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Squad Unit 19.


Minnie Mouse couldn't believe it. No matter how hard she tried not to the cruel reality was there. Her heart didn't want to believe it. No matter how much she didn't want to believe it things kept reminding her of the awful truth. She didn't want to believe it. Her heart just wouldn't do it. She was on her way to see her love, Mickey Mouse. But it was in a way that she would have given anything for it not to be...

She was on her way to his funeral.

She was driving down to the church were it was being held, tears rolling down her cheeks. In the passenger seat next to her was a box of memoirs: Pictures, letters and other items he had given her that she treasured so dearly. The radio was on in her car to try to help her deal. Then Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood started to play. Every word tugged at her heart and soul, though her heart had died along with her lover. Her husband, her love, her best friend, her heart, soul, world and her life was gone. Her heart, soul, world and life had been shattered into a million pieces when he died.

"Why, Mickey...? Why did you have to go...?" she asked quietly as though he were there next to her. Tears rained down her cheeks and soaked her eyes as she drove. Minnie never thought this would happen. She had no idea that when Mickey went to work that morning that his life, as well as hers, that theirs, would end.

Mickey had taken a part time job at the police department working as a beat cop from time to time. He kept up his undercover detective work, but he would work as a patrol officer too. He would mainly work whenever Chief O'Hara would increase patrols or when a few officers couldn't come to work for whatever reason. Minnie too had taken the same job with Mickey so they could work together. She, like him, had kept up her undercover detective work but worked as a patrol officer alongside Mickey. It was fun for both of them. Plus, she liked that it wasn't as dangerous as doing undercover work, which made him safer, and her more comfortable with it.

There were some times that he would insist that she stay home though. She never liked the idea of staying home and letting him work alone, but she occasionally did. It wasn't that she didn't trust him. She did trust him. With all her heart. It was everyone else and everything else she didn't trust. He would always call her and let her know if he would be late and when he was on his way home.

Then came that dreaded day. It was one of those days she had stayed home at his request.

She was cleaning their house. Feather dusting, cleaning with Windex and Lysol. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. She always had that fear that something could happen but she never wanted to think about it. Naturally an uneasy feeling came into the pit of her stomach. She stepped over to the door and opened it to find Chief O'Hara standing there. And when she saw the saddened expression on his face she knew then something was wrong. She began to get nervous, she began to shake and her heart began to beat faster.

"Minnie, could you sit down?" he asked her. The tone of his voice sent an alarm off in her brain. She suddenly began to feel light-headed and sick to her stomach.

"W-what's wrong, Chief?" she asked shakily.

"Please, Minnie, just please sit down," he told her. Minnie had never seen the Chief this hurt in her life, which made her even more concerned.

"Chief, what's wrong?" she asked, more firmly but still shakily. Defeated, O'Hara reached into his pocket and pulled something out.

"I'm sorry, Minnie," he said sorrowfully. He sighed and held out his hand. Minnie's eyes widened, her bottom lip begun to quiver and tears began to sting her brown eyes when she saw Mickey's name plate and badge. His badge had a spot or two of blood on it. His blood. She was in complete shock. She suddenly stopped breathing and started to faint. O'Hara had to grab her arm to keep her from falling. He led her over to her couch and sat her down. She regained her what senses she had left and slowly took Mickey's badge and name plate into her hands. She clutched them in her hands against her chest as tears begun to stream down her cheeks. The young brunette mouse was heartbroken. She knew then... he wasn't coming home.

"I... I have to see him," she uttered through her tears.

"I don't know if-"

"Please, Chief. I have to see him!" she pleaded. He nodded. O'Hara led her to his patrol car and drove her to the hospital. On the way, he glanced over at her. She just sat there, looking down at the badge and plate she had in her hands, which were palm-up on her lap. She was in shock. She looked as though she were in a trance. She hadn't said a word since they left. He felt sorry for her. He couldn't imagine the pain and suffering she was going through. Minnie tried to be strong. Mickey always was her reason for being strong. But without him, she didn't have a reason. She tried to fight back the tears but she couldn't. She cried the whole way to the hospital.

About half way into the drive, Minnie's voice broke the silence that had fell inside the squad car.

"What happened to him?" Her voice was low, sounded weak and she didn't even look up. He turned to her briefly before answering.

"He, uh... he initiated a traffic stop on a car that he clocked going over the speed limit. He got out, went up to the car and asked for the guy's licence and registration." He paused there for a second and looked at the young mouse in the passenger seat. She was still looking down to her lap and had the badge and plate clutched tightly in her hand, as if she was afraid that if she lost them that she'd lose the only thing she had left of him. O'Hara turned back to the road and continued. He feared to tell her the rest of the story. It was something even he wanted to forget.

"Then what?" Again, her voice was barely audible and she never budged in her seat. The Chief sighed and continued.

"The guy pulled out a gun and opened fire." He saw Minnie cringe at those words. He hated to tell her that. "His bullet-proof vest kept the bullets from hitting his chest. But one of the bullets hit his lower abdomen, just below his vest. He called for backup and the paramedics arrived in just a couple minutes. But he was bleeding too badly. I rode in the ambulance with him. The paramedics did everything they could to stop the bleeding but he... he lost too much blood. He told me to tell you something, Minnie." Minnie looked up to the Chief at those words. "He told me to tell you that he loves you so much and that he'll always be with you." Minnie managed a weak smile at that. Then she turned back to her lap where she kept her gaze fixated for the remainder of the trip. When they arrived at the hospital, Minnie found her way to Mickey's room. When she walked into her companions room it immediately felt like her heart had been ripped out of her chest and thrown into a grinder.

There he lay. On a cold table. A single white sheet was pulled up to his chest, leaving only his head, arms and hands exposed. His eyes were closed. He looked cold and pale. It felt like someone had punched Minnie in her stomach, hard. She couldn't stand the sight of him lying there like that.

She slowly stepped over to his bed where his lifeless body lay, her legs shaking with every step. She saw that he was no longer hooked to any monitors. Tears fell freely from her eyes. She was shaking all over, her legs felt weak, she felt sick to her stomach and her heart felt empty. The closer she got the more her heart hurt. The sight of his pale, lifeless and cold body was the most heart-wrenching thing she could ever see. This wasn't a nightmare, it was torment. She stepped over to his bed and sat down in the chair next to his bed, taking his hand into hers and gripping it.

She instantly felt how cold his hand was. His once warm touch that could always make her melt was cold as ice, and it hurt her. She noticed his skin. His black skin was now a lighter shade than it used to be. She looked at his face. His once handsome, beautiful and loving face was now cold, pale and lifeless. And his peach colored face was now paler too.

"Mickey...?" she whispered with her shaky voice. She had just a little hope left in what few pieces of her heart remained that maybe, just maybe, he was still alive. But there was no response.

"Please wake up, baby..." She began to lose control. She began to shake and cry harder as reality begun to sink in. She gripped his hand tighter and gave it a gentle shake.

"Mickey, please don't die! I need you and love you so much. Please don't leave me! I can't live without you! I don't want to live without you!" she begged him desperately through her tears. Her heart, her life, everything was in shambles. She raised a shaky hand to his cheek and touched it. It too felt colder.

"Mickey, please come back to me... Don't leave me here without you..." she pleaded as she stroked his cheek. Again, nothing. His eyes were closed for good. Mickey, Minnie's love, best friend, companion, heart, soul, world and life was gone. When he died, her heart and soul went with him. He took all of her with him when he left. By now her crying was uncontrollable. She gripped his hand in hers tightly as she rested her head on his chest and continued to weep. She could no longer feel his heartbeat. Before, his heartbeat could sooth and relax her, and it could always help lull her to sleep. But now it only pained her to rest her head on his chest knowing that she would never hear it again. She leaned up and kissed him softly on his lips. They were cold as well. Normally, his warm lips would send enjoyable sensations flooding through her. But now they were just cold and didn't return her kiss like they usually would. She pulled back and stroked the side of his head with her hand as she gripped his hand in her other.

"I love you, Mickey. I always will," she whispered through her sobs. She felt cold, scared and alone. She didn't want to face this world without him by her side. She couldn't. She didn't want to. Not without him. She rested her head on his chest, slumped her upper torso over his and gripped his hand as she cried hysterically and uncontrollably over his body.

That was three days ago.

That night it was too hard for Minnie to sleep in her and Mickey's bed. With so many memories of them sleeping together in their bedroom, she couldn't do it. All the times they had breakfast in bed, talked, made love, slept together... The memories were too much for her heart to bear. She laid in their guestroom bed, holding a picture of Mickey as she cried herself to sleep. The next day she had to pick out his casket. How she hated that word. She picked out the best coffin she could afford and chose to have his body put in a steel vault. His first and second wake service was very hard on her. She cried through both, and it was all she could do to keep from going to pieces. When they were over, she didn't want to leave. She didn't want to leave him there. She wanted to take him home, with her. She wanted to stay there with him. And now she was on her way to his funeral. The last day she would see his body. The last day she would see him in person. She cried the whole way to the church.

She pulled into the church parking lot. It was the same church they said their vows in. The church where they tied their lives together. Now it was where their lives were being torn apart. They made a promise to be together till deathdid they part. For Minnie, that came way too soon. She saw the hearse sitting outside with Chief O'Hara'spolice car parked in front of it. She couldn't stand the sight of the gold hearse. She gave it a glare out of her tear-filled eyes as she got out of her car. She got the bouquet of plastic red roses out of the passenger seat. She knew the plastic ones would last longer than the real ones. She gathered herself together and made her way to the front of the church. Her legs were shaking, her stomach felt like it was upside-down, she felt light-headed. It was taking all the strength she could muster to make the dreaded trek. She just wanted to wake up from this horrible nightmare.

Minnie took a shaky and shuddering breath as she opened the door and stepped into the lobby of the church. There were a few people standing in it talking to one another. As the young mouse entered it felt like all eyes were on her. As she approached them they would offer her their hand and she would shake it, and they would give their condolences. She opened the door that led into the church itself. She saw a lot of people sitting in the seats. There wasn't an empty seat to be found. Minnie couldn't help but crack a small smile. Her mouse certainly was popular. Besides his family and friends, there were a good number of the police department present as well. Since Mickey had been an amateur detective, Chief O'Hara had given him a law enforcement funeral with full honers. Minnie couldn't thank O'Hara enough for that. She couldn't help but smile. Her mouse was very well loved. And no one loved him like she did.

But her smile faded as she looked down the isles to the gold casket. In it lay everything dear and precious to her. Her heart, her soul, her world and her life all lay inside that coffin. She felt the tears begin to run down her cheeks again. Suddenly, she heard the trumpets start to play and it hit her hard again. She felt a tight feeling in her chest, and it felt like she was smothering. The roses fell out of her hands and landed on the floor as she tried to keep herself from passing out. She took a few deep breaths as she placed her hands on her chest and tried to pull herself together. After taking several deep inhales and exhales the tight and smothering feelings in her chest began to go a way a little. She bent down, picked up the roses and began to walk down the center of the isles. She made her way up to the front and sat down in the front row of seats, tears streaming down her cheeks. She just couldn't believe it.

"Why'd you have to go, Mickey? I was counting on us being together forever. Why'd you have to leave me?" Minnie whispered low. No one else heard her. A rather large white sheet lowered above the casket, the lights dimmed and they began to show a slide-show featuring different pictures of Mickey. Pictures of him alone, with his family, his friends, with Minnie. She wanted them to do the slide-show for him. Minnie couldn't help but smile through all the pictures. Such wonderful memories... Seeing them brought back a warmth in her heart that she hadn't felt since the last time he was alive and she was with him. The slide-show ended several minutes later. The lights brightened up and the screen rose back up. And Minnie was once again faced with reality. The preacher stood up and requested that everyone bow their heads and pray. Minnie bowed her head and said a prayer. Tears dripped from her eyes onto her lap. Once the preacher finished, the congregation stood up and begun to sing. To Minnie, it was the saddest and most heart tugging song she had ever heard.

Minnie would give anything for Mickey to climb out of that casket, be okay, take her in his arms and caress all the hurt, pain and fear away. But she knew that wasn't possible. So she just continued to cry her heart out. She just sat there with her head dropped down as tears poured down her cheeks. Once the funeral was over, everyone began to go up and look at Mickey's body. Before they left, they would stop by Minnie, hug her or shake her hand, and give their condolences. Many of them would mention how much of a good person Mickey was. But none of them knew him like she did. She knew him better than anyone. He wasn't a good person... he was a wonderful person. He was a wonderful husband, friend and lover. Everybody loved being around him. Especially her. He was more than just a person to her. He was her everything. He was everything to her. He was her Mickey.

After everybody left, Minnie, Chief O'Hara and a female officer were the only people left. O'Hara and the other officer stayed behind with Minnie to make sure that if she passed out again someone would be there to wake her up. Minnie got up and walked slowly up to the gold casket that contained her lovers body. She began to shake and her legs felt weak as she stepped up to the casket and peered inside at his cold, pale, lifeless body. It felt like she had been punched in her stomach, hard. Her heart felt empty. The biggest piece of her heart was gone. Mickey was half of Minnie's heart. When he died he took half of her heart with him. And she knew her heart would never be complete until they were together again. The half of her heart that remained wouldn't be complete without him. Her other half. It was as if her heart and soul had been robbed of their very essence. She slowly placed a shaking hand on his cheek and stroked it. She tried to pull herself together what little bit she could. She was trying to be strong. She sniffed before she spoke. She tried to find the words she wanted to say but her tears had created a lump in her throat. With a shaky voice, she spoke to him.

"Mickey... I miss you, baby." She sniffed. "I miss you and love you so much. I don't know what I'm gonna do without you..." She gently lifted his hand and placed the roses gently under it, then let it rest on top of them. She stroked his hand as she looked back up at him. Her young and fragile heart was aching and shattering in her chest. Her words were shaky and her voice was shuddering. She was having a hard time speaking. All she felt like doing was crying. She just wanted to hold him and never let go. Her bottom lip quivered with every word she spoke.

"You were the only guy I ever loved, Mickey. You were the only guy for me. And you'll always be the only guy for me and the only guy I'll ever love." She sniffed and wiped her eyes. "I promise I'll never date again. I gave you my heart and you still have it." She managed a small smile. "No other guy will ever get a piece of me. I'm still yours, Mickey. I'll never date again, and I'll never give anyone a chance. I'm yours forever." She placed her hand on his cheek. "Please wait for me. I know you're an angel now, and I know you're looking down on me. Will you wait for me? So we can be together again?"

Minnie reached into the roses and pulled out a small picture of her and him together. She looked at it and couldn't help but smile. But then her smile faded. How much she was smiling then. And now she had lost her reason to. She laid it next to his head. It was all the strength she could muster to hold herself even partly together. She started to break down. She began to cry again as she took his hand into hers and gripped it. Her heart was becoming heavier. Her strength was leaving her. Mickey's cold, pale, lifeless body was the most heart-wrenching sight she could see. He was her strength. When he left he took her strength. Now she only had a little left. And it was leaving her.

"Mickey..." She couldn't take it anymore. The tight and smothering feeling returned to her chest. She couldn't stand seeing him like this. She couldn't stand being without him. These last few days had been the worst of her life. How could she endure more? It felt like a dagger to her already broken heart.

"Mickey!" she cried as she gripped his hand tighter. "Please don't go! Please don't leave me!" She slumped over the casket and his body as she began to cry uncontrollably. Perhaps the hardest she's cried yet. Her hysterical sobs and whimpers could be heard over the whole church. Chief O'Hara and the other officer stepped closer to her. The female cop placed her hand on the shoulder of the broken brunette and began to pat it a little. It took both officers several minutes of consoling her before they could even get her to stand up. Minnie's crying calmed down just a little, allowing her to stand. The officer motioned for them to leave. Minnie glanced up to them for just a moment with tear-stained cheeks, and sad and flooding eyes before turning back to the body in the coffin. She leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Mickey's lips.

"I love you, Mickey. I always will," she whispered. Pulling back, she sniffed, wiped her eyes and turned to the exit doors. The female officer took the arm of the young mouse and led her out of the church. In that one-second moment that O'Hara saw Minnie's eyes he noticed something different about them. They had lost their shine. Whenever he would see her, he could always see a sparkle in them. And they would seem to shine and twinkle when she thought about or mentioned Mickey. But now that sparkle was gone. They didn't hold the life in them that they used to. Now they looked empty. Devoid of what they had. Now they were just windows into a broken soul and shattered heart. The fire that ignited them was gone. Mickey took all that with him when he left. As the woman led the still-crying girl out, O'Hara turned back to Mickey. A tear rolled down his cheek as he smiled slightly.

"I'm going to miss you, Mickey. You were a great detective and a great friend. You had a lot of friends that cared about you. But no one cared about you more than Minnie did. And no one will miss you like she will, either. Help her, Mickey. Look after her." He gave a salute to his fallen comrade and walked out. Minnie walked alone slowly back to her car, which was parked just two cars behind the hearse. She reached a shaky hand up to the handle, opened the door and got in. She tried to take a few deep breaths to calm herself, but they were shuddering and with every exhale a whimper escaped her. She glanced out the windshield up at the sky. It wasn't a clear day. It had been raining on and off all day. It was a gloomy and cloudy day. Not even a speck of sunlight could be seen. Minnie's eyes lowered and fell upon the picture of Mickey she had hanging from her rear-view mirror. Next to it was wooden cross. She missed him so much. Trying to measure how much she loved and missed Mickey was unimaginable.

"I miss you so much, Mickey. You don't know just how much I wish you were here. I'd give anything to have you back," she uttered through her tears as she looked at his picture. She lowered her gaze to her lap. Tears splashed down onto her white gloves. She took a shuddering breath as a sob escaped her.

"Why did this have to happen? Why did you have to leave, Mickey?" Minnie didn't know how she could have any tears left. She had cried so much over the past few days, it was a wonder she had any tears left to cry. She looked back up at his picture.

"I don't know how I could cry anymore, Mickey. When you left you took all of my tears with you. But I know that they'll never stop falling until we're together again. Just please wait for me, Mickey." She sniffed and wiped her eyes. She looked at the wooden cross and managed a small smile.

"You've got your wings now. I know they're beautiful. And now you're singing in the angel choir and I know you're a wonderful singer. Will you save a spot for me next to you?" Her smile faded as reality once again slapped her in the face when she noticed the pallbearers carrying out the casket. She looked away as the tears begin to build up in her eyes again. It started to sprinkle the rain again. The young mouse looked out the windshield at the dull, grey sky. She noticed a rain cloud that had the familiar silhouette of her beau: The Mickey icon shape. Her tears broke lose and begun to fall once more, soaking her cheeks.

"Mickey..." she whispered. Tears now streamed down her cheeks. It was like he was crying too.

"I love you and miss you so much, Mickey. I wish so much you were still here," she uttered as she looked up at the cloud. O'Hara walked over to Minnie's car with an umbrella as everyone got in their cars. He walked up to her car and knocked on the rain-splattered window. The broken-hearted young mouse slowly looked up at her window. She put her keys in the ignition and turned it just enough to roll down her window.

"Do you need someone to ride with you?" O'Hara asked her with concern in his voice. She slowly shook her head slightly.

"No thanks, Mister O'Hara..." He noticed something about her voice too. It didn't hold the life in it that it used to. Her normally joyful, spunky, and sometimes feisty voice now just seemed weak and sad. Broken and hurt. In some ways, Mickey was almost like a son to O'Hara. The one he never had. And Minnie was like a daughter, or daughter-in-law that he never had. And now he was seeing this broken spirit of a girl that used to be. She now seemed so distant.

"Are you sure?" he asked again. With years on the force, he knew when the time to worry was. And this was it. She nodded a bit.

"Yeah... Thanks anyway..." she replied lowly.

"All right. But I'll have one of my officers behind you just in case. If you need anything, just signal her, okay?" She nodded.

"Thanks..." she uttered. He nodded with a small smile and turned back to the other vehicles. The funeral procession was about to start.

"Chief," she started. He turned back to her. "Thank you so much for all this. Mickey would say don't bother with it, but thanks all the same. I know he would appreciate it. And he deserves it. Thank you," Minnie smiled weakly.

"You're welcome, Minnie. Mickey was my buddy too," O'Hara replied. Minnie glanced up to Mickey's picture.

"He was mine, too, Chief. Mine, too..." He studied her for a moment.

"You sure you'll be okay?" She didn't even look at him. She just kept staring at the picture of Mickey when she answered.

"No..." O'Hara started to say something, but then another officer came over to him.

"We're ready to go, Chief."

"All right. I'm coming." He turned back to the girl mouse. "It'll be okay," he said softly. Minnie only nodded blankly. He turned and started to walk to his cruiser. He doubted that she believed him. Truth was, he was having a hard time believing it himself. Minnie looked out the windshield and saw Chief O'Hara and another officer get into the patrol car. She saw the taillights come on, and then the red and blue emergency lights on the roof. She reached a shaking hand up to her keys and turned them, making the engine crank. She switched on the windshield wipers and leaned back against the seat. The sound of the rain hitting the car along with the thump the wipers made as they rose and fell seemed to echo through her ears. She sniffed a few times before noticing the taillights of the police car come on again and then it start to roll forward. Minnie buckled her seat belt, switched on her headlights and hazard lights and put her car in drive. As she placed her hands on the steering wheel, she knew... this would be the longest and most dreaded drive of her life...