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Bella's POV

I opened my eyes and was no longer sitting at Qdoba with Deb. Instead, I was suddenly sitting on a bed that I was unfamiliar with, in a room that I felt I should have recognized. I was sitting with my right leg curled up beneath me and my left leg dangling off the side. In front of me, a mirror image of my own position, was a man. Despite his close proximity, I could not see him clearly. It was as if there was a sheet of warped glass between us; his features were all squished and stretched into a funny characature of a face.

The lighting was poor. I could tell that his hair was disheveled and was a shade of red and that his skin was pale ivory. His lips were a deep red, almost the same color of drying blood. Why would I think of blood when I see his lips? I wondered to myself. It was at that moment in time that I realized that we were talking. His lips were moving, but whatever force was obscuring my vision of this man was also messing with my hearing. All I was hearing was an echo of an echo of words. I could not tell what he was saying, but I could hear that his voice had a haunting quality to it.

I blinked again and when I opened my eyes Deb was in front of me.

It was one of those moments that makes you question whether you are awake or asleep or somewhere in between. I thought I had been sitting at Qdoba with Deb, enjoying a great taco salad. Everything seemed absolutely normal around us and I don't think that I normally have music that I dislike playing in my dreams; really, Justin Timberlake is not what I usually choose to listen to. That was Deb's type of music, not mine. All of this pointed towards the theory that I was not only awake, but perfectly cognizant.

"Bella? Hey, Earth to Bella!" I jerked in my seat in front of Deb. She snapped her fingers in front of my eyes and looked exasperated with my abrupt departure from our conversation. "Oh goody! You're back." She had a sharp tongue and even sharper wit. How she dealt with someone as slow on the uptake as me is something I still question from time to time.

"So where was I before I was so rudely disregarded?" She asked. I struggled to remember what she had been going on about.

"I think you were telling me how great your most recent conquest was." I motioned with my hand for her to continue.

"Glad you were paying at least some attention." She snapped and tried to glare, though it is very a poor idea to glare at someone while smiling. It decreases the effectiveness of said glare dramatically. I smiled nicely to her. We both knew she all bark and only some bite. "So, David, well, he doesn't look as good as I usually like 'em, but he sure knows how to kiss! You would do well to practice with him Bella. It's so much better to practice before the big performance." She smiled wickedly at me.

"Just because you enjoy throwing your lips in front of any male at a whim does not mean I need to follow suit." I glared at her. Not only was this a point of contention between the two of us, but I also wanted to figure out my day dream and I childishly felt like she had intruded upon it.

"But that's just what you need! A suitor!" Deb declared. She took a moment to glance at her watch and looked back at me, "come on Bella, let's get back to rehearsal. We don't want to be late."

I immediately made my way up to my haven, the tech booth, in the back of the theater. I was far too klutzy to be allowed on stage, but did fine working on the sound and light board. It amused me to no end that I hardly ever broke anything even near those boards but can trip and tumble over thin air.

We weren't far enough along in production for us to actually be using the boards yet, but the tech director, Andy, and I were working on the layout for the various equipment and the lighting grid. We also had the costume mistress and stage manager working with us while we were waiting for the director and actors to get beyond the initial script reading.

About thirty minutes into our discussion, I was completely lost within my own world. I was trying to figure out what my day dream meant when my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I was surprised because no one ever calls me when I'm at rehearsal. My few friends were here with me, and my mom and Phil were at work. I excused myself and glanced at the number, unknown, before I flipped it open, "hello?" I questioned.

The voice on the other side answered promptly, 'yes, is this Isabella Swan?' That made me stand up straighter. No one calls me Isabella.

"Yes, this is. Who are you?" I asked the voice.

There was a pause and then the voice said in a very gentle tone, 'I'm Stephanie, a nurse with the ER at Memorial Hospital' She took a deep breath before answering my unasked question, 'Isabella, you need to come down here as soon as possible. Your mother and Phil were involved in a car accident." I was stunned. How could they have been involved in an accident? The car was in the shop, neither of them would have been able to drive it today. It then occurred to me that you didn't have to be driving to be in an accident. Pedestrians did not fair very well in those cases.

"Are they okay?" I asked in a small voice, even though I already knew the answer to that question. If either one of them was okay they would have been the one making the phone call.

'I can't say beyond that they were both taken into surgery. We can speak with you in more detail here.' That answer was not promising but at least if they were in surgery that meant they were alive.

"Okay," I whispered. "I'll be there soon."

I sat in the OR waiting room all afternoon, and most of the evening. Every time I glanced at the big clock on the wall, I swore that the batteries needed to be replaced. There's no way time can honestly be moving that slow. Deb stayed for a while, but left shortly after three. I did not want company while I kept my vigil and she understood that.

Instead, I waited in silence.

And I waited.

And I continued to wait.

It was after seven when someone finally called out for me. I stood from my chair slowly, silently dreading news I was about to hear. I followed the person in blue that had called for me. I did not know where the blue person led me, only that there was a couch, a few chairs and a coffee table in it. I was led to the couch.

"Isabella, my name is Janice. I am a social worker with the hospital." The person in blue began. I looked up then, to see her. She was an older woman in her late forties or early fifties, a little overweight, with curly salt and pepper hair and light brown eyes that were brimming over with moisture. "We're going to be joined by Dr. Montgomery in a few moments, okay?" I nodded numbly though I didn't know why she was asking my permission. I did not think it was a good thing if a doctor had to come in to talk with me.

A few moments later, a woman in green scrubs and a blue scrub hat carefully walked in and closed the door to the small room. She looked at Janice who seemed to give her a very short nod before Dr. Montgomery sat down across from me. "Isabella?" she asked in what sounded to be a careful voice. I nodded again and she continued.

"Isabella, there is no good way to say this," She took a deep breath before she continued with what this was. "Your mother Renee and her husband Phil, your step-father, did not make it through surgery. We were unable to control the bleeding before their bodies started to shut down. I'm sorry Isabella, they have both passed away." She was looking me in the eyes and I could see how distraught she was and how sorry she felt for me. All I could do was stare through her. I heard her saying it over and over again in my head; they have both passed away, they have both passed away, they have both passed away. After a few moments it turned to; they are both dead. They left me alone. They are both dead. They left me alone.

Dr. Montgomery recognized the look in my face as panic. I felt like my eyes had frozen open, I could not make my jaw open or close and I felt like I couldn't breathe though I could hear my ragged gasps. I think I may have been crying too, but I was not able to feel the moisture on my face if that was so. Some part of my brain was able to analyze all of my reactions and determined that I was indeed starting to have a panic attack.

She looked over towards Janice as if beseeching her to take over. Janice took my hands and pulled me into her warm and awkward embrace. She just let me cry on her shoulder without saying a word. After I had cried all the tears my body could possibly force out of me, she still held me. She began to tell me what was going to happen to me now that my mother and step-father were gone.

Since my father, mother and step-father had all passed away, I was going to have to move in with someone else. My father and mother had already had it put in their wills that I could choose to stay in Phoenix or move back to Forks. Phoenix was going to be too much for me. There were too many memories. Janice had already been in contact with a family in Forks that I could stay with if that was my choice. The family already had five adopted children, but had said they would be able to house me for as long as I wanted to be there. They had deeply respected Charlie and wanted to help out however they could.

I was going to move to Forks.

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