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Wal-Mart's Lucky Draw!

Chapter 16: Secret Admirer Who?

Alice's POV

As we sat there staring out to at the boys playing, a small smile grazed my lips. Never once have I thought of meeting someone so perfect here. His honey blond hair, heart warming smile and calming personality made me feel at ease easily.

I was really enjoying myself on this trip. I can feel the inspiration coming! Soon, I will have a new set of designs done!

After the boys finish playing, Jasper came over and sat beside me. He smells absolutely delicious even though he is sweating. He smells like honey and fresh pines! Yummy! Ignore my hormone crazed rant please……

Anyways, Edward came over and wanted to go to see the caves. But lazy little me didn't feel like trekking to go see the caves. So I decided to sit here and tan.

I vaguely noticed them leaving. When Jacob came back, he threw a fit and yelled at us. I sighed feeling frustrated at all his yelling. So I left to go for a walk by myself.

As I walked down the beach, I felt the cool breeze blew past me. I could taste the salt on my lips and smell the fresh air. In Biloxi, Mississippi, my life revolved around me sitting in the office designing. Well sometimes I was at home doing the designs but you get what I mean. I was a workaholic. My whole life revolved around my job. Day in, day out, I worked with models.

Tall, slender beautiful models. Snobby ones, kind ones, stuck up ones, you name it, I know them all. The only "fun" I ever get out of is maybe a drink or two at a bar down the street and some dancing.

I do date, but I have never gone past the first date. People are too predictable and most of the time, they cannot deal with someone like me.

I sighed as I stood facing the sea. I watched the gentle wave push the sand back to shore and between my toes. Ever once or so, I would wriggle them and smiled to myself.

"A penny for your thoughts?" A soft calm voice said as my eyes snapped open.

"What are you doing here? I thought you went off to see the caves?" I exclaimed as I stared at Jasper.

"Nah…" he chucked as he stood beside me as looked out. Together, we lapsed into a comfortable silence. Every once or so, I would catch him staring at me.

I never had trouble speaking before. I could never shut my mouth during the course of growing up. Talking makes me feel comfortable. Silence made me feel uncomfortable.

However, silence with Jasper was just comfortable. I know this perfect time will not last forever. Soon I will go back to Biloxi and Jasper will go back to Texas. We may never meet again. I sighed.

This is just cruel. I have finally met the perfect guy and we will only be together for a short while. What a horrible thing to happen to me.

"Alice, is something bothering you?" I heard Jasper asked quietly beside me as I sighed and smile.

"Nope, everything is just fine." I told him as he stared at me with disbelieve.

"Well then, let's go for a walk." He said as I gave him a small smile. We walked silently side by side. Occasionally, he will point out some interesting things and I would smile.

It was sweet. I didn't feel the need to open my mouth at all. Jasper was calming me down with his presence alone.

When we got back, I saw Bella injured. Naturally, I freaked out. I hated when my friends got hurt. Luckily Edward was a doctor. If it was me, I think I would've broke down as I was trying to stop the blood. He quickly fixed her up and we sat down for lunch.

The afternoon with Jasper has given me a lot to think about. He was the perfect gentleman. The perfect guy. But it's just that he is so perfect that I'm afraid he will turn and run when I tell him the truth about me.

Nobody accepts that part of me. Even my very own family looked down on me when I told them. If my family cannot even accept me for who I am, who can?

Lunch went and I shut the others out, leaving myself to ponder in my own thoughts. But when dessert came, I saw a huge bowl of chocolate pudding in front of me.

My mood instantly lifted and my mouth watered. I love chocolate! Just as I picked up my spoon to dig in, Emmett shouted in distress.

"Not fair Alice! Why do you have such a huge bowl when everyone else has a small bowl?" he exclaimed and I looked around and frowned. He was right. My bowl was about twice as large as the others.

"Well let's see. It's my lucky day today. Too bad Emmett!" I stuck my tongue out at him childishly as he frowned. To taunt him even more, I took a huge chunk of chocolate and slid it easily into my mouth moaning when I felt the sweet dessert melt.

"Yummy! Too bad you have only a small bowl." I told him as he huffed and pouted causing everyone else to laugh at him.

When desert was done and the plates were collected, we all stood to head to the living room. As I stood up, I saw a piece of paper flutter down from my lap. Curious, I bent down and picked it up.

I don't remember placing a piece of paper on my lap. This was strange. I thought as I rolled it open.

"What's that Tinkerbelle?" Emmett asked as I read the note aloud.


Dear Miss Brandon,

With a glance of your eyes you could plunder all the wealth of songs struck from poets' harps, fair woman!

But for their praises you have no ear; therefore do I come to praise you.

You could humble at your feet the proudest heads of all the world;

But it is your loved ones, unknown to fame, whom you choose to worship; therefore I worship you.

Your perfect arms would add glory to kingly splendor with their touch;

But you use them to sweep away the dust, and to make clean your humble home; therefore I am filled with awe.

With much love and adoration,

Your secret admirer


I finish reading it and smiled. That is so sweet! I wonder who it's from. I said as I allowed my eyes to drift to jasper. However, when my eye fell upon him, I frowned.

His forehead was creased up as his lips tilted slightly downwards. Wait… why was he having such an expression. Didn't he write this message for me? I thought puzzled at his strange expression.

"I wonder who it's from?" I heard him say as my frown deepened. Alright if it wasn't from Jasper who is it from?

"Well I don't know who it's from but it was a real sweet poem." I said as I folded the letter back up nicely and placed it in my pocket.

"That poem is "With a glance of your eyes..." by Rabindranath Tagore. He was a native of Calcutta, India, who wrote in Bengali and often translated his own work into English." Bella said softly at the side and I smiled at her.

"Well that is so nice of him. He obviously did his research on poems." I said softly fingering the letter in my pocket.

"This is unfair! I bet your secret admirer bribed the kitchen to give you a larger portion of dessert!" Emmett whined as everyone laughed.

"Maybe you should get yourself an admirer too Emmett," I winked at him as he boomed out in laughter.

This was exactly what I needed. A calm day without any stress. But something made me really confused… I wonder who my secret admirer was…

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