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Summary:: Harry/Severus slash, Non magic, AU. A glimpse into the Tempting Sweets Universe. Valentine's day..


Sweet Temptations



Minerva McGonagall stepped into the corner office of one of her best employees, Severus Snape. She spied a large silver box on the desk, next to a large vase of beautiful fragrant roses. She'd smelled them as soon as she stepped through the door.

She smiled. Her boy had a special friend, finally. Walking over to the desk, she lifted the lid of the box; revealing fancy handmade chocolates.

"Oh my," she whispered. "A very special friend."

She licked her lips and decided that Severus wouldn't miss just one. She chose one of the strawberries nestled in red tissue. As she was devouring the tasteful berry, her eyes caught sight of another box. On top, was a note that read, 'The Boss Lady.' Hmm', she thought, as she lifted that lid. They looked like truffles. 'Why not', she thought, as she selected one and took a bite, letting it melt in her mouth.

Dark Chocolate. Cheesecake, on a base of shortbread, Oh my lord, is that scotch whiskey? She hummed with delight.

"Found your box, I see." A familiar smooth voice purred from the doorway behind her. "Did you enjoy the strawberry?"

She spun, fixing him with a penetrating gaze, as she popped the other half of the truffle in her mouth and licked a last bit of chocolate from her fingers.

He snorted, as he plucked an espresso truffle from the box. "You forget, Minnie, how well I know you."

Tossing the files in his hand onto the large mahogany desk, he sank into the leather chair behind it, popped the truffle in his mouth, and leaned back, hands behind his head as he chewed slowly. His gaze never left hers, though he did have to resist the urge to close his eyes in pleasure as the decadent flavours slid seductively over his taste buds.

Minerva smirked. "Shall I give the two of you some privacy? I can step out for a bit." Taking another truffle, "So tell me about your new friend."

Severus smiled. "We met through my godson, Draco. He married Hermione in the restaurant she co-owns with him. He and Hermione have been best friends for years. Going into business together has worked well for them so far. Draco's even invested in the restaurant."

"His name?"


"A very simple name."

"Ah, believe me. There is nothing simple about this young man. He is a very complex young man-in positive ways."

"What's the name of the restaurant?"


Minerva frowned. "Didn't Kingsley do a review last year?"


She thought for a bit then her eyes lit up as she raised a finger. "The publisher's party. Lockhart. Didn't he get drunk and end up in hospital?"

"Yes. Drank a case of rare hundred year old Brandy that his grandfather sent him from France. Harry had opened a few bottles for the party. And Lockhart had somehow managed to get down into his wine cellar. Some balderdash about my review of his book being too harsh and biased. Harry was not pleased when he found him. And I wouldn't have been nearly as forgiving. Lockhart would've been pushing up daisies if it'd been my brandy. The idiot nancy boy."

The older woman snorted. "The Scotch whiskey truffles?"

"He's always thinking of new things to incorporate in his truffles, and other chocolates. His grandfather, Albus Dumbledore, and his two Uncle's are always sending him wines, spirits, and other delicacies from their travels around the world. The Scotch arrived two weeks ago from somewhere up North. I'm not even sure of the brand, only that it is very smooth."

"I think I need to meet this attractive young man who has caught your eye so completely. A young man who has not only tapped into your Chocolate obsession, but has sent you flowers. Roses, that are absolutely gorgeous, and quite rare. A custom between men, that is quite rare these days. Tell me more about him... and then, you can introduce me."

"Minnie, you are not my mother. Those shoes have already been aptly filled."

"Severus Snape, you wound me," the older woman said with her hand over her heart. "I know I'm not your mother. And as long as he's good to you, that's all that matters. I just want to visit his wine cellar."

"Using me?" Severus asked, as one elegant eyebrow rose.

She raised an eyebrow back at him, as she smirked. "Of course-shamelessly. Men need to be used and abused once in awhile."

Severus threw his head back and laughed loudly, the sound filling the room. He reached forward, grabbed his mobile off the desk, and dialed.



Harry was spreading ganache over a single layer of chocolate praline cake when the strains of Ava Maria filled the kitchen. The young man smiled as he clicked on the Bluetooth in his ear.


"She likes the truffles."

"Good woman there."

"She also wants to visit your wine cellar."

"Does she drink like a fish?"

A deep chuckle sounded over the phone. "No, but she drinks like the good Scotswoman she is."

Smiling, "Ah, then tell her, I'll have a whole shortbread cheesecake infused with Scotch waiting for her."

He listened as his lover relayed the message.


Minerva wanted to melt into a puddle of pure goo. "He has one made now? Or he will make one?"

"He's making one just for you. He'll call when it's ready." Severus answered with a smirk. The look on her face was priceless. Until she smirked herself, "And what has he made just for you, Severus?" the older woman all but purred.

Severus pulled his box of assorted chocolates towards himself and just smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know," he purred in his deep velvet voice.


Right before the end of the day, as things were winding down in the office, a delivery man came with a large box. "I have a delivery for Madam McGonagall."

Minerva stepped out of her office. She eyed the box with Chocolat blazoned across the top. "That would be me." She signed the receipt and took the box. Severus walked out and locked his door.

He was wearing a white button down and a pair of faded blue denims, a black leather coat, draped over his arm.

"Leaving early?" She asked from her own doorway, a small smile on her face.

"Plans, Minerva."

"Well tell your young man thank you for the cheesecake."

"I will."

"And Severus?" Minerva spoke as the other man was walking towards the lift. He turned one more time, "Yes?"

"You look good, Severus. You look happy."

Smiling back, he replied. "I am happy, Minerva. For the first time in a very long time."

Severus rode the lift down in silence. When the doors opened, he was still smiling as he walked out of the building. It grew broader as he spied Harry waiting for him on his bike.

The younger man returned the smile with those bright green eyes, and Severus knew all was finally right in his world with this young man who was full of sweet temptations.

~finis... but is it ever? No.. never..