A/N: I know everyone has slightly different knowledge of the Batman series, but I would like to clarify a few changes I made before this series' start. First off- As of the beginning of this story, Nightwing is not an active member of the Titans. He is patrolling on his own, though still on good terms with them. Second- Barbara Gordon/Batgirl was not nearly killed by the Joker. She still serves with Bruce Wayne/Batman and Tim Drake/Robin. Third- While not a change to the Canon, I feel the need to mention that Nightwing once took over as Batman temporarily after Bruce recieved a broken back at the hands of Bane. For a more detailed account of that incident, check out wikipedia on Batman, Tim Drake, or Dick Grayson's pages. It is an interesting side note in Batman history.

Dick Grayson stepped out of the bathroom, steam billowing out behind him. He had spent the last eight hours patrolling as Nightwing and he was ready for a nap. Running his fingers through his long black hair, he removed his towel and began to dress. Pants on and one arm through his shirt sleeve, he noticed the blinking light on his cell phone. He opened it and listened to the message.

- "Dick?" The familiar voice of Barbara Gordon echoed in his ear. "It's Barbara. We have a situation." Her breathing was labored. "I know you're in New York, but you have to get here... They have him, Dick. Batman is being unmasked." She inhaled deeply. "They're going to find the cave... And everything in it." Voices could be heard getting closer to her. "I have to go. Please don't let them in the computers..." -

Dick stared at the wall for a second. How could anyone have captured Batman? He shook himself out of the funk. It didn't matter how, all that mattered was that someone had. He needed fast travel, and for that he was going to have to call upon his favorite hero. Dialing as quickly as he could, he waited for an answer.

"Hello?" A sleepy voice answered.

"Clark? I'm sorry to bother you so late, but I have an urgent favor to ask."

The sound of sheets ruffling could be heard. "How bad is it?"

He took a deep breath. "They have Bruce. I need to be in Gotham in the next three minutes. Think you could help?"

"I'll have you there in two." The line went dead.