Summary: AU. It was amazing how one night could change his entire life. Yullen

Warnings: Lemon!! Yaoi, if you're underage or easily offended by such things…well, no one said you have to read this, so don't blame me if you scar your eyes. There's some cursing too.

Disclaimer: I do not own D. Gray Man.


"Where'd he go? Find him!"

"I saw him go in that alley!"

"After him!"

Allen held his breath as several men ran past the cluster of trashcans he had chosen to hide behind. He allowed himself to breath again when they didn't notice him. Allen cautiously stood and cast nervous glances around, half expecting to be ambushed.

"Stupid debt collectors. Stupid Cross." A gurgling sound echoed in the small alley. The white haired teen groaned. "I'm hungry."

He nearly had a heart attack when he heard the debt collectors' voices. Allen frantically looked around for a safe place to hide.

"Fuck! I swear I saw him run into that alley."

"He's probably hiding somewhere around here then. Look behind everything. He owes us a lot of money, so don't let him get away."

Seeing no way out, Allen looked up and would have shouted "Hallelujah!" if not for the intimidating debt collectors coming his way. He jumped up and caught the bottom rung of the fire escape ladder, quickly pulling himself up. Allen quietly climbed up to the third floor and swung himself through the conveniently open window. Closing the thick curtains, he backed further into the room.

Allen glanced around what had to be a bedroom judging by the large comfy looking bed. Besides that, the only other furniture in the room was a nightstand next to the bed and a dresser. A lamp sat on the nightstand. The cream-colored carpet felt soft even through his shoes.

Whoever lived here must not care for personal effects and was a freakishly neat person. Allen couldn't a speck of dust anywhere. No pictures were in sight. No clothes on the floor. The bed was neatly made.

Forgetting why he was in someone else's apartment, Allen walked towards the door, hoping to explore the place more thoroughly. Maybe get a little insight on the person living here. At least, that's what he told himself.

His plans were cut short when he heard two muffled voices. Allen froze. 'Shit, did they find me?'

He couldn't understand what was being said, but the lack of screaming and insults had to be a good sign.

Moments later, a door closed and footsteps sounded heading towards the room. Allen hastily backed away from the door, not looking at where he was going.

Just as the door opened, the back of Allen's knees hit something, and he lost his balance, falling backwards. He closed his eyes waiting for the impact of hitting the floor. Instead, his back hit a soft surface.

"Hey, who are you? How did you get in here?"

Allen opened his eyes, a little dazed. It took a few moments for his mind to register that someone was standing in the doorway, and that person had just spoken. "Uh…"

A soft sigh. "Fine, don't answer. Aren't you a little young?"

Automatically defensive, Allen sat up and glared at the person. "I'm 18! And in a few months, I'll be nineteen. I'm not too young!"

Realizing that he had just yelled at a complete stranger, Allen felt his face heat up. "I-I'm sorry for yelling. It's just people always make fun of me for looking like a fifteen year old." He studied the shirtless man leaning in the doorway.

Long black hair flowing down his back. Dark eyes. Oriental features. High cheekbones. A lean build but with defined muscles. A flat, toned stomach. A tattoo over his heart of a character similar to the number three surrounded with flame like marks trailing onto his shoulder. He found his eyes moving further downwards despite his burning cheeks.

"Like what you see?"

Allen jumped a little at the seductive tone directed at him but somehow managed to stammer out a reply. "I-I uhh…I'm sorry for intruding into your home."

The man raised an eyebrow. "Well, unfortunately for you, my last customer just left, and I'm not selling anything else tonight. So, you can leave the way you came in. Next time though, use the front door. And I only take cash."

Allen felt his jaw drop after the man's first sentence. His mind sluggishly processed the information and came to one conclusion. 'Oh my God! He's a drug dealer!' "Umm…I-I'm not here to b-buy anything."

Blue eyes narrowed slightly. "Then why are you here?"

'Shit! If I say something wrong, he might kill me!' "I was running from some debt collectors, and they managed to corner me in the alley down there. Then, I saw your window open, so I climbed up the fire escape and hid in here. Please don't kill me!"

"…Kill you? Like I'd take the time and effort to dump your body in some secluded place. You're not worth it, beansprout."

Allen sat still for a moment, torn between feeling relieved that he wouldn't be dying tonight and offended at being called a beansprout. His voice was subdued but held a hint of irritation. "I'm not a beansprout. My name's Allen."

"Good, I have a name to give to the cops when I call them about some kid breaking into my apartment."

Allen gaped at the man. 'The drug dealer's going to call the cops on me? The hell? Is he on crack? …Wait, he might sell that stuff so it's possible that he is on crack. Shit! Is a high drug dealer more likely to kill me?' "I didn't break in! The window was already open!"

"Just because the window's open doesn't mean that you should enter, beansprout. Do you see anyone else jumping in?"

"…No." 'Probably because everyone else around here already knows that you're a drug dealer and isn't stupid enough to even try to break in.'

"Then get the hell out."

"You were polite earlier, now you're acting like a jerk. You're even calling me names. I already apologized for entering without permission. What's your problem?"

"My problem? I just don't want to play nice with someone who's not a customer. And I hate being used, beansprout."

"How exactly am I using you? And why are you calling me a beansprout?"

"I'm paying for this apartment, and you're using it to hide. That means you're using me. And you're short, scrawny, and white like a beansprout."

"I was born this way. I never asked to be short. And your logic sucks."

"Che. Whatever. Get out."

Allen glanced at the window. "I can't."

"Why the hell not?"

"They're still out there looking for me, so let me stay a little longer."

The man stalked past Allen and pulled back the curtains to stick his head out of the window. "Oi! Shut the fuck up! You bastards are waking up the whole building." He traded a few more insults with the debt collectors before shutting and locking the window. A harsh yank closed the curtains again. "Any other problems, beansprout?"

Allen's stomach suddenly decided to introduce itself. "Umm…do you have any food around here?"

The man gave Allen an incredulous look. "You want me to feed you?"

"You don't have to…"

"Che. How long do you plan on staying on my bed?"

Allen blinked a few times at the question. "What?" He finally caught on and jumped off the bed as though it burned him. Blushing a bright red, Allen awkwardly got to his feet.

Smirking, the man brushed past to open the door.

Allen looked around uncertainly. "Uhh…what…"

"You wanted to eat, didn't you?"

"Oh, you really don't have to…"

"Che, hurry up before I change my mind, beansprout."

Allen obediently followed. "I'm not a beansprout."


The rest of the apartment, as far as Allen could see, was as sparse as the bedroom. Only the basic necessities were allowed to take up space.

And, it turned out that the man had a completely stocked fridge. Allen thought he was in heaven…until the jerk opened his mouth and tainted the atmosphere with his harsh tone and scathing remarks. So to spite his rude host, Allen cleaned out approximately three quarters of the contents in the spacious fridge, much to the man's chagrin. The only reason Allen didn't finish off the rest of the available food was because he did feel a little, a tiny bit, grateful to the man for chasing off the persistent debt collectors that had been tailing him since early afternoon.

"Che. A scrawny beansprout that eats more than an elephant."

Allen couldn't respond since his mouth was completely stuffed, so he settled for glaring.

The man ignored the glare and continued to read the book he snagged from the coffee table in the living room area.

Allen cleaned off the last plate and put it into the sink. He was about to start washing the large pile, but the man grabbed his arm.

"Leave it. You full?"

"Umm…I suppose so?"

The man rolled his eyes and began pulling Allen out of the kitchen. "Then let's go."

Allen stumbled along, confused and a little apprehensive. "Go where?"

He was dragged to the bedroom before the man spun him around. Allen opened his mouth, but he was roughly shoved back. The teen felt something hit the back of his knees and his back met the bed a second time that night.

He tried to sit up but a weight settled on top of him and his arms were pinned to either side. "What are you doing?"

The man smirked. "Like I said, I hate being used. So, for providing a place to hide out, getting rid of those fuckers in the alley, and feeding you most of my fridge, I require payment."

"B-But I don't have any money on me."

"Who said anything about money?"

"Earlier, you said that you only take cash."

The man leaned back, raking his gaze over the smaller body under him. "I'm willing to make an exception, beansprout." He moved forward and licked a wet trail up the teen's throat.

Allen tensed and began struggling. 'Oh my God, I'm going to be raped by a drug dealer! This is all Cross's fault. Him and his fucking debts.' "I-I don't think this is a good idea. I mean we don't even know each other." Despite everything he let out a breathy moan when the man began sucking and nipping a sensitive area.


Allen's breath hitched when the man bit down. "W-What?"

Sighing, the man pulled away and looked straight into the teen's eyes. "Name's Kanda. 22 years old. Now we know each other so stop talking, beansprout." He released the teen's arms and unbuttoned his shirt, exposing a pale chest and flat stomach.

Allen snapped out of his shock when cold air hit his chest. "Ah! What are you doing?!" He tried to pull his shirt closed.

"I'm taking my payment. Stop making things more difficult."

Allen nervously looked for a way out of his predicament. "I d-don't think this…I-I never…"

Kanda studied the flustered teen. "You've never had sex before."

Turning a brighter shade of red, Allen slowly nodded. He was starting to come to terms with the entire about-to-be-raped-by-a-drug-dealer situation. At least his first time would be with someone really attractive, unless the jerk opened his mouth, but that was little consolation. He would have preferred someone without a possible criminal record or record in the making. He was pulled out of his thoughts when Kanda unbuckled his belt. "Wait! Stop! This is going too far."

"How so, beansprout?"

"Stop calling me a beansprout. I don't want to have s-s-se….I don't want to do that."

"Che." Kanda grinned. "Fine, I'll be gentle, Moyashi."

"Mo-moyashi? …Wait! I just said I don't want to—"

Kanda cut off the teen by leaning down and licking a pale pink nub, causing Allen to yelp in surprise. "I'm not stopping so there's no point in complaining. Just enjoy it, Moyashi."

Allen pressed a gloved hand to his mouth, hoping to keep the traitorous moans from escaping.

Kanda took his time exploring the smaller body. He pulled away to tug off the teen's shirt.

Allen grabbed the man's hands. "Don't! Just leave my shirt on."

Kanda didn't say anything, but he left the shirt as it was. Instead, his hands moved to Allen's pants.

The white haired teen closed his eyes as he felt Kanda unbutton his pants. He couldn't say that he wasn't enjoying this. He was still afraid but the new sensations and building pleasure overrode the diminishing fear.

Allen felt Kanda's hand curl around his growing hardness. "Ahh…" His eyes snapped open when a wet tongue lapped at his tip. His head fell back when warmth wrapped around him as Kanda took him into his mouth. "Ngh…K-Kanda…" It didn't take long for the unfamiliar pleasure to peak. He cried out as he released.

Kanda swallowed all of it. Sparing the dazed teen a quick glance, he reached over to the nightstand to dig around in the drawer. A moment later, he pulled out a mostly full bottle of lube. He poured a generous amount into his hand and pressed a tentative finger against the other's entrance, watching for the teen's reaction. As expected, Allen tensed and wide silver eyes met dark blue. "Che. Relax, Moyashi. It won't hurt as much if you don't tense up."

The response was an indignant glare. "Easy for you to say."

Kanda just shrugged and worked another finger in, stretching the tight muscles. "I'm giving advice. You should follow it. Or at least try to."

"S-shut up." Allen looked away, embarrassed. He tried to relax but the jerk was not helping by adding another finger.

Once he was satisfied, Kanda pulled his hand away and positioned himself, slowly entering. He hissed at the tightness, wondering if he should have stretched the teen a little more.


Though the sounds the younger one made sorely tested his practically nonexistent patience. He wanted to pound into the tight heat but forcefully restrained himself. He found himself reluctant to hurt the teen under him any more than necessary. Once he was fully seated, Kanda found a slow, steady rhythm, allowing Allen to get accustomed to the sensations.

Kanda momentarily lost the rhythm when he saw the tears sliding down the teen's face. He leaned down and pressed his forehead against Allen's. The teen opened his eyes. Kanda spared a thought to wonder about the unique scar running through the other's left eye.

Neither knew how long they just stared into each other's eyes, breaths mingling. Allen tilted his head up to kiss Kanda.

Kanda jerked away before their lips met, an unreadable look in his stormy eyes. He thrust in at another angle.

Allen's back arched as a wave of pleasure raced up his spine, the other's odd behavior forgotten.

Kanda kept that angle, hitting the bundle of nerves with every thrust. He kept his gaze centered on the teen's neck, unwilling to meet the other's eyes.

When both were spent, Kanda rolled to the side, sprawling on the other side of the bed. Allen fell asleep right away, but Kanda stayed awake.

He silently berated himself. Sleeping with the kid had been a mistake.

The white haired teen had intrigued him at first. He had been relieved that the kid wasn't a customer.

He should have kicked the teen out right after getting rid of the debt collectors.

But those innocent eyes drew him in. Made him wonder if he had ever had eyes like that. Bright and clear, seeing the world with a positive light.

He doubted it.

Kanda threw his arm over his eyes to block out the dim light from the lamp. He always saw the darker side of life, never sparing a thought for the positive things.

A disgusted feeling twisted and thrashed in his chest. This had been a mistake.

Innocent. The kid was innocent. And naïve.

And he…he had touched something not meant for him. How could he ever deserve something as bright as the kid laying next to him when he was so tainted?

But what's done is done.

Kanda doubted he would ever see the beansprout again after tonight, so that was one problem solved.

As for the self hatred twisting his gut, he'd sleep on that.

He would also have to clean up the kitchen tomorrow. The beansprout had made a mess. Not to mention restock the nearly empty fridge.

How could one beansprout cause so much trouble in the matter of a few hours?

Kanda suppressed the urge to punch the person sleeping next to him. Instead, he rolled onto his side and prepared for another restless night.


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