeze, "You raised me well and if it wasn't for all your training I would've died that night with you."

He clears his throat clearing trying to hide the fact that his eyes were watering at the pain his little girl must've went through waking up to see his lifeless body laying in a pool of blood, "I'm sorry that I left you on your own like that. The demon got the drop on me by using you as a weapon."

"We're together that's all that matters now."

Arthur gave her a look that caused the smile on her face to disappear when a suddenly forcing began pulling her back. He immediately grabs both her arms tightly looking her dead straight in the eyes as he said, "We don't have a lot of time. You have to find your mother. I don't know how or why but she's been resurrected and is going to die very soon if you don't get to her in time."

"I don't wanna lose you again." She states through the tears grabbing onto him tightly as the force became stronger and Arthur Price pulled away again with a sad look in his eyes, "It's not your time yet honey." He says placing a kiss on her forehead, "Remember what I taught you and know that I'll always be watching over you no matter what."

Suddenly a blinding white light causes her grip to weaken and shield her eyes until finally…

Dean and Sam jumped up immediately out of their seats when Katherine's eyelids began to open and close, "Sammy go get the doctor." The younger Winchester boy runs out of the room in search of a physician.

Strength began to fill her body and her hand reached over to pull the IV from her hand which caused her to wince but she just moved to rip the oxygen tube that was around her head letting it hang from the bed as she pulled the covers from the bed and set her bare feet down on the cold tile of the hospital floor.

"What do you think your doing!" Dean exclaims after walking back into the room to see her up and about to reach for the plastic bag full of her bloody clothes when she noticed her father's medal laying on the small tray with a post it attached to it reading: YOU FORGET SOMETHING- Fitz.

She smiled and began wrapping the leather band around her wrist in a makeshift bracelet before grabbing her clothes, "We've got a few minutes before the doc shows up and about an hour until the cops come to ask questions about what happened. I suggest you heat up the Impala by time I'm done cause we're gonna have to get out of here pretty fast."

"What do you mean?"

She looked back at him and stated with a rather calm voice despite the fact that she was almost died a couple hours ago, "I'm wanted for arson, weapon possession and assaulting an officer in five states."

Dean couldn't responds when the bathroom door just closed leaving him in the empty hospital room alone, "Chicks" his mutters frustrated while pulling out the keys to the impala and racing out the door.

Melinda woke up to see that she was no longer bound to the table and that her wounds had healed, "I assured Lilith that you wouldn't try to escape." Derek's voice calls out from behind causing her to turn around to face her abandoned son, "It's the least I can do for the woman who gave me life."

She slowly rises from allowing circulation to go back into her legs as she secretly reaches towards the area littered with bloody weapons and picks up a sharp curved blade, "If I hadn't left you maybe we wouldn't be here right now and for that I'm sorry."

He just laughs, "You're sorry? This is the best thing to ever happen to me, I'm one step closer to my destiny and erasing all traces of my humanity."

"Lilith won't give you what you want. She's only using you like she does with every other pour sap looking to sell their soul and besides you don't have the proper incantation to finish the ritual." She grips the blade tightly as she advances towards him, "Katherine will find me before you can even find the book and finish what I couldn't do." She grabs him with surprising strength and stabs him with the curved blade where she then twisted it causing a jolt of pain to spread through out his entire body, "I'm sorry Derek. I only wanted the best for you but clearly that wasn't enough." She kisses him on the cheek and lets his body to slump to the floor bleeding profusely as she limps over and grabs her coat only to be grabbed from behind by Derek, "Looks like I underestimated how much of my blood you've taken in." she jabs him in his knife wound twisting his arm snapping it before punching him in the face.

Derek fell to the floor again as a blinding white hot pain coursed his body and he looked at Melinda surprised to see that her eyes had changed taking on the same black eyes as the demons he was working with, "I would really like to send your soul to hell right now but I'm not in the business in killing anymore. Your sister will decide your fate."

The invisible weight is lifted off his chest and he sits up to see that she has vanished, "Damn it"

It had been a couple months since the Gordon incident and the wound hadn't fully healed all the way probably leaving a scar after it was done.

The trio had numerous encounters with Bela Talbot much to her chagrin, the last one ending with her stealing the colt resulting in a divert from their original plans in a bid to track her down.

Now in a rundown motel, a silver chalice stood in the center of the bed as Kat stood in a circle of salt while she pulled out her father's knife and cut the palm of her hand allowing the blood to drip into the chalice.

The blood sits at the bottom and Kat wrapped her hand tightly to stop further bleeding as she reached down to pick up her little black book which was full of rituals and spells one in particular to communicate with the dead.

She starts speaking in French followed by a few phrases in Latin but nothing happens and she begins flipping through the pages again trying to figure out what went wrong when a knock on the door caused her to stop and look towards the door cautiously, "Who is it?"

"It's Sam. Dean and I caught wind of Bela's whereabouts."

Letting out a silent curse she exited the circle and went to open the door making sure to keep the door cracked so the young hunter wouldn't see what she was doing, "Where is it?"


"Why don't you guys head on down and if you need me just give me a call."

"Are you sure?" Sam asked clearly concerned for his friend's wellbeing, "I know how much you've wanted to help us…"

"I'm fine Sammy. You two are much better off on your own right now." She cuts him off before he had the chance to finish; "Besides I don't think Dean would like it if you dragged me on another hunt after how the last one ended."

"Well to be fair that wasn't entirely your fault. Bela got the drop on you, it's not your fault the colt was stolen."

"No but I'm sure gonna enjoy kicking her ass for that." She clenches her bandaged hand hidden behind the door, "You boys be safe. Don't want Bobby yelling at me because you two boneheads died."

Sam just laughed and said goodbye leaving the huntress alone to her work, "Something's missing." She says to herself grabbing the book and reading the pages back to back until finally finding what she did wrong, "Damn it!" she exclaims throwing the book against the wall letting it land with a loud thump against the carpeted floor, "Cant get anything right these days." She rubs her still healing neck causing her neck to pop in the process while she walked back towards the circle only to fall to her knees in pain almost like her head was on fire.

A woman walked towards her on a dark crossroads with a motherly smile on her face, "Mom!" Kat exclaims running towards her only to pause when she see Derek appear behind Melinda with the colt in his hands where he quickly pulled back the hammer and fired a bullet into her mother's heart, "No!" she runs faster making sure to pull her father's knife from its holster to see Derek looming over the fallen body, "Get away from her you son of a bitch." She threatens pointing the blade at him.

Derek looked back at his sister with a sad expression on his face, "It had to end like this Katie. She had to die before the deal ended to get the plan in motion."

"What plan!"

"The first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in Hell. As he breaks, so shall it break."

Stepping closer she presses the blade against his chest wanting to get revenge for her mother, "What the hell are talking about?"

He just smiled and replied, "The apocalypse." He punches her in the face causing her to fall back but quickly catches her preventing her from falling, "We all have a part to play sister. If only you had agreed to join me when I offered, all of this could've been prevented." He moves a strand of hair out of the way looking down at his sister with genuine affection before disappearing into the night.

The sound of something ringing caused a disoriented Katherine to open her eyes and rub her sore head as she looked around the empty room confused when notices her phone blinking about missed messages.

Slowly rising from the floor to grab her phone, the hunter is surprised to hear that Sam and Dean have been arrested by the feds after being set up by Bela, "Damn" she whispers deleting the message before dialing a number, "Sparky it's me…I need to cash in a favor."

Dean and Sam perked their heads up at the sound of heels clacking against the cold floor of the police station followed by the sound of a very pissed off woman who was yelling orders at an unfortunate deputy.

Smiles appeared simultaneously on their faces when Kat appeared in the doorway dressed in a pinstriped suit and tight skirt with her hair tied in a ponytail and topped off the appearance with dark frames, "Your lawyer's here to see you." The deputy grumbled before walking away leaving the hunters to talk.

"How in the hell did you find us?" the elder Winchester asked almost surprised to see her while masking the amusement on his face as he checked out her outfit, "Not that I'm complaining but the second they find out that your not a lawyer they'll put you in here with us."

"Nice to see that you care Dean." She smirks before reaching into her bag to pull out a business card with the name Laurie Crane Attorney at Law written on the card very authentically, "My dad always told me if you were ever gonna impersonate a law official then you've got to back it up." She followed that sentence by pulling out her license for practicing law which surprised the boys even further because of it authenticity, "Fitz and I met this guy who runs a fake id and passport scam for hunters until he nearly got his head blown off by a disgruntles costumer. He's been making stuff for us ever since and manages to make a pretty penny out of it too."

Dean tried to hide his jealousy and simply shrugged it off, "Can you get us out of here?" Sam asks after noticing the look that crossed his brother's face, "Bela still has the colt and we need to find it before she sells it or worse hands it over to a demon."

"I tried to tell you boys that this would happen. She's always looking out for herself even if it means screwing over friends…I should've shot the bitch when I had the chance." She looks over towards the nearly empty station room and Agent Henriksen who was keeping an eye on their conversation, "Cant bust you out with the feds on our ass like this but I…" she stopped when the sound of a helicopter could be heard landing outside the station, "Shit" she curses to herself.

A few minutes later a new guy who clearly worked for the FBI stepped in looking from Kat to the Winchesters before closing the door behind him where he traded words with Dean before pulling out a gun and silencer and shot Dean.

Sam raced to get the gun from his hands when the deputy director's eyes turned black, Kat dropped her things and quickly held the guy in place while Sam began exorcising the demon who at first reacted violently until he stopped and stared straight at Sam, "Sorry. Got to cut this short but it's gonna be a long night, fellas." Throwing his head back the demon removed itself from the host and disappeared into the air vent.

The agent and deputies filed in with their guns drawn at all three, "Get your damn hands off me." She exclaimed fighting off one of the deputy's and breaking his nose while Sam put the gun down and told them to look at the body for a bullet wound to prove that they didn't kill him.

Gripping his gunshot wound Dean called out from behind the bars, "He's probably been dead for months." The men looked at them in disbelief while the hunters tried to explain the situation to no result.

When one of the guys tried to radio in for the chopper there was nothing but static on the other end causing even more confusion especially when the two men assigned to check out the situation didn't come back and sounds of screams could be heard.

"Shit" Kat curses and immediately looks at the boys knowing that something very bad was going to happen.