I Wish You a Very Niley Christmas

By Pilar Rodríguez

A/N: Ok! Guys! So here it is! I don't recommend that you read this story before you read "The One on the Other Side" because if you read it straight away you might get a little confused. Anyway, if I get 5 or more reviews saying that you want me to continue then…by all means…I will. If you don't feel too fond of it I'd rather you tell me – don't feel like you r being mean or anything – for me that kind of review is constructive critism.

Chapter 1 – These Past Years

Miley P.O.V.

Sometimes, when I'm alone and tired but I can't get to sleep, I think of what my life could have been like. What would I be doing right now if I hadn't ever posted that comment on the Jonas Brothers' profile? I laughed at the thought; I doubt I would be where I was. I seriously doubted that I would be internationally famous at twenty; not like I let Nick help me out when I went to those castings…I barely let the poor guy see me. But I really didn't want to risk it, I wanted to be 'Miley Stuart' the talented movie actress; not 'Nick Jonas' girlfriend'. Nick had tried so hard to make me take his help and use him 'connections' but I refused sternly. It wasn't like I didn't have the talent and I was sure that after attending thousands of casting someone would finally take me; I was right. When I had got the call from Kenny Ortega himself me and Nick went out on an EXTREMELY romantic dinner and he had taken me and a boat ride and, under the shadow of the Statue of Liberty I refused to marry him for the second time.

I smile came to my face as I remembered the first time I turned down the offer of becoming a Jonas.


I couldn't believe Nick and me where here, together and alone. I had dreamt of coming to this restaurant for over ten years and now, having known Nick (face to face) only 5 days, we were here. We had had a fight a few hours earlier because I had finally brought up the subject that we both feared so much; what would happen when he left? I didn't mean to start a heated argument but, what was I meant to do? In less than a week he'd be back in New York.

He suggested while we argued, that is he had to, he'd move to Spain. My answer to that was that he had his own life and I would never ever let him stay here to ruin his career. Then he said that we could get through it.

"We've already kept the connection two years and I could fly here once in a while," he had said.

I said that it wouldn't work. And he knew I was right – after spending these days together we couldn't possibly do with "once in a while". So after a few other suggestion that are simply to pathetic to mention, we calmed down and agreed that we'd think about it but that we should enjoy these days together as they might be the last for a long while. And then, forty minutes ago he ordered me to dress nicely (his jaw literally dropped when I came out with an amazing short-cut red dress) and took me here.

So here I am, and he's looking at me in a strange way. He's shaking a tiny bit and I'm extremely worried. He keeps on looking like he's gonna say something and then he turns around and a blush appears on his face. Seriously, I love the guy, but he's acting like he's ten instead of eighteen. I'm gonna to say something about his strange behavior but his voice has just interrupted my attempt.

"You know…I've…I have been…I've given…The thing is…" he tries. Is he trying to test my patience?

"Nick, spit it out all ready," I snap. He's looking at me with a pair of sunglasses and his hair looks like a bird nest (he was trying to disguise himself).

"Miley, I…Fine I'm just gonna blurt it out…I think we should get married."

Has he just asked me to marry him? God, what do I do? I'm feeling strange. God, I'm laughing! I can't help it; I'm laughing hysterically! Several faces are turning my way and Nick is looking sick but I can't stop; I can't stop…

-End of Flashback-

It was TERRIBLE. Nick and I had a shouting match at the table. He thought I was being immature and I argued that I was only sixteen – I wasn't a kid but I definitely wasn't an adult and he had just proved my point. I was too young to get married, not to mention that my parents would NEVER, I repeat, NEVER let me get married at sixteen; and if it was up to dad, I wouldn't until he was dead. So, he stormed out of the restaurant and then he left. I went to see him at his concert in Malaga and there we basically made up. Then, Joe said he'd been doing some Christmas shopping and gave Nick a Toy Airplane. The look on my boyfriend's face was priceless but it was nothing compared to the one on both of our faces when he told us that the real one was at the airport and it was small and quick enough for Nick to be able to come over every other weekend and, if I found a good excuse, even I could use it. Joe's been like a big brother for me since then. Not to mention that somehow he and my best friend (or more like adopted sister), Lilly Truscott, had started going out and had the strangest on-off relationship that I had ever uncounted.

"Passengers, it seems there have been a few problems and we won't in the air for a while. You are free to leave the plane and you will be told when these problems are solved," a man with a deep voice said. Great! Now I'd have to wait another few hours until I was finally home.

"Home," I said to myself. I hadn't been 'home' for two years. I had seen mum, dad, Sarah and Mary a few months ago, when I was filming in Toulouse and they were on their way to Paris. But I hadn't been in Spain since Kenny called me that day. And now I was gonna spend Christmas there, the first of two Christmas' without Nick.

"He must be reading my note right now," I thought to myself as I got off the plane and started walking through a long passage that led to the airport. I knew I was up for a big one once he found out I had left without any further explanation but I had hoped the plane would have landed by the time he got back to New York. Why couldn't they just come back tomorrow from they're American tour? I mean, would it really hurt that much to be away from me another day? I knew the answer was 'yes' but I didn't want to think about that. I was doing what was best for me and even though I hadn't seen Nick in two weeks I would be able to stand Christmas without him, wouldn't I?

I was lost in thought when I bumped into someone who must have been running. I lifted my head up to see who had talked me to the ground like that and I realized that destiny didn't agree with me as blue met brown.

I hope you guys got the hint,

And well,

If you want me to continue,